18 thoughts on “Arming Teachers?

  1. Yep. Texas has already passed laws for Teachers-packing as well as college students packing their firearms as well. It is total f*ckin’ INSANITY!!!!

    God (or the Stars in the Galaxies!) help any and all police officers and SWAT teams that have to move in on a crime-scene!!!! Are you Friend or Foe!!!!!? Are you Friend or Foe!!!!!? Are you Friend or Foe!!!!!? BAAM!!! Officer down!!! Are you Friend or Foe!!!!!? BAAM!!! Officer down!!! Ad infinitum until there are 3-4 times as many body-bags everywhere!!!! 😨🤬

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    • Hey, if we want to rid ourselves of lethal drugs on the streets and in wealthy neighborhoods, let’s just give EVERYONE access to more crack, more meth, and more heroin! That will stop drug overdoses and abuses because everyone in the general public has the RIGHT to own illegal drugs and possess the will-power to NOT get use to them or addicted!!!! 😵

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  2. Obviously, arming teachers is a very stupid idea. I think it was The Inspired One, Jeff, who commented recently about a hypothetical school setting where teachers, administrators, security guards, police, and deranged gunmen fired volleys of bullets at each other. Can you imagine the carnage? Schools are for learning, and turning them into battlefields will only make a bad situation worse.

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    • Looking more stupider? It’s way too late Mary. I’m afraid it’s only going to get MUCH WORSE before it gets better/smarter.

      Many legitimate intellectuals in the U.S. — the true spine of America — and foreign intellectuals see a significant decline in intellectualism here and deterioration of broad, high-quality education K-12 over the last several decades. Too many “private” under-grad institutions (religiously affiliated too!) that cost an arm-and-a-leg (and entire life savings!) to graduate. It is like the U.S. is about to make that hilarious (but eerily possible) 2006 movie Idiocracy come true. We’re well on our way right now. 😖

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      • And don’t forget home schooling ( at least most of it that is usually heavy on religion).

        I would love to know statistics on the average IQ in this country and has it gone down. But then what does the IQ label really mean. Obviously you can have a high IQ and be stupid as hell in world affairs, history, science etc. if you’ve never been taught it. Is there a way to measure reasoning ability and logic and the capability to use critical thinking?

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        • Yes, my own two kids were and their mother were mostly home-schooled so I see it and deal with it all the time. 😦

          Are there ways to measure reasoning ability, logic, and critical-thinking? Yes, I know there are tests and different formats of testing for logic, abstract thinking, IQ’s (of course), and emotional-psych tests. I’ve takes some and applied some in my careers. Though they cannot provide 100% precision — when you’re testing ever-changing humans — they can offer a general litmus test on current conditions and areas of strength and weakness. The Stanford-Binet Test is one example.

          But the problem with being able to implement these tests are sometimes/often going to depend on cooperative administrators, parents, and test-takers. After all, FAITH is all we really need in life… along with non-stop praying. IOW, just let “God” do all the work. 🙄

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  3. I don’t know… a lot of troublesome students could be, and would be if my experiences are any indication, eliminated before they caused any more trouble. Mind you, the cohort of troublesome teachers would be reduced in turn… hmmm. A fair trade?

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    • Tildeb,
      That wicked (I almost hate to use that term after the last few days having to listen to Brain Yawn’s insults) thought crossed my mind before I posted the first time. . Grin. . .

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  4. And how long before we hear of a teacher being disarmed and killed with their own firearm?
    It’s is like reading a script for a stupid cheesy dystopian movie:

    ”Nah, this’ll never fly. What idiot came up with this? On second thoughts, can we get Bronson or Arnie in the lead role?”

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