Regulating Gun Ownership

This is a video that EVERYONE needs to watch. Whether you liked Obama or not, he made some excellent common-sense statements/suggestions about gun ownership.

Too bad his point of view was pushed aside simply because (some) people didn’t like him as a person. Had things been different, perhaps we would not have witnessed the latest shooting.


25 thoughts on “Regulating Gun Ownership

  1. An outstanding video and rebuttal to that Town Hall gun-owning gentleman. President Obama’s thorough explanation of our poor gun-licensing and lack of adequate (if at all) background-checks protocol, as well as why the CDC is not allowed to even study the reasons for gun-fatalities — Congress won’t let the CDC do it!

    I wonder why Congressmen and women are NOT allowing the CDC to study a rising American epidemic — a mass-shooting now on average every 64-days in this nation!? That’s a rhetorical question by the way.

    On a sidenote Nan regarding President Obama. It’s so damn hilarious that tRump blames Obama for so many thing happening in HIS administration, it’s like Obama is still in office!!! His name gets thrown around so much at the White House that you’d think he is haunting the place and our current non-President’s dreams/nightmares! LOL

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    • broke his silence with … an aggressive attack on political elites who “hate individual freedom”.

      He simply does NOT have a clue! All he’s worried about is making sure his pockets continue to be full and overflowing. Oh … and also to make sure there’s plenty to go into the pockets of “supportive” politicians.

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    • Did you happen to watch The Last Word last night? O’Donnell really laid it out on WHY this should never happen by clearly and emphatically pointing out what could … and probably would … occur.

      Knee-jerk reactions like this are mind-boggling!

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      • good grief. I have a cousin who is in law enforcement. he’s had to shoot twice…..he said “I never even came close to hitting the guy”. yea..guns inside schools. great idea!

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        • Can’t remember where I read it, but apparently the statistics are quite low on law enforcement people actually hitting their targets. So what does this tell us? If the ones who are trained to use a firearm can’t hit a (usually running) target, what does that say about an armed teacher?

          The ignorance … how it burns.

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    • I sent an email to the address shown on the web page (I’ll let you guess what I said). I got a response … but all it said was the class was full (surprise!). Hopefully, he’ll still read my actual email.

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