“The Problem With Faith …”

On another blog, someone shared an article on religion that I found rather intriguing. I decided to “pass it on” so others could take a look and see what they think. It’s rather long so you might want to set aside some time to read and absorb.

Religion has been a part of humanity since the first astronomers peered into the sky and created elaborate stories to define the movements of our universe. It made its way into our minds as we fearfully created devils and demons to explain the danger lurking in the darkness of night. It has both enchanted and burdened us as we attempt to define our world with the information available to us as we work our way through history.

However, things are quickly changing. For a growing number of us worldwide, what was once indescribable is now easily explained by the vast data we have gathered as we work towards refining our understanding. We are becoming painfully aware that, although our religions gave us a starting place for thinking about how our world functions, they no longer serve us in that process; and in fact, have left a trail of destruction in their historic path.

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P.S. The entire article is superb, but if you see something that really stands out to you, I hope you’ll take a moment to copy and paste and share it in the comment section below. 🙂


42 thoughts on ““The Problem With Faith …”

  1. That is a great article. The comments by believers though mean we still have far to go. Here’s a piece from the story—Religion enables people to act callously and inflict mental punishment on those they label “evil” without consequence to their hatred; and then permits them to honestly believe that their hatred is defensible as “good moral conduct”. Absolutely true.

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  2. That’s a comprehensive, absolutely true thesis. I wish we could share it on every blog of every believer online.

    I wonder if CS will now show up with his inane bluster about god and ants? 😉

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    • When and if he does Carmen, it will no doubt be overly vague and too short to have any weight, and then CS will preach and toss bible quotes everywhere. 😒 More wasted space, time, and viewing for everyone. 🤭

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      • I have been following a thread just in the last few days, PT. It’s run by a lovely woman who tries to help the spiritually abused. (She’s a believer). On her last blog post, there are over 250 comments – overwhelming by men – who, rather than concentrate on the question posed by the blog post, do the same thing CS does. WASTE time, energy, and space with drivel . Judging from what I read on blogs, it appears that there are many men who use religion as a means to power. The internet is a perfect spot for them, because they are anonymous. They don’t even seem to care if what they write makes sense or has any point at all. Blogs give them a forum for spouting nonsense, at which many of them are adept. What’s amazing to me is that most people never challenge them; they seem to have credibility just because they believe in the same god as the readers . It’s mind-boggling.

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          • You probably have encountered her before, Nan. She’s Julie Anne Smith at Spiritual Sounding Board. As I say, she’s a lovely woman (she’s a FB friend, as well) and tries to help as many women as she can – hers is a moving story about her experience in a patriarchal church. It’s galvanized her to become an advocate for women and I don’t know how she deals with the stories she has to read. You can probably predict that I’m not the most popular commenter on her blog, (because, atheist) but she – somehow – puts up with me. 🙂

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            • Carmen, I haven’t ventured over to this “mysterious” blog-woman, but from the few comments here it seems Julie Anne Smith actually possesses some of the virtues of Jesus in the Gospels, i.e. the Beatitudes also found in other religious texts, BUT sadly and demoralizingly Ms/Mrs Smith is fighting a battle she will NEVER WIN. There are just too many other Bible passages that contradict everything Jesus said on that Mount as to where a woman’s place is to be 😦 like the ideal woman of Proverbs 31 and 1 Corinthians 14:34. Honestly and in my own personal experience, I don’t see how she can avoid going crazy when her divinely inspired Holy Bible contradicts everything she’s attempting to sort out… or change? 😵


            • PT, I have suggested as much but she really wants to believe Jesus was the first feminist. As do many others who comment regularly on her blog. I mean, as far as many of them are concerned the worst thing that could happen is to lose one’s faith.
              I used to believe that myself until I really started analyzing what was actually said in the Bible. Jesus (IF he was an actuall person who lived in that time period) would have been a man of his time who viewed women as possessions. 😦
              Which is why I nodded my head so many times when I read the article Nan posted. It needs to be shared far and wide.

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            • Well, I applaud the battles for gender equality and support in whatever ways I can… allowing the women to take the lead. 😉 In a sense, Ms/Mrs Smith is fighting the heavy patriarchal overtones of her own Bible so in some ways I’d give her a thumbs-up for that. LOL

              I’ve saved the article too — along with the other website Nan and I stumbled across called FaithlessFeminist.com — in order to maybe write a post about her/those topics in the future. However, I am currently on a massive project right now drafting my upcoming new page Why Christianity Will Always Fail. covering all topics of its General Revelation and Special Revelation… both from a firing point of Secular arguments and faulty Christian apologetics that result from their very flawed, amputated, unreliable, contradictory “Bible.” My own silver bullet, if you will. 😈🤩 Hahaha.

              So my time these last 3-4 weeks (and more to come) have been very occupied. 😟


        • Some great points Carmen. This especially…

          Judging from what I read on blogs, it appears that there are many men who use religion as a means to power. The internet is a perfect spot for them, because they are anonymous.

          The first sentence is completely corroborated by all recorded history of patriarchal empires. Your second sentence is equally spot, but for one aspect… a minor one in the bigger picture, but a very revealing one nonetheless. And that is that your fine 2nd sentence shows popular cowardice by those men and their content/character.

          Now, if you want you are more than welcome to ask ME why I use an alias, a pseudonym on WordPress. I’m happy to oblige once my last child finally turns 18-yrs old and I’m DONE with the Attorney General’s Office of Texas and my “Christian” ex-wife. 😉 😛

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          • I think I already read your story PT. :). I think Tildeb has addressed this before and honestly I wish I had donned an alias when I first began. I had no idea so many christians were so vindictive and spiteful. .. who would have guessed?

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            • Yes … we can work out where you live and come and stand outside your door and recite bible verses ’til you give us food and money to bugger off!

              Mwhahahahaha ….ha!

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          • I don’t think religion alters people’s basic character. Those who are abusive will use religion to enhance their opportunities to abuse and those who are caring will use religion to enhance those opportunities.

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            • You’re absolutely correct, Peter and I adhere to the thought that well-meaning, good people are the way they are regardless of their beliefs. I think I wrote that in case there were any believers following this thread – after all, a good many of them seem to believe that they are on a much higher moral plain than anyone else. It just isn’t so.


        • Think it’s around 300 plus now Carmen. It’s crazy. I still hope to comment but been busy. :/ I take a few minutes to check in on those I follow and that’s about it for me for the day. P.S. With humidex today we are looking at 35 C.


      • Oh Pink, what a timely topic to bring up! This might be a tad off subject with Nan’s post here (apologies Nan!), but this is indeed along your point Pink. Just the other night I caught a Real Time with Bill Maher show (S16 E16) and he had a guest on there: Dan Savage of Savage Love podcast & his blog theStranger, and Dan brought up this term of which I was unfamiliar: Incels.

        From a quote on one blog-post by Savage from Alex Heard describing Incels:

        Incel is short for “involuntarily celibate”. The term rose to prominence because of its adoption by a subsection of the “manosphere”, a loose collection of movements united by misogyny that also includes some men’s rights activists, pick-up artists, and Mgtow/volcel—heterosexual men who refuse to have sex with women for political reasons. Men who identify as incel tend to congregate on a few forums, including the message board 4chan, the forum SlutHate and, until the community was banned from the site, the incel page on Reddit. They are united by the fact that women will not have sex with them, usually attributed to shallow obsessions with looks or superficial personality, and by their hatred of “Chads” and “Stacys”, the men and women who have sex.

        Here’s the link to the post on Savage’s blog:


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  3. Well Nan, I really enjoyed the entire article. It’s spot on and SHOULD cause any Christian, any Theist to pause, be fully introspective, and really, really take a serious look at the basis of their world-view. But if I must choose a section that really stood out to me, it is this one:

    Biblical & Holy Spiritual Justification for inequality — #8

    Religion facilitates erroneous rationalization of the attempts to remove basic rights from others. It prevents people from living in peace as a community and within their own lives. It forces entire groups of people to work tirelessly to create and preserve rights that should be available to them already.


    Sadly, our religious texts have been used to discriminate against a vast assortment of people, including, tribes, minorities and foreigners.


    Religion gives followers justification for treating others who are not like them in inhumane ways. It enables our world to perpetuate the cycles of hatred towards others and justify our efforts in restricting the happiness of our fellow human beings.

    And the ONLY (presumed) basis they mistakenly utilize to take agency for their elitism, discriminations, prejudices, violence, and all the toxic traits of humans forced upon humanity and the Earth, explicitly or implicitly, come from the horribly flawed, amputated, inconsistent, wildly ficticious, and unreliable Holy Bible. This “Bible” — which is NOT unanimously constructed and agreed upon by Christians to this day! — is the best (for lack of a weaker word) foundation Christians can invent to make their own God, Christ-Savior, and Holy Spirit (Trinity) halfway believable.
    But as most intelligent, reasonable people have been discovering the last century is even this weak-best foundation is a House of Cards. This secular enlightenment and return to evidence-based cognition and world-views will continue to spread! 🙂

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  4. I just checked that thread again. There’ve been 358 comments on the one I was pointing out – and it was specifically addressed to reducing sexism against women in the church. Can you believe some of those verbose asshats??

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  5. Read it yesterday. I think it covers pretty much everything the likes of Hitchens talked and wrote about.
    The comments are the more enlightening, of course!

    No doubt Number One Funny Man will now do a blog post for you Nan!
    He is so sweet, isn’t he? ( in a psychopathic keep well away from your kids sort of way)

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  6. How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us.

    ~ Pope Leo X (1513 -1521)

    I have not been able to find out if this supposed quote from the article is valid or not.

    Anyone got a link to the original source?

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  7. Europe and Canada are progressive and sane (largely). The Middle East and parts of Africa are stuck in the long ago past. And the US is following the Mideast in their past downward spiral to religious fanaticism that permanently regressed the Arab world around the 11th century and could doom us as well.

    Both articles are great, but some of the comments show the danger of stagnation and old world thinking. The Mels and JBs in the US (and there are many) represent at best, annoyance and at worst, a very real and present danger.

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      • LOL… okay. Your link at the bottom “More …” goes to the article, obviously. All good. The article “The Problem With Faith” was written by Shanna Babilonia and there’s links within the ChurchandState post of Shanna’s own website/blog. I was trying to find her because I would love to follow her.

        I just thought you might know where she can be found. I’ll keep trying to find her. Sorry for the confusion. 😉 ❤


        • Oh yes … I remember seeing her name. I just didn’t pay much attention as I was primarily focusing on what she wrote. I notice the article was written in 2015 — perhaps she’s “moved on?”

          Oh! Just saw that she wrote an article about 8 months ago at faithlessfeminist.com. Good luck in your search.

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  8. Something that stood out to me is “How many of these same enthusiasts would subscribe to their religion if there were not a reward for their commitment? Without a reward, the faith does not carry the same power to control its congregate. There must be a conclusion to every religious story – a reason for carrying the belief to its completion.”

    I am a very religious person and an avid bible reader. I think many people go wrong with trying to get a reward out of their service when actually our service is owed. We’ve already received the gift which is life. We experience many blessings that go unnoticed everyday. We live on a beautiful planet, have five senses to experience and enjoy all of its beauty. We can love and experience joy and happiness. We have brains that absorb information and allow us to gain enlightenment and purpose in life. We also have the ability to have children which is a miracle in itself. If we serve God only for the reward at the end then we’ve missed the point.

    The best way to explain it is by looking at the current family arrangement. Our mother and father have the right to tell us what to do. They’ve earned that right by bringing us into this world. Similarly, Jehovah God has brought us into this world. He doesn’t have to love us, but he does. He doesn’t have to teach us or guide us, but he does. He doesn’t have to promise a reward for our faith, but he does. We do not deserve any heavenly reward or earthly paradise. We owe him obedience for what has already been provided. Isaiah 41:10 says, “Do not be afraid, for I am with you.Do not be anxious, for I am your God.I will fortify you, yes, I will help you,I will really hold on to you with my right hand of righteousness.” A relationship with God is a living evolving experience. As we serve God and learn more about him the more we experience the blessings provided. He promises to be there for us like a loving father. Because of that love, if there was no heavenly or paradise-like reward, we should still be moved to serve him. The rewards mentioned at Revelation 21:4; John 5:28,29; Isaiah chapter 65 are just the icing on the cake.


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