Yum! Yum!

Ever wonder why our “illustrious” leader has such a rotund figure? Perhaps it has something to do with his waistband-busting meals.

According to a new book entitled Let Trump be Trump (a behind-the-scenes account of how he became President of the United States), it’s reported that campaign stops regularly included visits to McDonald’s, where the standing order was two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fishes and a chocolate milkshake (2,420 calories).

This fat-laden meal consisted of 112g of fat (172% of tRumpsky’s recommended daily allowance), along with 3,470 mg of salt (144% of his recommended daily intake).

Further, it’s reported that as tRumpsky traveled from campaign stop to campaign stop on Trump Force One, the kitchen had to be stocked with the “four major food groups” — McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke. Bountiful supplies of cookies and other snacks also needed to be readily available.

Based on recent images, it would seem his diet hasn’t changed much.

While many of us continue to hope for impeachment or some other termination-type activity to take place, perhaps we needn’t worry. Food and health are inseparable partners. Or, as the old saying goes, “You are what you eat.”

You can read more about the contents of the book in this article. (It also mentions his short-fused temper.)


27 thoughts on “Yum! Yum!

  1. Sorry nan. I can’t agree with wishing bad health… or worse… on anyone, even someone like Donald Trump, especially just for political reasons.
    He’s a father, husband and grandfather. Regardless of what you think about him, he has a family who loves him outside of his political and business dealings. Can’t wish harm or ill health on that. It’s just not right.


    • I’m NOT wishing anything on him! I simply made a reference to the fact there’s a connection between health and food. Please don’t read more into my words than what is there.

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      • “While many of us continue to hope for impeachment or some other termination-type activity to take place, perhaps we needn’t worry. Food and health are inseparable partners. ”
        This was not written as a hope that his health would make impeachment unnecessary? Or was I reading into your words?


        • Good grief, KIA. I don’t know whether you’re simply dense or you have a preconceived thought in your mind. Let me make this as simple as I can.

          The man has poor eating habits. VERY poor. A person’s health is often (frequently) affected by what one eats. (I could list all the ailments, but surely you could do the research.) Those of us who are unhappy with him in his role of POTUS would like to see him legally removed from office. Since this most likely is not going to happen, perhaps HE MAY DO IT TO HIMSELF — simply by continuing to stuff his body with high cholesterol foods. In case you’re not aware, such actions do have consequences.

          There was NO ill-intent. I was just stating facts. As shelldigger said in his comment — I was “merely pointing out a potential reality in good fun.” Of course, with your thwarted viewpoint, you’ve essentially removed the “fun.” 😦

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    • I got that from the piece, but as a verified tongue in cheek kind of guy, I read it as a light hearted tongue in cheek kinda thing with no ill intent. Merely pointing out a potential reality in good fun.

      But what the hell do I know? Cuz I have no trouble at all wishing bad things on that lying sack of shit, regardelss of his status as a family man.

      If Donald Trump jumped into the river to save kids on a school bus (and he would not) it would be because he heard one of the kids had a twenty in their pocket. Or evidence that Mueller needs to see.

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    • “Just for political reasons”? Just? Aren’t political reasons at the base of discrimination, inequality and injustice? Political reasons led to the Rwandan genocide and are the cause of the systematic oppression of LGBT people. Right now the Rohingya are being massacred for political reasons. If war breaks out with North Korea and people in both North and South die – it’ll be for *political reasons*. So the word just hardly seems reasonable considering what’s at stake.

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    • Hey Ruth! Good to hear from you. Things have been rather quiet in your part of the world …

      Anyway, you could be right. However, since he refuses to release his medical records (along with his financial records), we really can’t know for sure. 😦


    • Hi Ruth!
      Not sure if you remember but ages ago we had a discussion on your blog about sexual harassment and you did what I thought was a really fantastic job at defining and clarifying the issue – any chance of a follow up considering the current climate. Thoughts on accusations, Roy Moore etc ?


        • It was a real lesson for me as it was the first time I realised I was “conditioned” to question a person’s (but especially a woman’s) account of being harassed. My default position was, until that exchange, to presume such things didn’t happen.


          • I’m afraid that’s been the default position for a very long time. I was conditioned in the same way and, in the past, have questioned accounts of sexual harassment.

            It’s fascinating when you consider that a person on the receiving end perceives harassment and the other person perceives consent. And that both can be telling their own truth.

            The Roy Moore thing, though, just….no.

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  2. This could explain a lot. But then most people I know who voted for him eat the same way — except three times as much food because they’re at TGIF’s, for example. Or Papa John’s pizza. I’m not slender myself (but then I’m not trying to run the world, am I?)

    I don’t wish him any specific harm (as someone above accused you of doing), but I do wish him lots of general harm. Times like these, I wish I believed in karma or some form of hell, so I could comfort myself that “he’ll get what’s coming to him”. But sadly, I believe only that he’ll get what’s coming to all of us eventually, and that he’ll never suffer the consequences for his actions.

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    • … he’ll never suffer the consequences for his actions.

      I hate to say it, but I must agree with you. People like him never seem to pay for their misdeeds. They just plow through life, knocking others out of the way with no thought or regard of how if affects them.

      Scottie’s husband used to work for tRumpsky. According to Scottie, the way he treated his employees is a good indication of what we can expect over the long run.

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  3. There have been several pointers along the way to Trump’s food/health oddities. Like how he gets served two scoops of ice cream while his dinner guests only get one (and I’m sure this also feeds his ego and self-importance). Or how, at the G7 summit earlier this year, the other world leaders walked but Trump rode around in a golf cart.

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  4. * she waves to Ruth *

    Nan, I think most sensible people realize that fast foods are not really food. 😦 Why am I not surprised that tRump has the diet of a typical adolescent??

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