What Do I Care?

The cartoonist names the hot pot “Oregon” probably because his creation was printed in Oregon newspapers. But obviously it’s relevant everywhere.

And, to our regret, there are MANY on this planet who think exactly the same as this frog.


8 thoughts on “What Do I Care?

  1. “Ah, hell, it’s always been hot. And if them damn polar bears can’t survive, then maybe they need to go. More jobs is what we need.” That’s what they tell me, anyway.

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  2. Like it says in Luke: 44-47, “And Jesus said unto the little kiddies, ‘Kiddies, nothing is real that you don’t think is real and all things you do think are real are. All opinions are equal, little kiddies, because everyone has one. Now, go out unto the people and spread my message.'”

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  3. And the final step: “What do I care about trashing the Earth? Jesus is coming back any minute now and he’s gonna bring us a new one, and eventually we’re all going to Heaven anyway.”

    It wouldn’t really work for the cartoon, though. Everybody knows frogs aren’t that dumb.

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