Lies, Insults, and BS

I hate to admit it, but I’m getting more and more depressed with each passing day. I know there are things afoot that may (or may not) finally move our Infamous Leader out of our immediate consciousness, but the process is soooo slow. Having to put up with him and all his braggadocio, lies, insults, racism, and pure bullshit is wearing me down.

No matter how hard I try to consider his actions and his words in the same light as his supporters, I’m simply unable to do so. In fact, I oftentimes wonder if they seriously think about some of the things he says and does … or are they so totally indoctrinated by their political leanings that “it’s all good.”

If I were a praying person, I’d be asking whatever god had the power to please, please, please take away this guy … one way or another. No, I’m not advocating the “ultimate end,” but something … anything … to get him out of power.

And in case anyone thinks otherwise — no, I definitely would not be thrilled with the would-be replacement. But at least he knows how to act and talk like an adult. We’d simply have to cross our fingers and hope his intolerable beliefs wouldn’t be acted on and approved before the 2020 elections.

Actually, if the situation with No. Korea is “handled” (as has been promised by our illustrious leader), we may not have to suffer much longer …


36 thoughts on “Lies, Insults, and BS

  1. If the deeply indoctrinated having drank the entire tankard of kool aid people in Alabama can willingly and knowingly vote a well known child dater and possible child molester / assaulter in to the most deliberative body in our country, the senate, just because he is of their party / religion all is lost with them. I can not reach them, talk to them, reason with them , nor can I say I can stand to be near them. I can not respect them. I can not treat them any other way than as deplorable. Keep strong Nan, we need your voice. Hugs

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  2. Hey cheer up! Turn of the tv. Turn off the news feeds. Take a break. I have no idea what the Donald is up to, and life is good. Take a break from the bullshit. Blog from your core, not from your reactions. One man has never been able to wreck it, and the same will prove out this time. There is really nothing you can do anyway. Nobody changes their mind for any predictable reason. Chill. Have a beer. Get media out and life is pretty darn good!

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    • Of course your response is the ultimate solution … but I’m not one to simply live somewhere “out there” without any contact with what’s going on in the world.

      True, there’s nothing “we” can do, but I do feel it’s advantageous to keep abreast of the situation. And yes, I may be “asking for it” by doing so, but it’s simply not in my nature to retreat to a cave. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      As for the beer? Ha! I prefer wine … and I’ve been drinking plenty of it lately.

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  3. Imagine living in a tiny town of 10,000 Trumps for seven and a half years. Glad I’m moving away from the land of 10,000 fakes. I’m putting all of my energy into my marriage, schooling and protecting my kids, getting out and getting settled somewhere else. It looks as though we’ll be completely relocated just a day or two before 2018. Now that’s how you start a new year! ๐Ÿพ Whoo hoo! Can I getta what, what?! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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      • Thank you so much, Scottie! Nan and so many others (including two therapists) got me thinking about my location. Sometimes we move somewhere for the betterment of our kids or for our marriage. We did that when we came here. Back then hubs was still in the military, we were still Christians and our kids were just two and five. Even back then we questioned the obsession with morality and nationalism. We should have known better, but we were outsiders and the Navy brought us here. Our neighbors are bullies and now that their kids are becoming teenagers, we have two generations of instigators starting shit with us. From the Wednesday to the Saturday before Thanksgiving we had five episodes of bullying directed towards my family, primarily towards my oldest son. We got several leaders involved, by the fifth incident I had the local police at our house. The only people who think Trump can make America great again are arrogant, self righteous and entitled white evangelical people. Trust me, they’re all around me every day. That’s why I’m leaving, I’m done.

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          • It’s the way it is when living in a predominantly white neighborhood. We’ve always had issues here. However, having two generations of instigators at this time makes everything more difficult. Small town southerners do not take too well to outsiders any way. We’ve not been accepted after seven and a half years, we will never be accepted. I’m sure my oldest being somewhat of an open atheist doesn’t help him either. His ringleader bully lives across the street two doors down. I now take him to and from school. However, I can’t today for my youngest, my online homeschooler, has a session today at that time. We are moving to a not so great school district. Since my oldest is waitlisted for online public schooling, I will try to sign him up for the least expensive accredited online schooling for his second semester.

            Thanks, Scottie, for your kindness. I will read this article now.


        • I can see why, Charity, that your intolerable day-to-day existence would tend to take precedence over the antics of our “leader.” I guess I should feel fortunate that I only have to deal with “him” — although that’s pretty stressful in itself because at my age, I don’t have the option to move away. *sigh*

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          • I understand, Nan. We’re only moving 30 miles away. However, as I’ve mentioned before, there’s diversity in our new neighborhood/community. I really wanted to do a big move for a long time. We realistically know we can’t go far. We needed to do what we could, especially for our sanity and our boys’ safety. This area is liked being locked up in an Evangelical church, every day, day and night. I don’t think I need to explain just how triggering it’s been for my husband and me. It’s also traumatic for our boys. It’s been a rough seven and half years. If all works out according to plan (and contracts), we should be completely out of this house and completely situated in our new home by New Year’s eve. Both our current home and future home are no longer for sale, they’re pending.

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      • I’m sorry. I haven’t heard from Victoria since late September or very early October. Carmen and I have discussed this, neither one of us knows what’s going on. I used to gripe at Victoria (a long time ago) for her strong presence on line. I told her to take a break once in a while. Now I’d love to see her blog, comment or email. If you guys hear anything please let me know. I’m sorry I can’t help.


          • I agree, Nan. Even when Victoria can’t get back to me within a couple of days she apologizes for it. I often think “I just sent her an email, she wasn’t late getting back to me. She doesn’t need to apologize.” Victoria is super polite and mindful of others. It’s incredibly unusual for her not to respond to email, snail mail and voice messages. I know she has really struggled with her health. Her brother and step dad have suffered a lot as well. I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve talked to her mom before, but that was on Victoria’s phone. Her mom spoke to me when Victoria had that serious surgery last year (I believe that’s when it was.) I told Carmen I’ve been busy and pretty distracted with all of my changes. However, after receiving Carmen’s email and reading your comments tonight, I think I’ll research this tonight or tomorrow morning. If something turns up, I’ll turn to our atheist email chain as I’ve done in the past. Thanks Nan and Carmen for your inquiries today.

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      • My last contact via email with Victoria was Oct. 19th and I heard back from her then or on the 20th of October. She’s probably recharging her batteries. โค We can hope that she is just taking a break.


        • I hope so, Zoe. I may try to reach her again in a few days. I don’t know. I think we’re all skittish because of Arch, and Kate. Now that the holidays are here, I think we find it all a bit more troublesome. We know how difficult the holidays can be for atheists and when you’re a deconvert it’s a little more complicated still. Thanks for the reminder.

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      • We’re just moving closer to Memphis. However, there are various faiths out that way and various races. There’s also an activities group for secular homeschoolers in that area. Thanks Zoe!

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  4. What we all need to keep in mind during this terribly disturbing era when someone like Trump can rise to political power is that the situation is far from normal. What’s happening now in America and in many parts of the world is analogous to a patient with a serious chronic disease. They go through alternating periods of remission and relapses. There is no cure. The best that can be done is for the patient to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible and to follow medical instructions. With due diligence and a little luck, the patient has a reasonable chance at a good life.

    America is currently relapsing, big time. Its disease is a societal one, acquired from decades of civic neglect and mistreatment. Trump’s supporters do not care about his transgressions. They have eagerly swallowed the poison pills of narcissism and tribalism supplied by malicious purveyors motivated by their own twisted desires. We are in deep trouble, no doubt; but, the situation is still recoverable.

    BTW, thanks for the hilarious baby Trump image – I needed a good laugh! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. I agree with Jimi. My life has gotten much better since I quit watching the news and following politics. It’s like following a bad soap opera (although this one’s potentially much deadlier). Like you said, we can’t ignore it completely, but I say we can ignore it mostly. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Perhaps you’re correct, but for me … I want to know what’s going on in the world — above and beyond political antics — and in most cases, one doesn’t come with the other.

      And I’m simply not that into sitcoms, sports, reality shows, etc. (And most definitely not religious programming. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

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      • Religious programming… interesting choice of words ๐Ÿ™‚

        The Trump administration is basically a mob organization ran by a sociopathic, narcissistic, pussy grabbing, Russian sponsored, sack of shit. I feel your pain on a daily basis.

        It gets to the point when the discussion is Trump, and the video is rolling, and the lies flow like water, I can’t take it anymore and have to change the channel or leave the room. Else I start having bad thoughts about our president…

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        • Mel’s a Christian, so I would guess he most likely substitutes religious programming (at least occasionally) for tRump news. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Bad thoughts about “our” president seems to be quite common these days.

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  6. I often stay out of the online political realm where that guy in the white house is concerned. After all, I’m a Canadian and feel perhaps disqualified from any back and forth regarding American politics. The thing is, he is all over our news too. Our Canadian, online, t.v., radio, they lead with American headlines and they are usually always about his latest tweet faux pas. Drives us nuts. Biker Dude tolerates it better than I do. I often tell him I can’t stand to see him or hear him so BD will turn the channel when I walk in the room. The thing is Nan, it’s not easy to just look away. It’s just crazy. :/

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  7. There is a faster way to relief. Mr. Trump is not the originator of 99% of what his administration is doing, so I suggest that for his egregious behavior the only we use the time honored procedure of shunning. If Mr. Trump is speaking on the telly, I change the channel. If his words are written for me to read, I skip over them. If people are discussing what Mr. Trump has said or done, I ignore them.

    This deprives Mr. Trump of his greatest desire … to gather attention … and also disarms his greatest weapon. While he spins us around and around, making us dizzy, his minions are doing real damage to the country. Those are the things that need our attention, and nothing Mr. Trump says or will say tells us anything of value on that wide range of topics.

    Plus, it is really quick … you can start this NOW!


    • You suggest that by shunning our illustrious leader it will deprive him of his greatest desire, i.e., gathering attention.

      But how is he to know we have turned off the TV, stopped reading the newspaper, no longer follow him on Twitter (BTW, I never have), and/or ceased discussing his antics with friends, family, or on the internet?

      There’s wisdom in your words … ONLY if the majority of those who don’t support him were to do as you suggest. And somehow … I don’t think that’s going to happen.


  8. “My life has gotten much better since I quit watching the news and following politics.”

    I would probably feel better too. Then again, I’m not a part of most of the groups being targeted by the rogue administration. (If they could somehow target atheists, I’m sure they would.) But I’m not a Muslim, I’m not gay, I’m not seeking an abortion, I’m not looking for birth control or education or insurance or any number of things that the GOP stands against.

    But some of my friends are in those groups. At least one person I know isn’t an entirely legal immigrant (despite many attempts). At least one person I know struggles to pay for healthcare. At least one person I know is trying to pay for higher education. At least one person I know requires birth control for health reasons, and her company’s trying to squeeze that bit out of her plan. At least one person I know is Muslim. At least one person I know has children, and I’d like to see them grow up in a world where we’re *not* mining uranium in public park lands, *not* increasing our fossil fuel use, and so on.

    In other words, yes, I could just quit reading the news and MY life probably wouldn’t be affected. I might feel more at peace. But I’m in a position of privilege. And I want to use that privilege to help shield those who *are* being targeted.

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