Sex and Politics

The Huffington Post explains …

Why It’s Harder To Take Down Sex Abusers In Washington Than In Hollywood

Politics is only part of the story


7 thoughts on “Sex and Politics

  1. From the Huffington Post article:

    “Perhaps the starkest example of this discrepancy came after the release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape last October: Host Billy Bush was fired from his job at NBC’s “Today” show, while reality TV star-turned-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump — who boasted on the tape that “when you are a star, they let you do it. You can do anything” — was elected president of the United States.

    WOW is that profoundly poignant to clueless political supporters or WHAT!? And the following footage of Matt Lauer’s behavior, words, and blatant innuendos? HOLY SHIT!!! 😨 Ellen Bravo has a great perspective too on the “political calculus” and “expediency” for the sake of a FREAKIN’ ideology!!! Nan, does this not reek of pious religiosity too? What’s the difference… besides one category are female victims and the other are privileged(?) entitled(?) men in a look-the-other-way sexiest culture?

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    • And I wonder … if one were to research the history books, exactly how many have been “fired?” We know a couple of presidents have had their terms cut short, but what about the senators and representatives? How many of them have been removed from office before their term was up?

      In the entertainment field, it’s all about economics. In the political field, it’s more about protecting the “good ole’ boys” or in the case of Moore, making sure the majority continues to rule no matter what.

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      • All true.

        Really, in any business, the bosses can fire just about anyone for any reason (minor exceptions for certain contracts). In politics though, even if someone as powerful as Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell wanted Trump or Moore fired for their sexual proclivities, they don’t have the power to do so. Because they’re not the boss of Trump or Moore.

        As much as it can suck, we set up our system so there’s never one person powerful enough to run around firing elected officials. (Trump can’t fire Moore; Ryan can’t fire McConnell, etc.) It requires (literally) an act of Congress to fire a president. Even if the GOP pulled all support from Moore’s campaign, he’s already on the ballot. They could claim he’s not a Republican anymore, but if he wins the vote, he’d still be a senator.


  2. I must admit I am troubled by the witch hunt mentality that is developing over this issue.

    The case of Carl Sargeant in the UK is a cautionary tale. He was summarily sacked as a Minister in the Welsh government without even being told what the charges against him were and was given no opportunity to defend himself. In despair with his career and reputation destroyed he took his own life. Since his death, without exception he has been described and a good a caring person.

    Now in Australia we are seeing Geoffrey Rush’s career and reputation destroyed over one anonymous allegation at the Sydney theatre company. Again he has not even been informed of the nature of the complaint or who made it. No opportunity to defend himself yet he has had his name dragged through the mud.

    I despair of trial by media. Complaints should be kept confidential until they have been thoroughly investigated.


    • Of course “trial by media” is far from the best way of dealing with these issues. But it’s almost impossible to keep the lid on … and people being what they are, they’re going to make judgments.

      It is, however, most unfortunate when there are accusations without proof … and they result in loss of jobs, reputation … and even life.


      • Like everything in life there are upsides and downsides.

        I think airing things in public can be unfortunate. Angelina Jolie accused Brad Pitt of child abuse as they battled for custody after their divorce. In that case Hollywood came down on the side the Brad Pitt. But I wonder how such an accusation would be viewed today?

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