Is Satan Real?

Off and on in my wanderings through the blogosphere, I’ve come across comments related to SATAN and his role in Christianity.  Based on the extensive research I did for my book, I’ve discovered many (if not most) people have incorrect perceptions about this “evil entity.” So, as a “public service” 🙂 , I decided to clear the air and share what I learned.

But before I do, I would like input from everyone who reads this post — especially Christians (whether active or lapsed) — to give me your view of SATAN.

  • Is he a rebellious, fallen angel?
  • Was he originally created by Yahweh?
  • Is he presently at war with God?
  • Was he embodied in the serpent?
  • How much power does he have?
  • Does he have demons to assist him in his “work?”
  • Is he able to “possess” people and make them do crazy and weird things?

Please don’t limit yourself to just these examples. If you see SATAN in some other way, don’t hesitate to share your viewpoint.

Then, I’d like you to go a step further …

WHY do you believe what you do? Can you back it up with scripture? Or are your beliefs simply a result of Sunday School teachings? Or perhaps your ideas are based on things you heard growing up? Even if you don’t believe he exists, what have you heard/read/been taught about him?

After I get input from as many people as possible, I’ll write a post and share what I learned in my research.

P.S. Please do not include anything you may have read in my book about SATAN as this information will be shared in a follow-up post. What I’m seeking is how you saw him before you read the book. Thanks!

61 thoughts on “Is Satan Real?

  1. If you mean that guy in the White House, with initials DJT, then he’s real.

    Looking back to my days as a Christian (roughly my teenage years), I was always doubtful of Satan. The Bible does not give a coherent account.

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      • It’s a bit hard to remember what I was taught, especially since I didn’t take it seriously. My pastor did not talk much about Satan.

        I seem to recall that Satan ruled over Hell, and was the serpent in the Adam & Eve story. However, I always thought the Adam & Eve story was fiction. So I don’t actually have much of a picture of Satan.

        Yes, I heard bits about Lucifer as fallen angel. But most of that, I got third hand (indirectly).

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  2. I loved the book Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice. Here is the character description of the Devil from Wikipedia

    Memnoch the Devil – The fallen angel of legend also known as Satan or Lucifer. He has long defied God in asking why humans should suffer and not immediately be placed in Heaven. Because of these questions and other actions that he makes, he alleges that he is put in charge of preparing the souls for their ascent into Heaven. Memnoch’s domain thus serves as a place of punishment that will eventually earn access to Heaven. He may have sinister ulterior motives.

    From what I remember of the book, the Memnoch claims he was working for humans and trying to protect and help them, God did not like what he was doing on mankind’s behalf and so turned him into a monster looking creature but he still tries to do his best to help. He is claiming to be terrible maligned and misunderstood.

    For me I can not take the idea of a Satan seriously. I just believe the idea of the devil I was taught in church and see on TV / movies is really silly. It makes no sense, and the devil has no real gain. Hugs

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    • So the question I’m asking is … what were you taught in church and what did you see on TV and movies about Satan? Did any of it fit the descriptions listed in my post? Or something else?

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      • Pretty much. No one talked about position much, but always it was a demon or devils fault for tempting you if you strayed or did something wrong. The world was filled with evil which was the work of the devil and his demons ( all fallen angels ) and they tried to spread more evil because they hated god, were jealous of him. The devil was real and hated humans, and hell was real and you would burn there while the devil laughed and enjoyed your torment.

        I was taught that after the devil had his time on earth ruling his kingdom of evil people, god would come back with his shining city, which would destroy all the bad people and Satan and all the good people would raise and live happy ever after with their man crush Jesus. As best I as I can remember, it was a long time ago, I did not really pay attention to the bible stuff, and have forgotten most of those days. Hugs

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        • The stories you were told pretty much sum up the general teachings related to Satan. Did anyone along the way ever tell you exactly how Satan came to be? It’s possible this was never addressed, but if you can remember anything, I’d love for you to share it. 🙂

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          • He was a powerful angel who challenged God’s authority and wanted to rule instead of God. Then God threw him and all those angels that were with him on his side in to the pit, which was then hell. Some would talk about the devil chained in the pit and not able to leave but his spirit could and his demons could. They were both real and spirit. Hugs

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  3. I don’t believe Satan exists for the same reasons why I don’t believe God exists. However, ancient stories and texts about “angels” and “demons” warrants some investigation because they occur in many different and diverse cultures and religions.

    Also, I’d like to offer a related question. If Satan doesn’t exist, then does evil exist? For example, Hitler was as bad as anyone in human history. But, can the entirety of his life be attributed to “pure evil;” or, was his abhorrent badness the result of complex physiological and psychological circumstances?

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  4. From my recollection the Satan or the devil was the bad part, where God was obviously supposed to be the good part. Every action has a reaction and of course the idea of Satan and hell is the ideal opposition to God and heaven.

    This yin and yang thing I believe is standard throughout all religions because they are of course man-made religions by naturally superstitious humans who could not understand how and why natural scientific events happened. They could not blame the good god for the bad events so they naturally needed a fall guy.

    Obviously, I was taught in Sunday school that Satan was real and a fallen angel and is able to possess you if you did not allow God into your heart.

    I was only a kid at the time, but I do remember almost falling of my chair with disbelief in God and even more amazed when an adult claimed with a straight face that Satan really existed, and I can believe I would have bottled up my laughter as I often did because I did not want to appear rude. What did disturb me was the fact that some of these kids actually thought all this stuff was true.

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  5. Hello Nan,

    I spent a few years in Catholic school (long story), so I’ll try to dredge up what I remember.

    To the nuns, Satan/Lucifer/The Evil One was certainly real. One of them even went to great lengths to never say the name, fearing she might inadvertently invoke Him (enter the troublesome skeptic pre-teen/teenager.. oh dear).

    Yes, he was a fallen angel. One of the brightest, most beautiful ones. Who, for reasons I don’t remember but were obviously part of god’s plan, rebelled against his creator (pesky me: “But if it’s god’s plan, Luci.. sorry sister, well, he’s doing what he’s supposed to, right? Can you run that by me again?”)

    He was originally created by the Big Boss, and is presently at war. Big, horrible war over the souls of pesky teens. (“Holy Anna, Frank and Johnny, I’m a battleground. Like being 13 isn’t a rough enough time already. Wait, what, I’m having a rough time because the good and bad guy are fighting over me? Boy, I’m important! But I still wish they’d knock it off…”)

    He was the serpent (shapeshifter or just possessed the poor little thing, can’t remember) and that, dear children, is how we know he tempts the innocent. Like you. Tempting, tempting you to be naughty (“Sister, are you quite alright? You seem to be getting hot under that habit…” – “You must RENOUNCE the Evil One!” – “Consider him renounced. Seriously, are you OK?”)

    He had power alright, but only as much as Big Boss permitted, which was tied in with the Free Will thing. So, he could tempt you, but something had to give on your end. No evilizing the good, clean, righteous girl against her will. And he didn’t have to show up in person, either (no micromanaging I suppose) because he had legions of other fallen angels who had joined his Resistance. With ranks. From Archangels and Dukes of the Fallen all the way down to regular Private Grunt of the Fallen (no, that one did not go over well. But I seriously wanted to know whether I was important enough to warrant a bigwig Fallen…)

    He, or rather his minions, definitely could possess people, but that was a serious affair. Like, Grand Exorcist serious (no, not the movie). And you had to be willing, in some shape or form. Give yourself to the Dark Side in exchange for power, or something. This is where it got fuzzy for me again, and yes, my Star Wars references went over as well as the other questions. No, don’t bother sister, I know the way to the principal’s office.

    What I knew, I knew from the nuns. What I believed … that’s another matter. The guy with horns and hoof was just plain idiotic. The idea of a “Dark Side of the Force” seemed plausible enough, though what it would want with giggling teenage girls remained beyond me (Then again, some of those girls could have enlisted in Evil Army and been promoted to arch-Sergeant on the spot).
    Even the army of fallen angels had a certain appeal – in a “Wow, great story!” kind of way. Epic battle of good and evil! With popcorn!
    Toss in majestic buildings with candles and colored windows, haunting songs and fantastic costumes, the trance- like states of litany … you’re in the story. For a while, at least.
    Then you step out of the church and slip on dog poop and it’s like you read a really good book and for a while you were in there, with the characters .. but now real life is demanding your attention. Bugger.

    I guess I was never meant to be in that story.

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  6. Nan, what I learned (in the Baptist church, where I went when I was a kid) was that Satan was a fallen angel, who was cast into Hell because he was in disfavour with God. In fact, we learned that God hated Satan and so should everyone else. The lesson being – don’t get into disfavour! As an adult attending the United Church, Satan was rarely mentioned. In fact, many ministers we had poo-pooed the idea of Satan, stating that ‘you can’t scare people into behaving’.
    I also share the ideas of several above commenters – there’s no such thing as evil. There are definitely nasty things that happen, but I believe those things are a result of ‘faulty wiring’ in someone’s brain. When our kids were being brought up, I didn’t like to hear the word ‘hate’, either. To me, that is a very strong emotion (too strong!) and I always wanted the kids to say, ‘dislike’. I notice that they have carried that on with the grandchildren. 🙂

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    • Sorry to be a bit off-topic, because I feel the urge to tell Carmen, that I have a similar strong dislike of a word that is also misused all over the world, namely “hunger”. During the WWII, I have lived in a Japanese-occupied country (Indonesia). Fortunately not in a concentration camp, but life outside the camps was very tough as well. Although we had the privilege of not having missed a meal in all those years, we learned to say “appetite” instead. This is such a beautiful word and, moreover, it sounds so cheerful: who can wish someone else ‘bon appétit’ without a smile?

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  7. Well nan, since I am on your short list of favorite customers…………you probably would appreciate my take, but first a better question back atcha:

    If you do not even give God the courtesy of existing in the world He created, then how could you possibly be prepared for that which speaks to utter blindness and deception? just sayin.


  8. In all my years in that life and its many circles, churches, ministries, etc, on 4 different continents, mainly N. America, anything that was NOT soundly or exhaustively biblically-based — including manifestations of biblically verifiable works of the Holy Spirit — were always inside this realm’s, this world’s Satanic arena. In other words, these few examples I’ll list below were usually the “works,” the “subtle trickery” of Satan:

    • Any Scientific Evolution that doesn’t align with biblical creationism.

    • Music & Fine Art that does not clearly ‘glorify’ God and Christ.

    • Exegesis of (Canonical) Scripture that cannot be corroborated with several other OT & NT passages.

    • Any science that begins to “play God,” e.g. stem-cell studies/cures or the Higgs Boson studies/discoveries, etc.

    • Any and all non-Christian religions, secularism, or ideologies not recognizing Christ’s complete work.

    • Anything not pro-Life, not strictly heterosexual, or not monogamous = Satan.

    • Any accolades or achievements in sports not giving credit to God/Christ, i.e. like Tim Tebow and a gazillion other highly visible athletes taking those liberties.

    Hence, Satan pretty much RULES much/most of this Earth and its activities. Without the Greco-Roman-Canonical-Biblical-Christ you have no hope of avoiding hell on Earth or Hell in the afterlife. LOL 🤣🤫

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    • Professor, what was the taught definition of Satan from your religious experience? I recall from Catholic school that Satan was usually referred to as “the devil,” an angel who had turned against the goodness of God and became an evil creature (a pure spirit, but not omnipotent). The juxtaposition of good versus evil was central in the Catholic view. This is what Pope John Paul II said in 1987 during a visit to the Sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel:

      “The battle against the devil, which is the principal task of Saint Michael the archangel, is still being fought today, because the devil is still alive and active in the world. The evil that surrounds us today, the disorders that plague our society, man’s inconsistency and brokenness, are not only the results of original sin, but also the result of Satan’s pervasive and dark action.”

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      • Professor, what was the taught definition of Satan from your religious experience?

        A note for those here not aware of my 12-year deconversion from Christianity, I adamently no longer believe in ANY Christian tenets, history, or teachings. That stated…

        There are some similar crossovers with Catholicism and Reformed Theology. In most RT seminaries Satan, though created by God, is a finite creature, fallen angel, and evil-spirit(s). Satan is no match for God, however, because in God’s omniscience and omnipotence He uses “the Devil” for His own glorifying ends. How exactly He does this we can never precisely know because He wants us to MARVEL (in faith) at His omniscience and omnipotence in the end. Sort of like a Magician seeks from his/her audience, but will never give up their “secrets” of wonderment! LOL 😵

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        • To put it another way Robert, as do most ALL Christian denominations the controversy of Good vs. Evil and how an omniscient, omnipotent God creates this Evil, uses it, manipulates it, and decrees what it can and cannot do…

          the Goal-posts will never ever be permanently fixed. They will always align with His moving, fluid, wishes upon His creatures and creation! We are basically just pawns/puppets for His amusement! LOL 😮

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    • Prof … just want to be sure … are you listing the ways YOU see Satan or are you providing the academic view? If they coincide, fine, but what I’m really looking for is your personal viewpoint (when you “believed”).

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      • Great question Nan! My answer therefore will be in two parts:

        1) — There are approx. 37.2 trillion cells in an average human body. There are approx. 8.7 million organisms just on Earth with their billions or trillions of cells. According to Adam Frank (University of Rochester) and Woody Sullivan (University of Washington) who in 2016 reframed or modified the Drake Equation, and theorized that “the odds that we’re the only advanced species in the galaxy are one in 60-billion!” From Smithsonian’s Air & Space Museum magazine:

        This leads [Frank and Sullivan] to conclude that there should be other advanced technological civilization out there, unless the chance for developing such a civilization on a habitable planet in the observable universe is less than 1 in 10 to the 24th power (a 1 with 24 zeros!). For our own Milky Way galaxy, the odds of being the only technologically advanced civilization are 1 in 60 billion. Thus, it’s very likely that other intelligent, technologically advanced species evolved before us. Even if only one in every million stars hosts a technologically advanced species today, that would still yield a total of about 300,000 such civilizations in the whole galaxy.

        How many of those cells can we cognitively “control” in our bodies? How many outside of our own bodies can we control? Measure that (miniscule!) “control” of our own 37.2 trillion cells (HAH!) to all the cells within 8.7 million living organisms on Earth, then multiply that to perhaps approx. 300,000 civilizations of living organisms on other planets JUST IN OUR OWN MILKY WAY GALAXY… and I believe one determines this: What difference does it make what I personally think/believe about Satan? LOL 😉 😛

        2) — But if I must give a personal viewpoint Nan, 😉 knowing what I know and have experienced firsthand in human neurology, endocrinology, biology, and psychology from my years in the Psych/A&D rehab field along with basic knowledge of Quantum Physics/Mechanics, our individual human perceptions and to an extent our group-collective of human interpretations of group perceptions are extremely infantile, ignorant, and crude in light of 7.5+ billion humans on Earth, in our 1 tiny solar system within this VAST Milky Way galaxy along with some 200-billion other galaxies (bigger & smaller) we’ve so far discovered… Satan, as our Medieval Age taught the Church and church members, is completely mislabelled and grossly maligned. Why? Control by fear. When church and state are essentially aligned or are one entity, the masses are controlled and utilized. The Medieval “Satan” is a human fabrication born out of mass ignorance and very poor education.

        Does that answer your question Nan? 🤩

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        • Nope. You’re still being academic. Sorry, Prof. I know it’s in your genes, but what I’m looking for is a simple … “When I was a Christian, this is what I was taught and believed about Satan.” See the list in my post for “hints.”

          Also … as a reminder, this post is not about good and evil. It’s strictly about Satan.

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          • Oh. Sorry Nan. 🙂 I guess we think of Satan/evil in or thru different lenses. Yes, I can see how my viewpoint appears heavily academic. I’ll accept that. But since I’ve never met live and in-person a creature named “Satan” — as popular folklore describes it, tells it, or paints it — any of my teachings or beliefs about Satan and its byproducts will be academic, hearsay, OR from my clinical years of Psych/A&D individual delusions, hallucinations, ignorance, naivety, major fear/paranoia and my education in the medical fields I listed above and their manifested dysfunctions. Therefore, since I’ve never met or seen (as a spectator) “Satan,” I guess I have nothing to contribute. LOL 😛

            But evil behavior? Sure. Apologies for my confusion Nan. ❤

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          • Btw, has ANYONE (dead or alive) ever met face-to-face, live in-person a creature/being named “Satan”? I’m very curious to hear/read those cases and then whether the live meeting involved eyewitnesses too and how many eyewitnesses and their relationship WITH the Satan-meeter. 😲😁

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  9. I was taught that the devil was a deceiver. The image of horns and a tale with claws and fangs was invented by him. While wearing his business suit. It rings a little true. If you really want to get ripped off it’s from the nicely dressed man, while the beggar and the bum get all the infamy.

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  10. I was never taught anything about Satan. Not in the strictest sense of ”taught”.
    Of course, the image one normally has in such circumstances is the one popularized by the church and the media. I am sure Al Pacino isn’t really the Devil and I am almost certain he/she doesn’t wear Prada.

    You may recall Wally once wrote that Satan was my father, which rather amused my dad when I told him. My, mother did acknowledge that my dad could be an old devil at times but I sensed over the phone she was sporting a mischievous smile as she said it.

    He was also supposed to be a fallen angel, Lucifer, I read about this later in life, and of course disguised as the snake in the garden.

    Just nonsense.
    It is difficult for me to consider this as anything but nonsense as I was never a proper Christian in the sense most of you were so it never crossed my mind to blame the Devil for me reading Playboy as a teenager.

    But it must get very crowded inside most devout Christians, as once you have allowed Jesus to enter you there cannot be much more than elbow-room if the Devil is already there, right?

    It is unfortunate we will not get to read Branyan’s take. Maybe he will read and do a post in his inimitable hilarious style?

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  11. Satan is an angel who defied the god somehow, was cast out of heaven, and relegated to the hell at some point? There he continues to tempt mankind into sin. Or some such crap.

    I find it all as believeable as virgin births, talking snakes (the debil himself), and a guy living in a whale for 3 days. I think someone decided the story needs a bad guy.

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    • Exactly, shelldigger. Yin and Yan, as someone above said. As our good old buddy Arch once said, those biblical tales rival even that of the Grimm Brothers.

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    • >>> “I think someone decided the story needs a bad guy.”

      Bingo! Demonization is a time-honored tactic for those seeking to further their agendas surreptitiously by focusing attention and blame onto someone or something else. Hitler created the specter of “the Jew,” capitalist imperialists created the wicked image of communism, neocons equated Muslims with terrorism, and Trump has exploited latent bigotry and racism to demonize ethnic immigrants. What better way for Christians to lure “heathens” into the fold than by instilling fear of the ultimate evil (Satan) whom only God can protect them from?

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  12. Between him and son-of-Satan (above) it made for hilarity at times!

    Nan – not off topic, as I DID mention the old bad boy himself. 😉
    And CS, I would think you’d realize that the reason none of us believe in the concept of any kind of devil is because we don’t believe the tale of the invisible overseer, either.

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  13. I didn’t know of any Christian who believed in the existence of a literal Satan until my son joined a fundamentalist church.

    As a child and teenager when I attended Sunday school and later bible class for a while, the devil/Satan, hell, eternal damnation etc was never mentioned. From memory most instruction was focused on interpreting and understanding the Golden Rule as expressed by Jesus.

    From time to time I’ve attended church services for various reasons and belief in the existence of Satan and demons and a vengeful God seems to mainly restricted to findamentalist/evangelical churches – a small section of Christianity around here.

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  14. I was taught that the devil’s primary goal was to instill doubt about our beliefs until we eventually abandon our faith. So, looking at it from the Christian perspective, I guess they were right. 🙂

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  15. Nan, no one can deny that evil exists in the world. As individuals, we can battle daily with our inclinations or temptations to do evil. So, for me, Satan is the personification of the Evil Force on Earth that drives humankind to oppress, exploit, torture, and kill each other. I know not the origin of this Evil Force, but imagine that one day all will be revealed to us.

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    • So, Rosaliene, does this mean you believe Satan is an actual entity?

      I understand that many associate Satan with “Evil,” but Christians tend to believe (or have been taught) he is a real “being.” What I’m looking for is how did this being come about? Did God create him? Was he an angel that turned bad?

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      • Nan, if the gods of our ancient ancestors were real beings from another galaxy, then Satan could well be an actual entity. As I said, one day the truth will be revealed. Until then, I only have my own unproven beliefs about what or who may be the Evil Force at work in our world.

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  16. Nan: “Did God create him?”

    I was never taught that God created angels. I use to ask that question in relation to the 6-day creation story. No one could tell me where in the 6-days God created his angels.

    I learned that Satan use to be Lucifer, the bright morning star. God’s favourite angel. One day Lucifer got a little/a lot? jealous of God’s power and decided to challenge God. God got wind of it and banished Lucifer to the earth along with one third of the angels who took Lucifer’s side. Poof to earth. Now Satan, the arch enemy of God.

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  17. I didn’t grow up in church, so my early views on “Satan” or “the devil” was merely from movies or literature, most of which seem to paint a fairly coherent picture of this alleged being — was once an angel, rebelled against God (reasons differ), cast into Hell along with other angels, tempted Adam and Eve (and Jesus), and now is in charge of tormenting lost souls. Personally, I prefer the more humorous takes, like you might see in Little Nicky or Dogma.

    But I recently read the Bible, and almost none of this stuff is in there. Adam and Eve were tempted by an animal, not a devil. The word “satan” in the book of Job turns out to be the word “adversary” or “accuser” and isn’t capitalized in the original text — doesn’t seem to be a name. In the story of King David’s census (which resulted in God killing 70,000 innocent people), one account says GOD told him to do it, and the other says SATAN told him to do it. From this, you could gather that Satan and God are the same person (if you believed the Bible, which I don’t). The Old Testament never mentions a Hell or a devil in charge of it.

    I also found the verses in the prophets where Christians get the “cast out of Heaven” idea, but all of them are referring to real-live people on Earth at the time, such as the King of Babylon. None of them refer to a Satan or Devil.

    The New Testament is different, and refers to “the devil and his angels” a few times, but it’s FAR from a coherent description like we see in movies or books.

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    • You recently “read the bible” and discovered none of the stuff you’d heard/read/seen was there. Good for you!

      This is exactly why so many have a thwarted view of Satan … they don’t “read the bible.”

      Stay tuned. You may learn even more in my next post about Satan (still in process).

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  18. Probably the most I learned, in any discipline sense, about Satan was through the classroom study of Milton’s epic poem, “Paradise Lost.” I also remember one professor telling us and rightfully so that Milton believed every word. Essentially that Satan rebelled against the iron rule of God; after a hopeless heavenly battle, Satan and his followers were blasted over the western wall by none other than Jesus! He fell through Chaos and Ancient Night only to land in Hell, especially created by God. There he delivers great speeches. “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven!” He manages to find his way to earth where he subverts God’s plan to replace the fallen angels with a new breed of folk. God’s plan is to raise Adam and Eve and their immortal progeny”by degree” to Paradise. Satan foils that show, and it’s downhill from there! I remember one wonderful essay that posited God as the tragic hero of Paradise Lost. Nothing he does comes out right. Ha! Plus he’s boring as hell. Whereas we college juniors, LOVED Satan, as did Byron one hundred fifty years before us.

    What bothers me the most now-a-days is the Christian use of the word “enemy” to identify their notion of Satan or the devil who roams about looking for weak Christians. He is the enemy! “The enemy is all around us,” they declare. “Everywhere!” At the same time you hear the word “enemy” describing terrorists, and we should be on the look out for them as well. And of course terrorists are who? Folks from the Middle East. Well, it ain’t a big leap to go from Satan the enemy to the enemy is Islam, and God wants us to destroy the enemy: Satan, a.k.a., Islam and if T-rump has anything to do with it…anybody from a country where dark-skinned folks live.

    I’m so glad to find this blog. Thank you for your “like” on my comment to The Closet Atheist. She’s a great friend of mine. And now I’ve met you! Good things can still happen. 🙂

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  19. Hi Nan. Your post made me interested in your content. What do your book says about Satan? Is he real? Is he merely a scapegoat for our deeds? I think post would help you go further and learn something new. Visit my blog: or to read the review on the book The Birth of Satan. Hope you like it.


    • Robert, I was unable to access either your blog or your website. If either are still active, please leave another comment and provide valid information on how to view your site(s). I will respond to your questions after I hear back from you.


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