Kenneth Copeland’s New Jet Airplane

Saw this on the blog of one of my new followers and couldn’t resist sharing it.

Kenneth Copeland Acquires New Gulf-stream V Jet, Paid For By “Donations” From His Followers/Church

Copeland says the jet will help him “do the Lord’s work” and avoid having to contend with “demons” that travel on commercial airlines.

P.S. Apparently it’s used and is only priced at around $6 million (!).


69 thoughts on “Kenneth Copeland’s New Jet Airplane

  1. Hard to understand isn’t it? I seen a video of a preacher who had a plane but felt it was not fancy or large enough, so begged his flock to keep donating until he could have the new bigger plane. They were not a really rich church but they did it. The video also showed his multiple cars and flash lifestyle. To me he was a con man grifter, a scam artist selling snake oil cures for made up illnesses. Hugs

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    • These guys are no dummies — they learned very early in the game how to manipulate and persuade. They could probably sell rattlesnakes to their congregations if they put the “gospel spin” on it.

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  2. hey nan-

    Just an observation and a suggestion.

    We know you have no use for theatre, neither do I, especially in the realm of what poses as religion; but do you somehow think that the likes of Hagen, Copeland, Benny Hill, Popoff, etc etc make the scriptures untrue?

    Sheesh. But the greater question for you which is far more worthy of cogitation: your plane in the pic. Why is a machine which flies above the ground called a AIR PLANE……………

    Far more worthy of discussion. And since it’s your pic, please don’t accuse me of sidestepping your post. 😉

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      • Really nan? I said I have no use for theatre.
        What do you want, a pint of blood?

        Why don’t you try pickin on somebody who actually is calm, levelheaded, serious, and scripturally sober; charlatans are a dime dozen.

        Yet in this they are correct: at least they give God the courtesy of existing; their theology may be off the rails, but at least they know there is an engine.

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        • ColorStorm. A point of interest. I knew a full adult with the mind of a small child who was not as annoying and unable to understand ideas as you pretend to be. She was born oxygen deprived with severe brain damage and yet she seems so much more aware than you. Yet while you pretend to be unable to understand she really was disabled and she was able to be reasoned with. You not so much. Have a great week. Hugs

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            • Nan I am sorry. I don’t understand. I have always tried to follow your rules even to the point of apologizing when I did not understand why I was wrong. I felt if you said I was in error I took it as given. But I really am confused this time. I do regret any transgression . Hugs

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            • Thank you Nan for explaining. The woman I refenced is my own half sister. I learned a lot from my little exposure to her. I was already an adult before I could meet any of my biological family. Imagine my shock when my first day meeting them they left me alone with Gina, knowing it would test me. She waited until they were gone and then asked me ” Scottie… Why can’t I have a baby”. I was freaking out. Then my biological sire came back and laughed it all off. It left me with two ideas . First she was smarter than any one knew even though she needed to be directed in personal bathing care, or I had just been put to the test to see If I could accept her. I assure you I take no liberty with those who have a mental handicap. She is a treasure I cannot describe. However I do sometimes get frustrated with ColorStorm. As disadvantaged as my step sister was she was never as dicatic and unreasonable as ColorStorm presents himself. I wish I could express myself better in your comments, but I seem to fail to do so. Hugs

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            • Scottie,

              All human beings have a Fight-or-Flight gland that responds when they perceive (correctly or incorrectly) aggression or intended harm toward them. Your history with CS — and honestly his history with most everyone else unlike him — has sometimes (often?) warranted that natural defense mechanism; CS has it as well and utilizes probably more than you. 😉 I want to commend you Scottie for your typical patient, sympathetic, and extended common decency to CS despite not getting it in return in many cases.

              As I’ve seen with CS and his exchanges with others UNlike himself, you’ve been remarkably polite — at least in the beginning — and have indeed put forth the effort in maintaining that common decency toward others unlike you! For that established track-record Scottie, I stand-up and applaud! I scream BRAVO when you then have the stoic substance and character to APOLOGIZE for any rash, inappropriate words/conduct — which seems to be a dying or rare commodity these days with controversial topics. Going further, your behavior after apologizing demonstrates that you truly mean it! It modifies or changes. Well done again Sir. 🙂 ❤

              That said, yes, all of us must do our utmost to follow and respect Nan's Blog Rules of conduct (they are fair!) even toward those that constantly fail to offer you the same in return. This applies not only on WordPress and the internet, but in life, in person face-to-face too. Though I certainly agree with Nan’s “warning” to you, I want to publicly state how much effort you put in to respecting EVERYONE (at least in early stages or further) even while the other opponent might be taking swings and kicks at you.

              Keep up that great work and know that when you exhibit those qualities consistently, it is YOU most people will listen to, read, and respect. Hugs to you. 😉

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            • Thank you Professor. I do try to learn from my mistakes. I also try to treat people as I hope they will treat me. It does take being reminded sometimes what is proper and what if a foul to correctly modify bad behavior. Be well. Hugs

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          • It’s ok scottie. I have been called far worse.

            But I must correct you in one thing if I may, and that is: I pretend nothing.

            Nan on this post expressed disdain for circus acts posing as biblical Christianity. Truth is, I probably am revolted even more, but still forbear with others misapplications, for it seems they are at least trying.

            Misguided, but trying. You never hear about Jim Bakker now do you? Of course not, as he no longer serves a purpose as a punching bag. He came to his senses and leads a quiet life, being embarrassed at how many people he influenced.


            • I am shaking my head also, Scottie. I think what CS means is that it just doesn’t matter about the shenanigans of believers – whether they rip people off with great zeal, perform the most horrendous acts ‘in the name of’, or fleece their ‘sheep’ outrageously — they’re doing it for GAWD, and that’s the most important thing.
              The thing is, every comment CS makes gives us insight into the way believers’ minds work. It’s head-shakingly mind boggling, eh? 😦

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            • carm-

              What I consistently say is that the scriptures have the final say as to who and what are sheep, and who and what are goats.

              There is no ‘covering up’ what they innately know. Of course there are religious thugs, just as there are ‘science’ thugs. How do you thpell Degrasse, or Nye for example, or that Leer jet gas guzzling hypocrite algore……..? So who is worse………

              Enough blame to go around. But matter? Of course it matters. I’ve said as much.

              But here’s a bonus: the way my mind works? Ha, it’s easy. I believe in the exact science of arithmetic which proves the complete consistency of scripture.

              Provable. Testable. Repeatable. Factual. Historical. True. Reliable. The math adds up to truth. Shake your head if you wish, but God is higher than you, and me.

              I just happen to believe that the God of scripture and the God of nature are one. Of course. The conscience when coupled with logic and common sense are a killer to the lies of godlessness. Glad I could help.

              (Tkx too nan for a somewhat vote of reason. 😉


            • Well lo and behold I agree with you. I have no use for ‘gods’ either, which collectively, they can neither count to two, or tie their shoes.

              Now if you want to talk about one God, that’s another story, and whether you ‘need’ Him or not is quite suspicious, since He cares for you while you sleep, and who kindly gives you your next breath…..

              …..if you only knew Romeo Romeo how many ways God dost love thee………

              ………then you may have an appreciation for the view from that plane that shows the clouds are but dust for His feet.


            • Jeezus, can you drop the pseudo Shakespeare routine? (Smh)

              Keep in mind that you are DEFENDING a snake oil salesman in the name of your god. Cuz he’s another godbotherer and you all stick together. … and you wonder why people get frustrated with you. (More headshaking)

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            • I’ll defer you to the host here carm, I’m thinking she will agree that I am not defending any Popoffs……… 😉

              Would you rather me rail against Westboro? Maybe another time. But take some advice. Read Paul’s epistles and find fault with him if you can………or Peter’s. Or Johns.


            • What you said is this: “At least charlatans give (my) god the courtesy of existing”. In other words, they can’t be all bad – they got one fundamental thing right; correct? (At least from your viewpoint).

              As I said above, you and KC have a membership in the ‘I love Jesus’ club, so you all have to stick together. It doesn’t seem to matter to you that he’s a charlatan, just that he’s doing it in the name of your god. 😦

              You really need to save your sideways praise for more worthy targets.

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            • Sloppy reading leads to sloppy conclusions carm. Do show where I quoted ‘my god………’

              Maybe in your world, capital letters are irrelevant. I actually take note of such distinctions, using such detail to crush your gripes. 😉

              There are a lot of thieves in jail who believe in God. So what. And there are just as many fools who walk about as free men, who have simply not yet been caught.


            • No ColorStorm I was in the wrong and shouldn’t have expressed myself that way. I was frustrated last night and your normal way of acting was irritating me. I should have just walked away and left the retort unsaid. It is a measure of who we are as people how we handle those things that bother us. Nan was correct in her assessment of my comment. I was making an uncalled for assertion. In the cooler light of day I regret my remark towards you. Hugs

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    • According to Charlie Bollinger, Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ partner and volunteer, “the Holy Spirit confirmed to Brother Copeland that the Gulfstream V was the plane the Lord had set aside for KCM.” The ministry identified the seller of the jet as filmmaker Tyler Perry. The jet was purchased and “paid in full” during Thanksgiving week.

      How come you ain’t tight with the Big G like Brother Copeland? I’d check to see if Jesus unfriended you on Faithbook. 🙂

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  3. The New-Age “Prosperity Theology” has been sweeping most of the Deep South in America. My own ex-wife and her husband are long-time members of The Ark church in Conroe, Texas — an offshoot church from Joel Osteen’s church — and they’ve raised my two kids in that church and theology. 😩🤢 It begs the serious question about passages like Matthew 19:24…

    “And again I say to you that it is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.”

    When there is absolutely no suffering poverty, famine, disease, or adequate healthcare for all adults and children domestically and around the world, then MAYBE… just maybe a luxurious unnecessary Gulfstream V-Jet is useful for ALL church members to utilize for charities. 🙄😩

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  4. Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Gulfstream V jet
    My friends all fly Cessnas, I must make amends
    Schemed hard all my lifetime, with help from my friends
    So Lord, won’t you buy me a Gulfstream V jet.

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  5. Previous comment: “…do you somehow think that the likes of Hagen, Copeland, Benny Hill, Popoff, etc etc make the scriptures untrue?”

    Nope. These people are only evidence that millions of believers are very gullible. It’s entirely unrelated to whether the scriptures are true.

    Here’s how I know the Bible isn’t true: It contradicts itself *repeatedly*. Some of it literally MUST be false.

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        • Maybe so carm, but at least I know my Maker.

          Love those sanctified ants. Without God in the mix, all men are but pests.


            • That’s right. Use your brain. Keep going. Back. Further. Further. No, further. There you go.

              The first two you know, unless you think people grew up just laying around on the ground like pumpkins waiting to be picked……

              Most two year olds know this.


            • Way 2 go nan. Another fine response when truth stares you in the face.

              Face it. God’s word settles all your petty gripes. But the real question is, what’s eating gilbert grape, as in, what’s your beef with scripture.

              We already know you do not like circus acts. Maybe you should study the life and times of Paul the apostle instead of Copeland.

              Why don’t you read what he had to say about bodies terrestrial and celestial. He has long dug Degrasses grave with true science.

              Then and only then will your complaints disappear.


  6. In my best Church Lady representation…”well, isn’t that convenient?”

    Religion is the greatest con ever perpetrated upon mankind. Period. Full stop. There are people so conned they cough up huge sums of $ for god. Err, the preacher, who represents god…? or something. One thing is for sure, god, I mean the preacher who as it happens, speaks for the god (isn’t that convenient?), needs money and a helluva lot of it.

    There are others who have bought the entire store. They have invested every ounce of their being into the con. They probably know deep down it’s a con, but with their entire existence poured into the con, they have no hope ever, of recovering any sense of normalcy, or what used to be their own sense of self. They haven’t just fell for the con, they have become the con. They just know it’s all true, the most truest true ever. (Except for tRumps true which is the biggest bigliest true) You see these folks, with their feeble little puffed up sense of superiority, hanging out and making snide ass remarks on other peoples blogs. 🙂

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    • For me as a young person way back when they lost me when they demanded every penny I could scrape together, yet they claimed their deity had streets of gold. Not that I believed before then, and certainly not after. I just never could understand how a deity that created everything including gold, diamonds, simply could create anything ever needed what little man made credit I had. Seemed totally heartless to me. I say that as when I was first initiated the couple that brought me into the church I belonged had nothing. After church they would share a large bowl of corn kernels. That was their meal. I once ran afoul of them because after church I bought, paid for, and gave them a few large pizzas. They thought that was so sinful. Yet it fed their dang family, two adults and three children when they would have gone hungry. I seen totally through their religion. Hugs

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        • Thanks Shelldigger, But I do not feel good about it. They were SDA and so anything on the sabbath was a no no. Including letting others buy them food. In their view it was their gods will they went hungry rather than accept a heathens buying and selling on their sabbath. I was so angry at times over this. Remember when this was going on I was just a teen. I was stuck between watching their three boys go hungry or attempt to help, for which I would be blamed. But I also need one of their wealthiest church members to get me out of my abusive home and to safety, the price was to be a member of the religion. Hard to know if I made the right choices. Hugs

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          • Our choices are often difficult, and leave us to wondering if we did the right thing. Sounds to me like you took the best option that was available and tried to make the best of it. A choice many would have made.

            I don’t know how we decide it was a good or bad decision later, when it seemed like a good call at the time. Sometimes we just do what we gotta do, when we gotta do it, and deal with the side effects later.

            Whatever Scottie may be, looks to me like he turned out a level headed straight shooter. That ranks pretty high in my book.

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  7. What I also find frightening, is the receptiveness of so many followers, and potential followers-to-be..
    But perhaps they did not fund those 6 (or 36, whatever) million dollars,- as I read in an article:***Jesus Bought Kenneth Copeland A Private Plane*** published by the Right Wing Watch. [].
    RWW is a Project of People for the American Way so they must be right, right?

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  8. Person of faith buys airplane with other people’s funds, “It’s for a noble cause,” they say. Single mom who works two jobs but still needs food stamps chooses the pricier organic milk, “Shame on her,” they say.

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    • To say the least, David Pflieger!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’ll look forward to seeing your name again. 🙂


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