Reblog: The History and Context of the Second Amendment

This post is VERY long, but it’s something that needs to be read by every U.S. citizen. Some more than others.

A Point of Contention

Of Guns, Armies, and Slaves

Today I want to talk about the second amendment. Not gun control in general mind you, but specifically the Second Amendment, it’s history and it’s context. The Second Amendment is frequently invoked in Gun Control debates and I feel that it’s almost a hollow mantra, a slogan, something people say reflexively but lacking the kind of well rounded historically grounded understanding that something like that, I believe, merits. 

So the main question I am setting out to answer today, really the only question, is “Why is the Second Amendment in the Constitution?” We have a good understanding of causes and grievances that drove most of the rest of the items in the Bill of Rights to be placed there. The Old World had been full of State Religions and heavy censorship of the press, so the First Amendment addressed those concerns. England had made…

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6 thoughts on “Reblog: The History and Context of the Second Amendment

  1. Somehow I think there’s more to it. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. All the other bill of rights are for individuals. “We the people”, not we the government. This is an arguable point from both sides.

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      • My own feelings conflict a bit with what the laws are, so I am just stating what the bill of rights actually means today, not what it’s intentions may or may not have been. Even in Washington (very liberal) state, gun laws totally favor gun owners and really easy to get one. The rights in the bill of rights are afforded to individuals to protect the people from their government. Although the second amendment may seem out of place, or had originated from a different purpose in mind, today it is interpreted by the courts as an individual right, just like the other 9 rights. IMHO these assault rifles are over the top. Might as well have personal RPG’s. No less lethal. Hope that helps.


        • Yes, thanks.

          IMO, the “gun situation” in the U.S. is simply out of control. But I seriously don’t know the answer. Even if future purchase of assault rifles is banned, what happens to all the ones that are already out there? The “heavy-duty” gun owners are never going to give theirs up. But even if it came to that, as many have said … those that want them will manage to get them.

          But more on topic, the point made by the writer: … at least 90% of the time when the Second Amendment is being quoted the first part of the sentence is cut off … is so true. And at this point, I doubt we’ll ever be able to reestablish that first part because, as the article (and the courts) point out, most people feel that first part is no longer relevant.

          It is truly a quagmire … and sadly, there appears to be no easy answer.


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