UFOs, Space Aliens, and Other Weird Stuff

In a recent post on The Secular Jurist, Bob addressed what he called a “taboo” topic — UFOs.

I started to leave a comment, but after I got started, I found I had too much to say and decided to write this post. Besides, it’s a topic I’ve never touched on before. Breaks the monotony of religion and politics. 🙂

Other than “Ancient Aliens” (*gag*), pretty much any program/movie that revolves around UFOs, alien visits, and space travel has been my cup of tea for as long as I can remember — and the Star Trek series was my absolute #1 Favorite (especially Star Trek: The Next Generation). Even to this day, I search regular TV channels, as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime, for anything that deals with humans “going where no man has gone before.” 🙂

HOWEVER … as for the possibility that real UFO/aliens exist? Hmmm. Not so sure.

Bob asked in his post, “what is so scary about UFOs?” IMO, any “fear” that exists (at least among the general public) is directly related to how the entertainment industry has depicted the topic. Nearly every one of them portrays alien visitors as “out to get us.”

But let’s ignore Hollywood and say there are species living on distant worlds.  What would they really be like? From my perspective, I think it highly unlikely they would be anything like us. For earth’s conditions to be “duplicated” just seems too remote of a possibility to me.

(But, God …)

Bob also included information about an incident that took place some 15 years ago. Apparently, a Navy pilot saw an object flying around a patch of white water in the ocean below his plane. He reported that it moved rapidly and began to mirror his aircraft as he pursued it.  Then suddenly it vanished. He said it was unlike anything he had ever seen.

Obviously, I wasn’t there, but I tend to lean towards it being some kind of natural phenomenon. It’s not that I doubt the intelligence or eyesight of the pilot, but from his description,  it just doesn’t seem “outer-space” feasible to me. But who knows? Maybe the people at the Pentagon Space Program will discover more than has been revealed thus far.

What are your thoughts? Do you have suspicions we are being (or have been) visited by inhabitants from other worlds? Are UFOs more than just “unidentified flying objects”? And what about crop circles? Or other odd formations on the planet that have been seen from space?

Are you a bound-by-earth human or do you have other-world imaginings?

75 thoughts on “UFOs, Space Aliens, and Other Weird Stuff

  1. IMO we have UFO’s because of the unidentified part. It does take the fun out of it if you find out what you seen. As for E.T.’s coming to visit I seriously doubt the would show up in person. Why bother going through all that time and trouble when they could send probes and landers and even just listen in on us. Besides for a lot of our time as humans we are now we have been seriously uninteresting. By the time we got interesting enough for the trouble to investigate us, do they know it yet? How long to prepare and then send a probe. If they are coming will they expect to see dinosaurs? I once thought maybe we had something they might want, then I found out water and other things here are in abundance all over the universe, so it is closer to them than our planet it. I also love the Star Treks, the Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and I just finished the whole series of Babylon 5 and the spin offs. Be well Nan, we may see it come to pass someday if we fund our science programs well enough. Hugs

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  2. Good point about how Hollywood depicts E.T.s, although their possible existence/visitations here on Earth was not the point of my editorial. My point was why can’t we discuss UFO sightings (i.e. Unidentified Flying Objects, not E.T.s) in a rational and empirical manner without jumping to conclusions (one way or the other) and without ridiculing the observers. Why is it that we must have strong preconceived opinions on this issue? What’s so wrong with admitting our ignorance?

    If I was face-to-face with the U.S. Navy F-18 commander cited in my editorial, the very last thing I would do is criticize his and his other pilots’ account of what they saw… because, I wasn’t there.

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  3. “Do you have suspicions we are being (or have been) visited by inhabitants from other worlds?”

    Is it NOT possible? Why would it NOT be possible? Are we to assume that Earthly Homo sapiens are the most advanced, most intelligent, and possess the most accurate sensory-receptive system (awareness, recognition, interpretating?) in the entire Cosmos!? Bwahahahaha!!! Right. 😛

    “Are UFOs more than just “unidentified flying objects”?”

    Why couldn’t they be? When has (most) humanity/science ever dejectedly admitted “We can never do it or achieve it“? Or “We can NEVER hope to understand it“? Really?

    “Are you a bound-by-earth human or do you have other-world imaginings?”

    HAH! I really REALLY don’t like limitations! I do not thrive in rigid, confinement, and routine mediocrity. I know it is exactly why I have always enjoyed working in the Psych/A&D field… where people and things are often unpredictable. NO! I WILL NOT THINK INSIDE YOUR TINY LITTLE BORING BOX!!! 😉 🤣 🤓

    Does that answer your questions Nan?

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    • I may have … don’t remember. Hmm … just looked it up on Google and read the description. Sounds a wee bit familiar. I’ll have to see if I can find it on Netflix, et al. — although I really prefer the movies that deal directly with “Space: The Final Frontier.” 😀

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  4. I’ve always felt that the the universe is so dumbfoundingly enormous, that the odds of life here being all there is, is remotely low. Given the number of galaxies, riddled with stars beyond count, each perhaps with its own solar sytem of possibilities, then multiply that host of possibilities by a vastly enormous number of galaxies right here in our observable part of the universe. Then extrapolate beyond the observable part to the depths of the universe we may never truly know the extent of. It is virtually impossible for life of some sort not to have happened elsewhere.

    However without some as of yet unknown system of space travel that is possible to cover these distances between the stars/galaxies we won’t be having good evidence for a while. But the mathematical probability of alien (to us) life is damn near inescapable.

    UFO’s is another subject altogether. I have seen a UFO once. In that I saw, as did a friend that was with me, an object that to this day defies logical possible explanation. Was it aliens? Doubtful. Was it a UFO, in my book yes. As I still have no idea what it could have been. I related the story over at the Divine Ones blog a while back. I would love to one day understand the identity of that object and be able to call it a IFO. (Identified Flying Object) …just so I can get it off my list of things to do.

    Another time, I did see something freaky that made the hair on my neck stand up. I was launching a boat at the river one day, and was talking to a few diver friends that were there, and something caught my eye. It was moving at fast clip and moving like nothing I had ever seen. I pointed to it and my buddies were all like wtf? Then I figured it out, someone had released a number of balloons that were still tied together. As they moved across the sky it was a moving mass that almost looked alive, with the balloons all moving independently, rising and falling, and continuing in a straight line of travel. NOT a UFO though, by any means. Freaky for a minute though… 🙂

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    • I agree entirely, more likely that not life exists elsewhere but sheer distances mean we are not likely to encounter that life.

      As a teenager in the 1970’s I was really into Chariot of the God’s and the like. But I since concluded that with modern technology if aliens were really visiting us we would have had some conclusive evidence by now.

      But then again:

      Teasers are usually rich kids with nothing to do. They cruise around looking for planets which haven’t made interstellar contact yet and buzz them.

      They find some isolated spot with very few people around, then land right by some poor soul whom no one’s ever going to believe and then strut up and down in front of him wearing silly antennae on their heads and making beep beep noises.

      Rather childish really.

      (from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

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  5. Human knowledge constantly pushes the frontiers of science. Who knows if we will ever reach the end of space, and where would that happen? I cannot imagine a final frontier. with or without aliens. Paraphrasing a well-known saying, the sky is NOT the limit.

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  6. All we have is a sample size of one. We know life developed in this solar system. It’s difficult to extrapolate from that small sample. But I think — given the sheer number of stars — that it’s nearly certain life happened elsewhere too.

    But we will probably never know. It could have been bacterial life that was later destroyed by planetary collision. It could have been millions of life forms that never developed electronic communication or space travel, survived for billions of years, and then died away. But even if massive sentient civilizations sprung up on every 100th planet in the universe, what are the chances that any of us would ever meet the other?

    Humans have had space travel for what, 50 years? And we’ve been broadcasting signals into space for less than 100. We don’t know how long civilizations last. Ours is pretty young. If the average civilization lasts 100,000 years, each one could end before the next one on another planet rises up.

    And even if we all existed at the same time, none of us knows how to travel to meet the other ones.

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  7. In all of human history, encounters between more technologically advanced societies and those less haven’t gone well for the folks in the less. We typically didn’t even count the lesser society as being made up of “humans like us.”

    I would be very, very cautious if we were to encounter an intelligent species from another place.

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  8. Do people sometimes see things in the sky, and not know what they are? Of course. But the people who make the fewest reports of unidentified things? Amateur astronomers. People who spend a ton of time looking at the sky, but are more likely to be able to identify what they see. If the sky were really buzzing with aliens, the astronomers should see the most UFO’s, not the least.

    My take on this is that space is big. Really big. Mind-bendingly enormous. And the area of space where there would be any indication that there is intelligent life on our planet is really small, so the odds of our having been noticed are miniscule. And, with our current understanding of the possibility of space travel, the amount of time and effort required for interstellar travel is colossal. So why would an alien civilization put forth all the effort to build a ship and travel for years just to come to this uninteresting place and abduct a few farmers for anal probes? Makes no sense. (People having sleep paralysis hallucinations, and interpreting them as “abductions” is a far more likely explanation.)

    On the other hand, suppose something like warp drive is possible. Any race that is advanced enough to travel across interstellar space with technology like that is advanced enough not to be seen if they don’t want to be. So if they are travelling like that, either we won’t see them at all, or we will all know about it when they show up. None of this “I saw a mysterious light in the sky” nonsense.

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  9. One thing I keep reminding myself is that life may be on other planets but not sentient. Look at how long the dinosaurs and that kind of life were around without building one computer. They lived, died, had fun, terrorised the neighbors but never felt the need to build one city or pyramid. Hugs

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    • Life on other planets is probably mostly not even multicellular. On earth, we’ve had multicellular life for maybe 500 million years, but there’s evidence of life going back at least 3.5 million years, I think. Given that ratio, we’d expect 85% of the life we find out there to be just bacterial. And the existence of sentience on our planet is just a tiny flicker at the end of that 500 million years. Unless sentience is such a good survival strategy that it endures for a long time after it emerges (and I’m not convinced of that), I’d expect that almost every instance of life we find on other planets is non-sentient.

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      • Astrophysicist here. The calculation is more complicated than that. There are much older stars than our Sun. The lifetime of a star is inversely related to its size; big stars have a shorter lifespan. Our Sun is a medium-sized star.

        The current theory about the evolution of life on a planet requires that the planet’s orbit lie in the “Goldilocks zone”; not too close to its star and not too far away. Life is thought to require a stable atmosphere, liquid water, and a low enough surface temperature for chemical bonds to form.

        But the Goldilocks zone varies because the temperature of a star is related to its size.

        A cooler star would need its planets to be closer in to support life. But the star will live longer, so life will have a longer interval to evolve.


        • IMO, we too often discuss “life” as being similar to our own. We have no way of knowing if living creatures exist on faraway planets under conditions that are not even remotely similar to ours (i.e., the “Goldilocks zone”).

          It is, of course, natural for us to consider/desire/project any life that might exist as being similar to humans. But …

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          • I don’t think it’s human vanity that led us to those conclusions. One of the basic assumptions of science is that physical laws are the same everywhere. So chemistry is chemistry and physics is physics. Any “biological” life form will have to conform to the rules. To develop initially and to evolve, a biological system has to be stable and reproducible in a quite consistent way. So likely life anywhere is going to involve molecules stuck together in some configuration that can replicate itself. Pure energy with no physical matter is random and unorganized. Living systems are rigidly organized.

            The Universe is wildly mysterious and amazing. But everything we have observed, and we have observed pretty close to the Big Bang, has been consistent with known physical laws. Even many of the bizarre predictions of General Relativity and quantum mechanics have already been confirmed with observations.

            And that all life will require water seems like a very safe bet too. Water is darn near magical. Its structure gives it properties that no other liquid displays. That its solid form is less dense than its liquid form is what allowed life to evolve. If ponds and lakes and seas froze from the bottom up, all life would have died every winter.


            • I do NOT doubt science and its MANY discoveries about the universe. However, I still think much of what we have learned/discovered is human-based thinking. And yes, technically that’s all we have — and for the most part, it’s been proven to be quite accurate. At least to our human knowledge.

              For example, those “known physical laws” are based on human studies/thinking/discoveries. WHAT IF there is an entirely different way of seeing things by beings that might exist billions of light-years away?

              Just stretching the imagination a bit, that’s all.


  10. Nan-

    All so called UFO stuff have answers. Sorry to say, the earth is ‘unique’ in this thing called life.

    (As to the other place, I sent you a wrong referral. Sorry bout that. Was supposed to be the post on ‘vileness.’ A good read. Check it out.)


      • As to your 2nd point, ok

        As to the 1st, a fair question to be sure, let’s just say it’s an educated guess, based on the words and deeds of One who knows more than me; as a matter of fact, He knows everything.

        Apparently the waters above (broken today aka clouds) create a lensing effect, similar to what Bill Nye so foolishly ignores when he says ships disappear over the horizon because the water is bent!!!!!!) and distorts opinions to the nines; this is why men think they can walk upside down like ants on a ceiling…………

        Therefore…………apparently men did not get the memo that humans are not insects. So yeah, I’m not impressed at all with so called scientists who think the sun, moon, and stars are mere results of cosmic serendipity. The scriptures have much to say what is above and beyond, but why bother explaining, if people are lost as fog as to the earth itself.


          • Nan oh nano, let me count thy ways…..

            Since the stars were created AFTER the earth….

            Since the temporary sun and moon were created as lights AFTER the earth…..

            Since Night and Day are FOR the earth………

            Since He holds ALL things together by His word………..

            Since God so loved the world………(this earth and seas)

            Since the heavens declare His glory………..

            Since the earth is His fulness……….

            Since I could do this all day……but don’t have time. 😉

            Are you beginning to see a pattern?

            Of course, this is my take on the thing, and others more well read happen to agree.


          • I can’t spoon feed you nan.

            I connected the dots for you. It’s ok if you don’t believe it. If I cited you a hundred more texts……..honestly, would it mater?


            • I have strong misgivings about continuing this conversation, but you are still missing the point. My question has absolutely nothing to do with my “belief.” And the “texts” you provided are irrelevant to the question I’m asking. So let’s try one more time.

              Please provide from your Holy Book where it states that life is unique to this planet. If you are unable to do this, rest assured no one will hold it against you.


            • It’s ok nan, many people have misgivings. After all, God and His word have yet to lose an argument.

              As to uniqueness of life, of course the earth is one of a kind. The stars, the sun and moon are LIGHTS for the earth.

              Are you getting this?


            • Oh yes. I’m getting it. But apparently you aren’t since you still have not provided chapter and verse from your Holy Book where “God” states that life is unique to this planet.


            • Chapter and verse nan? Hilarious.

              ALL God’s word is his breath.

              ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’

              Long before Darwin was in diapers nan. But if you don’t believe this…..then why in God’s creation would u be interested in ET”S??


            • Well we can agree on the well wishes for the holidays.

              Here is a bonus thought though for you to digest. Even when a man writes a book such as War and peace………….it usually takes more than one sentence to fill in the gaps…………

              That said…….God’s word is a rather large book where He explains things rather eloquently and adequately; here a little, there a little, line upon line….precept upon precept.

              The warp and woof according to Him…………is in fact, the earth and all its fulness is unique to creation. (I’ve told u that already upstream) And yes, it is there for the taking. Again, if I spoon feed you, you will remain hungry and unsatisfied. You need to feed yourself. Plenty of meat if you are willing.

              But merry Xmas.


        • Limit yourself to all of the ridiculous fables of yesteryear if you like. Most of us are moving on.

          Bill Nye is such a fool, lol. I would point my finger elsewhere. Most of this post is a display of such.

          He knows everything? That damn Santa better not have told anyone!

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          • How about if I said Nye is a clown? Happy now? Curved water at 3 miles out. Sheesh.

            The guy wouldn’t know true science if it was served on a plate. He is an embarrassment to common sense also.


            • Somebody help me out, is this person a flat earther? I mean I have heard of the handle, I kinda thought I knew what to expect, but this?

              Please tell me no, and I must have this all mixed up in my head or something. I’m stepping out for a drink, I’ll be back…


            • Do your own research shell………..

              Perhaps you have eye witness testimony that the earth has moved one inch?????

              Or are you relying on hearsay? How great must be your faith. hilarious.


            • The onus is on you shell to PROVE that the earth is guilty of your alleged preposterous offense.

              As for me, I don’t need a godless scientist to tell me that water always finds its own level.

              Maybe you need to check with Doctor Nye the science clown; maybe he can convince you.


            • So tell me, is the earth stationary and the sun revolves around it?

              Do you know what a German Equitorial Mount (GEM) is, what it does, and how it works? Do you know why it works?

              I have to prove nothing to such claims of idiocy. But thanks for the invitation. I’d rather break bricks over my noggin that try to convince a drooling flat earther, YEC, about the fundamental understandings of our solar system.

              Good grief I have heard of this one, never woulda thunk it was this bad. I have to say though that yes, water finds its level in a pan. That does not scale up for the same reason people don’t fly into space when they jump rope.

              Is this person for real or a very dedicated poe?

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            • Is this your first encounter with our “beloved” ColorStorm? Oh my. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

              I think he’s actually a frustrated poet with a religious bent. As to his doctrinal beliefs … your guess is as good as mine. Probably best to just take it all with a grain of salt. But wear your boots.

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            • I have heard the name, but never a head to head confrontation till now. Sad that I don’t want to do or say much, I feel it unseemly to engage one with so little to work with.

              This is a sad case of what can happen to people when they don’t have a working bullshit detector. Flat earther? How? I understand the indoctrination into religion, it is a system that manipulates emotion with lies and guilt. But to seriously accept the flat earth thing is bonkers. I am truly gobsmacked right now.

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            • Hello shelldigger. I have been around the pickle barrel with ColorStorm more times than I like to admit. I think he is a poe. I really do. I have doubts that anyone one could put forth the crazy stuff he does with writing style he has and be so stupid as to believe, no really think the things he puts out are real. No religious training would account for it. My last encounter with him will be my last, I have no desire to play his game, which is to draw you in and then try to get a rise out you you while he spouts silly nonsense as you work hard to explain things he must really already know. He laughs his Poe butt off each time he draws someone in and keeps them going with him. I won’t do it. Nan tried to be nice, I mean she really is nice to him, and he treats her the same deceitful rude way. Hugs

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            • Hey digs-

              If you are clueless as to WHO originated life, you are equally lost as fog regarding the Engineer WHO holds all things together, and by WHOM all things consist.

              But maybe you are an insect, and can walk upside down on a ceiling. The Creator has not given me that skill. lol

              I am well aware of science falsely so-called. I am also well aware of modern astronomical perversity.

              But here’s a bonus for you, and a clue. It’s called the trifecta of reason, truth, and facts.

              The compass, the plumb line, and the level. All speak the truth. Godlessness be damned.


            • (here ya go shell. Word for word, sent to your place for others to see)

              Evidence based shell? What do you know about EVIDENCE?

              Perhaps you have SEEN evidence that the earth walked a quarter mile to pick up a can of tuna………oh wait, you HEARD……………by others who ASSUMED………….who heard by others who SUPPOSED………..who agreed with others who ‘did the math……………….’ who pretended to ASSERT………that your so-called ball spins @ 1,040 mph, orbiting at an alleged 67,000 mph…………

              ………while not person has ONE drop of EVIDENCE…….but a thousand THEORIES……………that the earth is guilty of the highest crime.

              You crack me up. Evidence. A man who disavows the Creator, pretending to speak of Design…………

              Your so called evidence is about as useless as a dictionary without words.

              Gotta love the immoveable foundations of the earth, founded upon the floods………….as sure as true science testifies, and as sure as the good book so eloquently says.


            • Sure thing buddy. (wink wink)

              Nan, is there some sort of spray that works on these pests? He/she/it is trying to hijack one of blog my posts now. I need to know what works. 🙂

              Is there such a thing as personality disorder spray & go away? Or do you need to use the fly swatter and smash em good?

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            • Classic atheist answer. Ignore my instantaneous dismissal of your absurd views, and create a distraction……….

              Way to go. Make all atheists proud. I did well to post a copy of your call for EVIDENCE here. At least your friends can see how disingenuous you are.

              And you can ban my comments like most atheists do. At least nan gives me space, as I do her.

              But evidencebased reality? You are kidding right?


            • Some pests just won’t go away unless you get out the fly swatter. CS tends to be one of them. Most of my followers see him for what he is (a frustrated poet) and rarely respond — which would be my advice to you. If he’s buzzing around your blog, I suggest the highly effective Moderation Spray. 🙂

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            • I just bought the Moderation Hammer, I prefer it I think, over the spray just cuz I’m such a nice guy. lol

              One last remark to CS. Yes Nan is nice lady to let you do whatever it is you actually do here.

              I am neither. 🙂

              Frustrated poet? That isn’t what I’m seeing on my radar… Y’all have a very merry holiday.

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  11. Interestingly, I was more interested in UFO’s back when I was a Christian than now. Spacecraft interest me, but they’re the kind that humans build. That said, I think that most of the problem with UFO’s and the claim of extraterrestrial origin is that it’s speculation. I believe people when they say they saw something strange; I don’t believe anyone currently possesses information which can determine a craft is extraterrestrial.

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    • Yes, it’s certainly speculation — and as I was trying to get across in my post, I think that speculation is spurred on by Hollywood’s versions of UFOs and their (supposed) occupants. It’s almost second nature for many people to automatically think … Oh! Space Travelers! Aliens!

      And this most likely is why those who have actually seen UFOs are often ridiculed.

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  12. Weeeee two of my favorite topics! Science and Trek!

    Well, if we go at it logically (don’t tell the Vulcans, I’ll never hear the end of it…) the probability that there are other lifeforms in this galaxy alone is exceedingly high.

    Considering the sheer amount of the necessary materials floating around after the 1st generation stars went gloriously kaboom, adding the sheer size of our home wheel – 100 000 lightyears across, give or take a corrugated ripple – then add the mind boggling number of stars that are suitable for carbon based life, and the estimated number of planets within their ‘green zone’… it’s like saying the entire galaxy is a massive, magnificent, spectacular thunderstorm but lightning struck exactly ONCE. Not saying it isn’t possible, but how likely is it, really?

    Then step out of our perception that life must necessarily be carbon based, and the numbers explode like one of those ancient stars. If we allow, for example, the possibility of silicon based life (not quite going into energy based here, that is a tricky one), we’re way into “Far MORE probable that there IS life than that there is not” territory.

    And if we now take THESE numbers, and figure (arbitrarily for now, lest this becomes a novel) that even on only one in a million planets said life has prospered and evolved long enough to produce at least ONE sentient species (for the purpose of this UFO based discussion let’s say sentient means the ability to ask “who the hell am I and what is going on here?”), we’re STILL in the highly likely zone.
    For perspective: we’re assuming that on 999 999 planets life started, but was randomly eradicated, anywhere from a solar sneeze wiping out just emerging amoebas, to mass annihilation via planetary bumper car of fauna with occasional ‘why?’ thoughts.

    THIS is where the fun starts.
    What would they look like? Two legs? Three? Seven? None? What if they’re sand? (TNG Home Soil. Fascinating…)
    How would they think? How would we even establish a frame of reference to figure that out? Would we even make any sense to them?
    How would they communicate? Would they even be interested? Or have we already been designated ‘mostly harmless’ and are being ignored?

    Given the age of our home galaxy and how long we *think* it may take for sentient life to pop up, there might be anything from stone age “oh look, fire! Ouch!” to advanced “stop bouncing off DeSitter Space, it makes the aliens create new religions every time!” societies out there.

    And now we enter the local midgets. Andromeda, Pegasus, Phoenix, our friendly neighbors and satellites. Each with their own Population II stars. Aaand we start the calculation again. From the top. Necessary elements. Number of suitable stars, planets …

    Looking at these odds, no bookie with half a brain cell would take the bet. 🙂

    Does that logically infer UFOs?
    Yeaaaahhhh Nope.
    My thought (but what do I know) is that anyone advanced enough for FTL and aware of us would either give us crazy monkeys with delusions of grandeur a wide, wide berth (if peaceful) or would have already landed and reduced us to compound molecules for being a damn nuisance (if less than peaceful).

    And again, odds. Numbers.Probabilities. Out of the countless possible life forms at various stages of evolution, HOW MANY would have already developed interstellar travel AND would be close enough to trip over our unremarkable little solar system AND would even be remotely similar enough to us to find us in any way interesting?
    This is where the odds plummet to a comfortable “I’m going to buy me a lottery ticket and after I win the jackpot, I’ll stand in the rain and wait to be grilled by a bolt. While wearing a tutu.”

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    • Wow! You touched on pretty much all the facets. Interesting perspectives … and definitely food for thought.

      I tend to agree that if there IS life elsewhere, it’s not going to look (and probably not “think”) like us. But then those who believe Goddidit would probably disagree. 😉

      Keep your eye on the sky.

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      • Ah well, I’m not summarily dismissing some sort of metaphysical immanence. It’s just that my concept of it is closer to the “Universe seeking awareness of itself” idea than a Middle Eastern tribal deity who’ll fire up the grill for humans who had sex while eating shrimp. 😛

        So if we interpret Goddidit as the Universe nudging this or that atom to spark life so it can develop consciousness and by knowing itself broaden the Universe’s awareness of itself … well then we’d almost HAVE to assume other life to be different.
        Or maybe not – maybe humanoids are the Ford of carbon life. Not top of the line, but easy to build and versatile enough to work in a good range of environments.

        Bottom line is that I haven’t got a clue, but it’s mighty fun to hypothesize. 😀

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        • A blast from the past.
          Hi shiarrael
          About the “Universe seeking awareness of itself” claim above, my understanding is that the universe already has self-awareness, but it has nothing to challenge it to progress. Using humans as a baseline, we need intercommunications with others to help us see possibilities, and this is what life lacks at the universal plane. Life as the universe is alone.
          But, by breaking life down into smaller and smaller living beings, it is finding a way to relate to itself in the guise of individual beings. It started as single-celled forms billions of years ago, and has slowly evolved into what it is today.
          However, I will only go along with a life-filled universe on a theoretical basis. I agree that there are endless possibilities of lifeforms which life can take on other worlds or even in the almost pure vacuum of space, but try looking at that from the other direction. The fact that sentient life (I refuse to call us intelligent) exists on this planet is itself as close to impossible as is sentient life on other planets.
          I am not talking about superiority here, for me all life is the same life, we are still made up of single-celled beings working in cooperation to create something more than they could ever be alone. The odds against us are almost infinitesmal. So does sentient live exist anywhere else. I would say the odds are against that too.
          Just something to think about.


    • The speculation is so much fun. My dearest hope is that we discover extraterrestrial life before I die.

      I do think it is likely that any life that has evolved to actual organisms will be carbon based. Carbon is unique in the periodic table; its molecules are exceptionally stable and varied. Silicon is much more limiting.

      But given the extraordinary variety of life on Earth, evolved to fill every available niche, I think extraterrestrial life would look very different.

      Still, I expect they would be water based and carbon based. Their special properties are what allowed life to evolve on Earth.


  13. —I tend to agree that if there IS life elsewhere, it’s not going to look (and probably not “think”) like us.—

    More than that; I even imagine those other possible creatures to differ from us physically and mentally, following another (evolutionary? process.
    What I fervently do wish them to possess, is our ability to hold our breath when we “see” Andromeda – to mention just a group of stars at a humanly measurable distance…

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Hi! I’d love to get in on this conversation as I am thoroughly fascinated by space and the thought of aliens! I certainly believe there has to be SOME other life out there. It may not be the green martian we all envision, but tiny micro organisms! But I lean towards the thought that in the vast expanse of the universe there’s got to be some other intelligent life.

    Crop circles have been replicated by humans and found that it was nearly impossible to finish a crop circle (of the elaborate ones we’ve seen) even with a crew of people in just ONE night. Not only are these crop circles done over night, but they are PERFECTLY symmetrical and the crops are woven together in a very delicate manner… I’d say it’s likely we’ve been visited…

    Also for anyone interested in content about aliens and the universe, you guys should check out Kendall Rae on Youtube! She has GREAT content about this stuff!! Very thought provoking and informative!! Also her husband on Youtube, Joshledor, has similar content that you should all take a peek at!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Maile! Thank you for visiting and for your thoughts on the subject. Most of us will probably never know in our lifetimes whether others share the universe with us. But it’s definitely fun to speculate.

      Do stop by again.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. An interesting read. I tend to favor the government’s hand in “UFO” sightings, but there’s still a small part of me that, well, lets my imagination take over.

    I’ve found that one thing a person needs to be cautious about related to UFO’s are “conspiracy theories.” They tend to run wild on things that are out of the realm of natural understanding.

    In any case, thanks for sharing..


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