And The Favorite Is …

Were you aware this is National Ice Cream Month? And Sunday, the 15th of July, is National Ice Cream Day! It’s true! Both of these proclamations were made by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. (You can read the entire text here)

Now, for those who participated in my recent blog post related to (yummy) Ice Cream, here are the results according to YouGovOmnibus research.

Are you surprised? Is your favorite listed? (Mine isn’t … I’m addicted to coffee-flavored ice cream!)

Did you know your tastes change as you age? And certain flavors are more predominant among certain genders and race lines? There’s a complete breakdown here (if you’re interested in that sort of thing).

The original article that started this whole thing can be found here.

So now I’m off to enjoy a BIG bowl of Coffee Ice Cream. YUM!

26 thoughts on “And The Favorite Is …

  1. My husband’s favourite is not on the list – orange pineapple. We also have grape nut ice cream here in Nova Scotia; one that is unique as far as I know.

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  2. I can’t eat coffee ice cream at all. I can’t drink coffee because it’s too bitter, and I find the bitterness even comes through in coffee ice cream. I’m really sensitive to bitter flavors, I can’t even eat walnuts and pecans because they’re too bitter.

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    • I can’t handle walnuts either. Pecans are OK. Coffee is my lifeline … and coffee ice cream ends my day just perfectly. 🙂

      There’s really not many flavors of ice cream I don’t like … except perhaps those flavors that Barry mentioned!

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      • And what is wrong with the flavours I mentioned?? 🙂

        When it comes to ice cream, we Kiwis know our stuff. The USA may be second in ice cream consumption per capita at 20.8 litres (5.5 gallons), but you fall way behind Aotearoa New Zealand at 28.4 Litres (7.5 gallons).

        It probably explains why both our countries don’t do too well in the obesity stakes with the US at 36% and NZ at 30%.


        • Actually, the Hokey-Pokey did sound fairly appealing, but that Feijoa & Ginger? Not so much. But then, I’m not a big fan of guava or ginger … and especially not in ice cream. 😛

          But, as my unofficial survey demonstrated, very few people agreed on the same flavor — which is probably why Baskin-Robbins offers 31-plus different ice creams to choose from!


          • There’s certainly no accounting for taste. I live in a town with a population of around 14,000, and while there are many dairies (small corner stores selling foodstuffs) that will have perhaps 5 to 10 flavours to choose from, we have only one ice cream parlour. Coincidentally it trades under the name of “I Scream Ice Cream”. It’s well patronised even at this time of year (the middle of our winter), and when I visited a few days ago, I counted 75 different flavours, not counting gelatos and sorbets.

            I tend to go for flavours I’ve never tried before, and while I’m sometimes disappointed, I’m more often than not pleasantly surprised by what might seem to be an unusual flavour combination. If it has ginger, chili, licorice, anise, cinnamon, lemongrass or mint as one of the flavours, I won’t be able to resist trying it out.

            Feijoa doesn’t taste very much like guava, even though they are distant relatives. I’ve read numerous attempts at describing its flavour, but possibly one of the better descriptions is “a combination of guava, pineapple, pear, strawberry and banana with overtones of citrus and mint”. We have a feijoa hedge consisting of 6 different varieties, each with a different variation on that flavour combination.

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    • Ubi, fact: there are people who have an aversion to coffee flavored anything, it’s a taste bud thing. I never could enjoy coffee ice cream because it had milk added to it. Same thing with coffee. Once I started drinking it black, the aftertaste disappeared. Always tasted muddy with milk in it.
      I seem to have outgrown the coffee ice cream aversion, but still take me coffee black, tyvm.


      • It’s definitely a taste bud thing for me. I’m a super-taster. There are some flavors that I just taste much more strongly that most people, especially bitter or biting ones. As a result, I can’t tolerate raw onions, radishes, coffee, beer, or a number of other things. They’re just overwhelmingly awful for me. I’d make a lousy food critic, there are so many things I just can’t eat at all.


  3. For a short period of time our local supermarket was selling Starbuck’s coffee ice cream, and I got so hooked on it…Mocha Swirl, if I recall, and a couple others as well–. it was almost orgasmic. and I HATE coffee ice cream.

    Don’t know what happened, but it just disappeared off the shelves.

    My favorite at the moment is Ben and Jerry’s anything.


  4. I, too, am a lover of all things coffee-flavoured, and I like coffee ice cream, but I like others better. However, when it comes to yogurt, nothing will do but coffee-flavoured!


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