Humdinger Indeed!

You simply MUST visit this link (if you haven’t already).

Background: tRumpsky held a “humdinger” of a press conference at the G7 meeting (before he hurried off to his BIGLY meeting with Kim Jong-un). A reporter went through the official White House transcript and pulled out some of the more memorable lines.

We are soooo fortunate to have such a well-spoken leader representing the U.S.


48 thoughts on “Humdinger Indeed!

  1. “The haters. ” — The President of the United States

    At this point it’s actually reassuring that Trump occasionally manages to reach the mental sophistication level of a Taylor Swift song.

    Most of this stuff is just babble. The only things he manages to say at all coherently are the stock clichés he brings out at every opportunity because they appeal to the horde of knuckle-dragging Deliverance mutants we refer to as his “base”.

    The thing that struck me about that iconic photo is that most of the world is looking at it and seeing the German and Japanese leaders as the good guys and defenders of democracy, and the American leader as the terrifying global menace. Times change.

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  2. I saw about five seconds of this elsewhere earlier, and that was all I could take. Life is too short. I cannot even bear to see that face (that Face) in any fashion.

    And the saddest thing of all, all those people who still believe he’s the Sun King and Obama was the devil incarnate. Granted, the internet/anonymity allows the asshats (usually 20 y/o) free reign in their comments, but still…

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    • Very true. Only about 40% or so of the people here who can, vote. Why? Well, they say it simply doesn’t matter. Everything is same no matter what. Sadly, they’re being shown just how wrong they are. Will this nonsense encourage people to vote in our next elections? No. No, it won’t. Thus, we, and the world, as what Trump does effects things globally, get not only what we deserve, but what, apparently millions of people want. Theocracy in America is alive, growing, and emboldened by Trump, shit-heal that he is. Can’t wait til it’s official. HURRAY!!!

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    • Trouble is, we are in danger of forgetting that Mrs. Clinton won the election by 3Million votes. But my feeling has always been that there was a huge amount of ball-dropping and such when the Electoral College convened. The only reason that was ever instituted historically was when an election was just too close to call, especially in the days of horses and no instant communication. There was no freaking reason for it this time, at all.
      I wept when I got up and saw the results.

      But believe it or not, it could have been worse. Sarah Palin was aiming for VP with Trump.

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        • She is the only one I can think of that I dislike more than I do Trump. I’ve seen a few of her public rants, and they w-a-n-d-e-r…makes you wonder what she’s been ingesting between takes.

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      • And the reason, or at least part of the reason so few vote, is just that: the electoral college decides who wins, not the popular vote. No matter what anyone says, those folks in the electoral college are the ones who give us the President we didn’t know we’d voted for. Brrrr

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        • Inspired: Only about 40% or so of the people here who can, vote. Why?

          Republican state laws designed to make it as hard as possible for black people to vote. An electoral system that schedules elections on Tuesdays (a work day) and makes no allowances, in most states, for the burdens this places on working people voting. An archaic Electoral College, as Judyt54 points out, which twice in 16 years delivered the Presidency to the loser of the popular vote. An attitude of cynicism and pessimism promoted by fake-superior, world-weary-poseur, oh-so-above-it-all snot-nosed assholes who try to convince everyone that nothing they do can make a difference, to justify their own lazy inertia.

          There are concrete things that can be done. For example, in my state (Oregon) all voting is by mail, so it doesn’t require tired people to stand in line at a polling place on a work day. In 2014, nationally a low-turnout election year in which Republicans disastrously swept most of the board, Oregon had a 69½% turnout, re-elected our Democratic Governor, increased the Democratic majority in the state legislature, and passed an initiative legalizing recreational marijuana. Vote-by-mail alone, if enacted nationally, would transform the electoral landscape and crush the Republicans once and for all.

          This is not some profound existential sickness of American society. It’s a set of fixable mechanical problems with our political system. What we need to do is fix them.

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          • I’m in Illinois and we can vote here the same way you do. I always vote by mail because it gives me more time to look over the selections. What republicans have done to suppress the vote of blacks and other minorities is disgusting and simply must end. That said, there is still an apathy toward voting by far too many people I know. Even here in Illinois where voting is pretty damned easy to do, people don’t vote–not enough anyway. Young people in particular, who are, for the most part, progressive in how they live their lives, do not vote, not often at least. There’s a prevailing thought that it doesn’t matter anyway, and things are as they are, have always been so, nothing truly awful will happen. They can, do, and will. Once Roe v Wade becomes overturned, and it will be, I’m afraid, and other civil rights that people have died to obtain are destroyed, it may well dawn on some younger people that voting does matter and they need to be politically aware and involved. Hopefully Darth Trump and his apprentice, Darth Pence, will have caused some to awaken and more will vote this fall than before. I’m encouraged by those high school kids in Florida who became so active and vocal after the shooting in their school. We can’t give up, and we must do all we can so each state makes voting easy for everyone–not just effing republicans. Hopefully, things will change for the better and Trump will be the catalyst. Something good has to come from this a-hole because, so far, only filthy septic water has.

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        • That’s only true for the president. Midterm elections are just as important and even fewer people vote during those. We need people to vote so we can at least get the house and put some sort of stop gap on Trump. The electoral college is an affront, IMO, to our democracy and simply must be removed. It is not a democracy we live in when Hillary gets 3 million more votes but Trump wins. It’s absurd.

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  3. Today I am watching his administration members attack Justin Trudeau. They described what Trudeau did as “being stabbed in the back” and it was a betrayal of tRump by the Canadian leader. What a bunch of shite. The truth is tRump did not like that Trudeau publicly said the truth and it made Donnie look bad. Snowflake Donnie. It is hard to watch the leader of this nation act like a spoiled child who got his feelings hurt because no one accepts his lies, so he throws a total meltdown tantrum. Hugs

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      • Quite frankly, I’m surprised anyone can keep up with his statements and viewpoints. He says one thing one day then denies or changes it the very next day — or the same day — or even within the hour! No doubt depending on what his cronies have opined on Faux News.

        And because most of his supporters are certain he’s going to MAGA, they just look at each other, nod their heads, and agree what a “smart feller” he is.

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      • It’s bizarre that members of the administration — or of Congress — support Trump because they feel empowered by the association. Everyone has now seen enough to know that he will turn against and backstab pretty much anyone, for any reason, even an imaginary one. Today’s sycophant is tomorrow’s “sad” and “weak” Twitter target.

        I think it’s really his legions of angry, stupid, heavily-armed followers that they fear. But they shouldn’t count on their own loyalty to him to keep them safe

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    • Thank you, darlin’. Nice to know someone in the White House is paying attention…I am reminded of Sen. Joe McCarthy and his endless rants about commies coming out of the woodwork at us. If there be future generations they might wonder at all the important papers pieced together with scotch tape…

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  4. Regarding our Electoral College and its original purpose, this is a good quick 5-min video explaining its value. UNDERSTAND the valid concept (granted as distorted it has become today), BUT let’s ALSO understand the HUGE civic responsibility to federal elections, the process, and how utterly CRITICAL it is for the “masses,” the entire voting populace, to be thoroughly educated (nigh, HIGHLY educated!) so that the masses/populace know how to work and manipulate the Electoral College — like the Republican Party has done the last 2-decades, along with rigging/convoluting voting registration. What our Founding Fathers knew too well in the 18th century was the INSANE POWER a poorly educated hyper-emotional Mob-Herd mentality had in/over government, or poorly run government. Watch the videe… key quote in the it: “Every voter in every state is critical.” So how do you influence or manipulate that? By manipulating voter-registration and making the process outlandishly complicated for the poorly educated!!!

    So what’s the super critical part of quality pseudo-democratic voting? It is the quality education of the voting populace! Where and what form does the bulk of (high) quality education for the masses come from? PUBLIC EDUCATION!!! About 90% of Americans cannot even afford school supplies, lunches, or transportation to their public schools! And what is the current condition of our public education system and what has it been doing for the last 2-3 decades — keep in mind the typical “opinions” of Conservatives (like Betsy DeVos & her husband) and how much they cripple and deteriorate public education. Hence, is it much of a suprise WHY tRump got into office? It’s been coming for the last 20-something years!!!

    It starts at the grass-roots, like always. Keep the masses POORLY educated or educated by propagandized tunnel-vision — ala religiosity = theocracy, home-schooling, etc. — then imbeciles like tRump or W. Bush get into office. Broad quality education (that includes exceptional critical-thinking curriculums) is the initial cornerstone and enhanced throughout the first 12-years. Simple. But narrow-minded “faith” institutions are eroding away those critical principles. :/

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  5. What I find fascinating … and weird at the same time, and please remember I live in a country that had Jacob Zuma as head of state … is the US has around 300,000,000 people, of which over 225 million (give or take)are probably eligible to vote, and yet, the ”best” the country could offer as President is an individual called Donald Trump.

    There is something fundamentally wrong with democracy, and the average human being if he is what the majority of people think would be a great president … of ANY country!

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    • I probably don’t even need to say it, but … I TOTALLY agree with your last statement.

      This man is a disaster and unfortunately, until he does something that hurts this country in such a way that his base can’t help but know it was him … he’s going to continue on his merry way. Arrrgghhhh!


        • Probably true, Jeff. But I tend to think there may come a day when he will trip over his own shoelaces and no amount of blame and excuses are going to wash away the damage he’s done. Whatever it is may cause a major tsunami of harm to this country … which means we could all suffer. But if that’s what it takes to send him packing (hopefully with his tail between his legs), it might just be worth it.


    • The majority of Americans, by 3 million votes, voted for Hillary Clinton. Trump won because of a VERY archaic, VERY un-democratic thing called the electoral college. THEY elected Trump based on which states Trump won in the main election. Voted in the wrong state? Welp, your vote didn’t count–literally. Trump won by about 77,000 votes cast in only 3 states. It’s sickening. We do not have a democracy. We have a kleptocracy ruled by an oligarch wanna be and a political party made up of dickless, spineless worms who love giving billionaires massive tax cuts more than they do their country. The mid-term elections coming up in November ARE democratic and each vote WILL count. It is imperative to take back at least the House of Representatives or the next 2 and a half to six and a half years are going to be the most destructive the world has seen since WW2–both economically and on the war front.

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        • Through a Constitutional amendment or by having each state vote to agree they will cast their electoral votes for the winner of the plurality in the general election. There is some movement on the latter as 13 or 14 states have agreed to do this already. Changing the Constitution won’t happen because it will take 2/3rds of the Senate to vote on it and they will never do that. Republicans love things as they are. This system gives them tax cuts. That’s all that matters, you know. If we can one day take back the House, Senate, and the Presidency, maybe more can be done, but, until then, we’re stuck with this shit. It sucks. People HAVE to vote in November or we are royally effed!

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          • Well, I wish you the best of luck.
            I avoid politics in this country like the clap and although I was scared at first it seems that life is so much sweeter.
            Yes, maybe that makes me a wimp. I cast my vote then leave them to it.
            Taking the dogs for a walk is more fun.

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            • Your stance on religion, Christianity in particular, would make you a highly politically active person here. An anti-theist stance makes you a major bane in the altruistic asses of Republicans like Trump who LOVE Christians and their votes. My desire not to live in a theocracy is one of the things that makes me very active and aware of what the Government’s up to. It’s truly a disgusting thing to watch shit-heads like Trump and Pence, two of the most vile creatures on earth, wave around their bibles and talk of a Christian theocracy for America. I hate the bastards.

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            • Well, the choice of so many Americans not to vote can be clearly seen by the makeup of our Congress. We get the government we deserve. And, unfortunately, the shit that happens here will affect the entire world. Once Donny crashes the world economy by his trade war and/or starts the nuke dropping, voting ain’t gonna matter anymore for anyone. There may not be much of a world left to walk a dog in–which would suck, cause I love walking my pooch.


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