Points Well Made

Following is a portion of a comment I just read on The Closet Atheist’s blog. Although the person (“Paul”) is responding to the blog writer’s post (Coming Out to My Mother, Part 2), he added some additional commentary that, to me, is excellent.

What saddens me to no end is how good people, well-meaning human beings, are led to invest a life-time of effort and often no small amount of their earnings to support a belief that comes to us from the ancient, tribal world of Canaan and those desperate Israelites, who were besieged, conquered, enslaved and beaten and who, out of those horrid times, penned a chronicle of survival–a good deal of which is pure fiction to shore up a world of misery and defeat.

I suggest you click on the above link and read the rest of what this person has to say. I have a hunch you’ll agree.

6 thoughts on “Points Well Made

  1. Yes, so true. I read through a bit of her blog and then went to Paul’s. . .sigh. . two more excellent blogs that I should subscribe to but I have too many already! 😦
    That’s the trouble with this blogging pastime/ obsession – I just can’t seem to find an end to the tendrils . ..

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    • Well, for those of us who are too old and crotchety to do much else, blogs tend to become an important part of our lives. But I do understand that grandkids tend to take up a bit of one’s time. 😛

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