Does Melania Care?

As most U.S. readers know, there has been major hullabaloo related to the jacket Melania wore as she boarded the plane on her way to visit one of the immigration centers. Most people are totally “up-in-arms” and severely condemn her for the jacket message.

If you are one of these people, I’d like to present an alternate theory. Most of you will discard it immediately; however, I’m requesting you take at least a few moments to give it some thought.

I contend that Melania may very well have been sending a message to her husband with that jacket. Think about it. He’s the one who seems to have absolutely NO concern for what he’s doing to these families.

She, on the other hand, expressed her personal feelings in a recent CNN interview by saying she “hates to see children separated from their families.”

Further, CNN reported the following:

Just before President Trump told reporters he would reverse course and seek to keep the families together in detention, a White House official said that “from the start Mrs. Trump has been encouraging the president to do all he can to keep families together.”

PLUS … she made a personal (without introductory fanfare) trip to the affected area. True, she didn’t really see the “down and dirty” part of the situation, but considering her status, that’s not surprising. Plus, the point is … she made the trip, which is more than tRumpsky has done.

So, my question is … could she not have been mimicking HIM through the jacket message? Could she not have been saying “YES! I really do care! Which is why I’m making this trip.”

Let’s take it a step further. There is little doubt in my mind that she is extremely unhappy with her husband about the Stormy Daniels (and others) situation. Since it isn’t something she would ever discuss in public (unless she planned to divorce him … highly unlikely), could this not be a way for her to “get back at him” publicly?

Considering she was severely condemned for her actions, there’s no doubt it was an extremely poor decision on her part to use the jacket for the purposes I’ve suggested. Nevertheless, is it not worth considering?

Further, to me, the fact that she made the trip at all just doesn’t coalesce with the jacket message.

43 thoughts on “Does Melania Care?

  1. I agree with Neil. It can be taken in various ways. Even if she meant the message for Trump — and there have been plenty of signs that she’s unhappy with him — she must have known how most of the public would interpret it.

    One suggestion I’ve seen is that since she’s known to hate doing public appearances, she deliberately botched this one (using the jacket) in hopes of not being sent out to do any more of them.

    Your suggestion is possible — but unless she writes a memoir someday, we’ll probably never know.

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  2. I guess my first thought was, “She’s probably got umpteen jackets and she chose THAT one??”
    – there had to be a reason, but she’s the only who knows it.

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  3. I just read a news report that tRump had demanded his staff to draw up an immigration bill that he could sign to get his way, changing the immigration laws. When the lawyers said he couldn’t do that, he then demanded an executive order that still included things that he can not change by himself, such as the court ordered settlement mandating not holding kids more than 20 days. He really does think he is a dictator rule like his buddy Putin. On the coat I notice she did not wear it to actually meet the children. So maybe that is a clue. Hugs

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    • This guy seems totally unable to get it through his head that he’s not the head of a Trump company … he’s the POTUS — and as such, he has to abide by a few laws that were put in place several hundred years ago!

      Of course, the REALLY disgusting part is his red lackeys continue to “yessir” “no sir” “right away sir” to everything he puts out there. Sooooo frustrating!!!

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  4. “I contend that Melania may very well have been sending a message to her husband with that jacket. ~ Nan”

    It was the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw the footage.


  5. You may be right. I see Melania as an emotionally battered woman who has probably been forced to sign pre-nups and nda’s up the buttinski by Trump. Could have been her way of sending him a message. Can you imagine being married to that lump of crap? It makes my skin crawl. He’s probably all nice and sweet when he courts women and then, once he gets what he wants and makes his conquest, he slaps nda’s on them and threatens them in god knows how many other ways to keep quite and do as he says. I hate him.

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  6. One of the “advantages” of being an Aspie is that it’s always necessary to consider multiple possibilities when interpreting the actions of other. Like many on the autism spectrum, I lack the “sixth sense” that most people have in being able to read intent. For the most part, I asume the kindest interpretation until evidence proves otherwise, so when I first happened to came across an article about the coat and saw the picture before reading the article, the possibility of it being a message to Trump was one of the first of several possibilities that sprung to mind. I’ve forgotten many of the other possibilities as my thinking has been coloured by subsequent reading, but one possibility was that she didn’t actually choose her wardrobe herself but some type of maid did, and Melania was naive enough not to comprehend the message. The maid may have been intending it as a message to Trump, or else to tell the world what Melania really was thinking instead of pretending to care.

    In the end, some good has come out of it as the plight of the children has become more of a hot topic.


  7. I did think the same thing Nan. But then I thought more deeply. I mean why would someone marry Trump if at the very least they weren’t somewhat narcissistic and self-interested themselves? It’s hard for me to see Melania as a victim anymore. If she was altruistic and trapped, certainly being a first lady would be a ticket to get away from this deranged individual. If she was really interested in sending a message To Donald Trump, leaving him and exposing him for the lunatic he is. would be the best way to do that. She could instantly become a hero of the American people with book deals and television shows etc. Jackets don’t impress me. Just like I hold every Republican responsible for continuing to support this man, so must I hold Melania responsible, who is quite free to leave.

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    • I didn’t write this post to paint Melania as a “victim.” My point was that the press went to great extremes to put her in a very unflattering light related to the jacket message — and I felt they missed the mark.

      Her personal relationship with tRumpsky is an entirely different matter with many variables. I tend to be far less certain the outcome would be as you projected. But one thing is fairly certain … we’ll probably never find out.

      Thanks for dropping by. I’ve noticed you’ve been rather quiet lately. Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with that new family member, could it? 😁

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      • No I know you didn’t. I’m just getting to the point after this whole situation of ripping children away from parents thing to have little sympathy for anybody who is not totally against this man. And I’m quite certain that a woman standing up for herself against a bully of a husband would gain a lot of notoriety. I felt the same way about Hillary. I think she should have left Clinton instead of lying for him. It left a bad taste in the mouths of numerous voters in this election even if they did end up voting for her.

        But I agree that the press has been unnecessarily hawkish when it comes to Melania.

        Yes the baby… And now the world cup has been taking up a lot of time. Lol

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    • @Swarn. While I do not see the first lady as a victim, I do see why she might be staying with the guy who holds world class grudges. Marla Maples tRump paid a high price for deciding she couldn’t take it anymore and leaving. Her daughter paid the price. Melania must have also signed a prenuptial agreement and it could have negative effects for her, Barron her son, and even her parents if she leaves the egomaniac orange one. Right now her wealth is through him. She will lose that and so will Barron. However he is 72 years old and clearly overweight with a bad diet. She is 49? Barron 11? They can wait it out and see if they win more by his death. I do not know if she gets his presidential salary if she leaves him, but she does if he dies. Just a thought. Hugs

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      • Maybe. But my point is that she would stand to gain a significant amount of wealth if she leaves even if she doesn’t get any of his. She could become a heroine and make money off of book deals… Have her own show… Get paid to do interviews. I doubt if any prenuptial agreement would hurt Barron. And let’s be honest… Tiffany… Maples… These people are hardly suffering in any real way… It’s not like they are living in poverty or something. I mean yes she might be forced at worse to live an upper middle class lifestyle to bring down a man who passes policies to hold children in detention centers away from their parents. Sorry… Not going to give her a pass.

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        • But my point is that she would stand to gain a significant amount of wealth if she leaves even if she doesn’t get any of his.

          I’m not so sure of that. He might have her naturalization re-examined and some fraud found, so that she can be deported. He is spiteful and vengeful.

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          • That would be temporary. She’s a first lady. The next president would reinstate her. As spiteful as he is… There still has to be some reason for revoking citizenship. Divorcing someone isn’t a crime. And Europe hates Trump too. She could make money there. There is no way she’d be living in the poorhouse. She is not trapped. As first lady there would be a spotlight on all Trump tries to go and she would be afforded more consideration as first lady than she would as just a rich man’s trophy wife would have. The press would eat up her story being under the thumb of Trump if that was her inclination. It’s not though. Whether she agrees with her husband’s policies or not her actions are one of extreme self-interest, not the fearful victim trapped in relationship with a horrible man.


            • Everything you say may be correct, Swarn. But I tend to doubt she would be “rolling in dough” if she left him. Certainly not from HIM! As Scottie says, past wives have learned he is not the gold mine they might have hoped for.

              As far as the interviews, book, etc., based on the way she’s been portrayed thus far, I have my doubts she would take that route. She might return to modeling (if she’s not too old) and make a bundle, but I just don’t see her on the “publicity route.” In any event, we’ll most likely never know …

              Thanks for sharing your perspective. That’s what it’s all about in the blogosphere. 😄


            • I’m just saying she has a route to live pretty comfortably in life if she wanted. Whether she wants to take that route or not is her choice. I agree she would take a significant hit to her wealth… But if anybody puts wealth above having a husband who takes kids away from their parents just doesn’t win my heart.

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        • Why would she even need any of his money? She owns businesses and is quite wealthy in her own right without his money and without even any future promise of a windfall. I don’t think she agrees with him about everything, but I definitely don’t think she disagrees with enough to make her leave. Sure, she always has that scowl on her face, but I think it might just be her face.

          Anyway, I never took the jacket as a message to the people she was visiting. This happens to be an area that I think she does disagree with her husband. I think the jacket was actually a message to the media. They speculated for weeks after the woman had had major surgery about why she hadn’t been seen in public, for crying out loud. Um, she had major surgery.

          She went to Texas during the floods and the media picked apart the fact that she wore stilettos when she boarded Air Force One. They speculate about everything she wears (and every other First Lady, for that matter). Surely that fact isn’t lost on her. So, me personally, I think she was giving a middle finger to the news media. I think she made it clear she doesn’t care what they print, at least about what she’s wearing, anyway.


      • Good points. The pre-nup and nda’s are probably quite binding and severe. It’s her choice to stay with him as it was to marry him, so she’s sleeping in the bed she made. trump was just as big a piece of slime back when he married her as he is now. She knew who she was marrying. Waiting til he drops may well be her best bet, but I couldn’t do it. The guy’s repulsive. Being touched by him, just the idea of it, makes my skin crawl. Needless to say, anything and anyone this piece of shit touches is ruined.

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  8. I too couldn’t imagine this was a slam at these poor children. She just doesn’t appear that heartless. I had heard of the message to trump idea and in some ways it seems the only possible meaning.

    But I do wonder also if trump coerced her to wear it to get the news media in a frenzy (rightly so), so he could pass some underhanded legislation on this immigration issue under the cover of darkness.

    And I don’t buy this she did it because she knows the media lies etc. That’s trumps bullshit.

    Could she not had known what was printed on the back or didn’t comprehend the language or meaning? And what was she doing in a $39 coat? That seems odd too.
    It’s a puzzle. I do think a lesson for women should be never to marry for only money. He has become involved with each new wife when he was married to the other one. He’s such a good Christian!

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    • I also wondered at the $39 dollar jacket. She doesn’t have even socks that cost $39 dollars. So how do we think she go the jacket? Also do you think a former model who made a living on her looks wears anything she has not checked out or seen? It is not like someone handed this to her and she had not looked at it. However I still think it was meant as a dig at tRump and crew. She clearly is not happy in the White house. Hugs


  9. Just pulled this off of Reddit…just an opinion, but interesting non the less.

    “Giovanni Tiso wrote a short and enlightening essay today about the history of “I Really Don’t Care” in Italian: I don’t really speak Italian, so I didn’t realize this right away, but “Me Ne Frego,” or “I don’t really care,” was the slogan of the World War I Arditi, the Italian stormtroopers. It came from the writings of the soldier poet and proto-Fascist Gabrielle d’Annunzio, who led Arditi veterans in taking the city of Fiume in Croatia after the war, a brief nationalist revolution that indirectly led to Mussolini’s seizure of power in 1922.

    Here’s what’s startling to me, after finding this out. I have been to northeastern Italy, and just across the border into Slovenia. You cannot drive through the smallest village in this region without seeing a monument or cemetery dedicated either to the World War I dead, the Fascists, or the defeat of the Fascists by Communist Yugoslav partisans and Italian antifa geurrillas at the end of World War II. Streets everywhere are named after Fascists or antifascists. There are references to d’Annunzio everywhere. There’s some photos here of some of these monuments, in Redupuglia, Trieste, the Val Di Risondra and elsewhere.

    But as I said, I don’t speak Italian and was only there for two weeks.

    Melania Trump was born in Novo Mesto, a city in Slovenia which was part of first Fascist Italy, then the Third Reich in World War II. Her father was a Yugoslav Communist Party member, from a village which has three large mass graves from the struggle against the Fascists and Nazis. She went to school and first worked in Lubljana, a city full of references to the fight against Fascism. She started her modelling career there before moving on to Milan, the city where Mussolini was executed after a mass uprising against the Nazis and Fascists. She speaks Italian.

    Let me repeat that: Melania Trump speaks Italian.

    When you add to this the fact that Fascists have just had an electoral victory in Italy, that there are active Fascist street movements everywhere there today, actively resurrecting and using the Fascist slogans and mottos of the 1920s and ’30’s (including “I Don’t Really Care”), that admirers of these movements have worked and do work in the White House, from Steve Bannon to Sebastian Gorka to Stephen Miller, and that Zara, the jacket manufacturer has previously been controversial for producing a swastika themed handbag and a shirt with a concentration camp Jewish star on it, it is impossible for me to think that this signalling was not intentional.

    Some may think the jacket is a distraction from the very real threats facing our country and world right now, from scapegoating of vulnerable immigrants and refugees to the stripping of the social safety net and the destruction of workplace and environmental protections. I firmly believe it is not. The First Lady of the United States, who grew up in the heartland of symbolic contestation over Fascist symbols and mottos, wore a Fascist message jacket from a company with a history of Fascist messaging.

    I care about that very, very much.”

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    • I saw that, Mary. I also listened to a talk given my Noam Chomsky about keeping the population mesmerized by ‘everything tRump’ and how it’s a deliberate distraction from what’s really important in the world – threat of nuclear war and global warming; two things that should be at the forefront of our attention. 😦 Depressing.

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  10. A slight diversion from Melania’s jacket message but still on the topic of immigration, I came across this article this morning.

    One of the remarks that stood out to me was … illegal immigration is the No. 1 crisis facing our country.. My jaw figuratively dropped as I read this.

    Anyway, just thought I’d add a little fuel to the fire. 🙂

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  11. This article is from the Washington Examiner and is a right leaning publication.
    I include this link that shows that along with Fox News being even worse and some worse than Fox. Then the one I watch most MSNBC, does lean left and NBC, CBS, ABC and NPR and BBC are all pretty center.
    Thought this chart was interesting.

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    • I was aware the paper — and the article — were right-leaning but felt a “different perspective” was worth sharing and might engender some additional discussion. 🙂

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      • It no doubt is a serious problem.

        Many people want to come here to simply get a better life for themselves and their families. They are not criminals. Although some probably are and with countries that keep no records, how do you differentiate?

        And what to do with the thousands who do and will continue to come here. To send them back is to send many to their deaths or a return to horrible lives. Plus where are you going to house them and for how long?

        Then there’s the problem of sending back too many immigrants and the companies here who rely on them to do the hard labor work most white people wont do. Two meat packing plants near me were closed due to raids and deporting illegals and no one else to do the job.

        And the drug issue. Why so many people are addicted to drugs in the first place and we’re are rich country with much money to be made in selling illegal drugs. I saw another news show talking to hardline drug suppliers in Mexico and they said they weren’t in the least concerned about the wall. It wouldn’t stop their business at all as it was mostly Americans that transported the drugs across the border.

        I watch a good show last night on NBC Dateline about all this. I felt it was very balanced.

        Anyway…always good to look at all angles.

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        • Hello Mary. If you want to stop people seeking refuge here in the US, we need to fix the problems that caused them to flee in the first place. Much of the gang violence and drug cartel violence in central Americas is caused by the US. The MS-13 gang was formed / started in Los Angeles. Most MS-13 gang members are native born US citizens. However in a crack down the US rounded up all the Ms-13 members that were not native born and deported them. Yes we sent hardened gang members to countries that were not prepared to handle them. The gangs and the drug cartels have just about taken over EL Salvador. Your children either join the gangs or the whole family is killed. THese people are really in deep fear of losing their lives. We have a responsibility to help them. We did it with Columbia and with Mexico in the past, we could do it again… If we cared about them. Hugs

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