“The Ends Justify the Means”

Gronda has once again pinpointed what most of us already know …

White Evangelists Are Worshiping the False
Golden Calf President Trump, Not God


13 thoughts on ““The Ends Justify the Means”

  1. Proves their hypocrisy. Remember when people complained that Muslims never came down on the radical ones in their religion? And when African Americans don’t come down on their own that commit crimes?
    Well where are the moderate and liberal so called Christian churches and their condemnation of these hateful gross idiots? You don’t hear them do you?

    We can voice our opinions and blog and comment, but it’ll take churches, synagogues, non corrupt politicians, businesses, human rights groups, and more to stand a chance at making a change.
    Bottom line is greed gone wild and people becoming willfully complicit.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”

    That about says it in a nutshell

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    • If one tries hard enough it is possible to justify any decision. For examples Christians can cite the example of ‘Samson’ of ‘God’ using flawed people.

      Hypocrisy unfortunately seems to be a feature of humanity in general and much like bias it is obvious to us when it occurs in others but not when it occur in ourselves.

      I gather the key issue for Christians who supported Trump was the appointment of judges to the High Court. So in that regard it was as Nan says ‘The end justify the means’. In some cases that can be justified, though in this case I feel not.

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      • If you read Gronda’s post (where I got the post title), you’ll totally understand why it fits.

        It’s all about Christians supporting tRumpsky and ignoring 99.9% of their Christian morals and standards simply because he’s pandering to their desires. I think another word for it is hypocrite.

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        • The only “morals and standards” I’ve ever seen conservative Christians insist on are “God hates fags” and “you will have your rapist’s baby”. Everything else is negotiable or forgotten. As long as Trump does what he can to discourage abortion and torment homosexuals, the Christian Right won’t make a fuss about his personal life. They’ve got plenty of experience engaging in similar hypocrisy for the benefit of their own church leaders, after all. Deep down they don’t really care about anything except venting their hatred of people who don’t conform to their taboo system.

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  2. One thing I noticed in my argument last week with Gaylord , he kept bringing up Trump. Evangelical prayers got him elected now evangelical prayers are controlling the god man by Gods influence. He is here to save the day for us. Yay!

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  3. Bingo.

    Forgot who said it (I think I saw it on Twitter), but it went something like: Christians have spent 1,500 years terrified of the anti-christ, and when he finally shows up, they voted for him”

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    • A surprising number of Christians speculated that Obama might be ‘the anti-christ’.

      But I know what you mean.

      The thing is that most fundamentalist Christians are right wing whilst liberal Christians tend to be left wing.

      Right wing Christians focus on moral issues and left Christians social justice.

      The problem for Christians is that at a personal level Trump seems to be disqualified on both counts morality and social justice.

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        • I like to cite the Simpsons writers who as a joke had Donald Trump as a future President in an episode around 2000. They suggested:
          ‘That just seemed like the logical stop before hitting (rock) bottom.

          It was consistent with the vision of America going insane.’

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  4. In her excellent book Edge of Chaos, global economist Dambisa Moyo poignantly points out that democracy, and specifically American democracy, is not only on the edge of collapse, but that not only is the Golden Calf (wealth, prosperity) worshipped and sacrificed to, but so is CIVIL responsibility and participation (voting) — too much is simply being PRAYED about in laziness and Calf worshipping! LOL 😨

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