A Little Photo-Op

First snow in our new locale … all taken from the front porch.

Looking across the street

Side yard

Front lawn

This storm wasn’t anything like what we would often get in our former locale, but who cares? What’s fun is waking up to white on the ground! 😍

11 thoughts on “A Little Photo-Op

  1. Nan, you are so lucky. For months, I had looked forward to cross country skiing and snow shoeing. We’ve gotten very little snow, for the most part. And, then when it does snow, it generally will warm up the next day, thaw, and refreeze. Nothing is worse for skiing than ice. But, by the look of the forecast, winter is essentially over. I got to ski maybe three times, and the conditions weren’t great. Rats.

    Maybe we should move to Alaska. My son says that it’s been a warmer weather even up there. Climate change is true. 🙂


    • I’ve never been into winter sports and I’m way too old to start now. But I do love to look at snow … preferably from the warmth of my living room. 😀


  2. It looks lovely! I love snow, too Robert! We haven’t had much of a winter here at all, which is great for commuters but not so good for those of us who love winter activities. Nothing hubby and I love better than a good old snowstorm – we stog the furnace and hope the power goes out!!

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    • When we first moved here, we didn’t think we would experience any snow because it’s at a lower elevation than where we lived before. So when this storm passed through, it was a super pleasant surprise. Now as to the amount of snow YOU get, Carmen??!!? I think I’ll pass. 😉


      • I’ll tell you, Nan, we haven’t experienced much winter at all. In fact, hubby hooks up his antique tractor to a wagon and we all go for a ‘sleigh’ ride during the winter. We take along some wine and treats and there’s a great time had by all. This year, however, we haven’t gone because we just don’t have the right conditions. (we did one for a grandchild’s birthday party right at Christmastime but have had no snow since) Yet, out west (BC and Alberta) have been having it hard — they’ve even had to close ski hills because of the amount of snow!! Also, the sap is running here now (to make maple syrup) and that doesn’t usually happen until later than this time of year. Weird weather, eh?


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