Reblog: Other Ways of Knowing

Steve has written what I consider an EXCELLENT post related to “scientism” — a word that is often flung around on some Christian blogs.

So now you know …

Class Warfare Blog

In the on-going conflict between science and religion that either doesn’t exist (because the two are compatible) or shouldn’t exist (because the two are incompatible), science types, like me, are accused of scientism, the thrusting of science into areas of human discourse where it doesn’t belong and, more specifically, stepping on religion’s toes. How dare, the critics say, science tell us anything about morality or aesthetics or … religion?

There are, they say, “other ways of knowing” than science. With regard to religion, specifically. they mention: faith, dogma, scripture, personal experience, and revelation.

So, let’s look at this.

First, what we call science is what originally was called “natural philosophy,” which was a branch of philosophy, just like ethics, politics, epistemology, logic, metaphysics, and aesthetics. When the scientific method was devised to make studying the natural world more effective, many of the categories of nature (chemistry—the study of the…

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11 thoughts on “Reblog: Other Ways of Knowing

    • HIGHLY doubtful! But even if he did, he’d dispute everything Steve said. Unless you’re a “believer,” there’s very little you can say that he won’t disagree with.

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      • I wanted him to give his views of Matt Powell and the holy terror he has been spouting. But Mel said he did not know of him. Oh well , he may soon as Powell is all over the internet right now. Hugs


      • Oh boy , did I get a whole face full of that recently. He kept badgering me to say he was correct and that I would agree with him. I am taking your suggestion, I am done with him unless he changes his tune toward disagreements. Hugs


        • You didn’t ask for it but my advice is to just stay away. He has his mind made up and unless something is presented by another “believer,” it’s immediately rejected. Some say “lurkers” will benefit, but is it worth it when everything you present is disputed/downgraded/challenged?

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          • I understand. I was surprised by his “…you won’t get away with it here, not here” Reply. That took me back. He got really belligerent and adamant that I would admit he was correct. That really ruined the having a conversation vibe. Thank you advice is always appreciated. Hugs


    • If you’re referring to BrainYawn … he will never “drift away” — unfortunately. I actually think the highlight of his day is when he can create ruckus on a non-believer’s blog. It’s sad, really. But when one’s days are primarily filled with praying and reading the bible and attending church, it’s understandable that a person might look for something to break the routine.

      Oh and since BrainYawn considers himself a comedian, I’m sure he likes to try out some of his material on unsuspecting blog visitors. (I pity his audience.)

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  1. “But when one’s days are primarily filled with praying and reading the bible and attending church,”

    that sounds like utter numbing torture. I used to get restless after a brisk 45 minutes of Mass, once a week. How can anyone endure that…

    You know, it argues for a very narrow range, doesn’t it. Sorta like the railroad guy in Mom’s basement, all he does is build to-scale scenery, read about trains, visit train museums, and all his buddies are train guys too…

    And at the end of it all, to what purpose? If this is your life, it just strikes me as not much of a life at all…

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