Take a Guess

The schedule tRumpsky must keep on his Asian tour (these are just the highlights) …

  • Friday, 11/3, arrives in Hawaii
  • Sunday, 11/5, arrives in Japan, visits Yokota Air Force Base
  • Monday, 11/6, still in Japan, attends evening banquet hosted by Japanese prime minister
  • Tuesday, 11/7,  arrives in So. Korea, visits Camp Humphrey, meets with So. Korean president
  • Wednesday, 11/8, speaks at So. Korean national assembly, visits national cemetery in Seoul
  • Thursday, 11/9, arrives in China, Beijing meets with Chinese president
  • Friday, 11/10, arrives in Vietnam, Da Nang, attends Apec economic leaders meeting
  • Saturday, 11/11, arrives in Vietnam, Hanoi, meets with Vietnamese president
  • Sunday, 11/12, arrives in Philippines, Manila, attends 50th anniversary celebration of Asia
  • Monday, 11/13, still in Philippines,  attends 40th anniversary celebration of US-Asian relations

This is a rather grueling schedule — even for a younger man. Especially considering the stress involved hobnobbing with foreign leaders (particularly when you don’t know what you’re doing), getting in and out of planes and helicopters, keeping up the “I’m a smart guy” facade, etc. Oh, and of course, the occasional time on the golf course.

How do you think our 71-year-old leader will do? Any guesses on how many naps he’ll take?





7 thoughts on “Take a Guess

  1. —particularly when you don’t know what you’re doing—
    Since that is the case, he’ll worry about the things he does know. You named some of them, Nan: naps, good-looking women, golf courses.

    Still, I think that a meeting with the North Korean president would not be such a bad idea. I hope you do not find me to be out of my mind?

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  2. I’m guessing it was a calculation by the daycare cadre of the administration designed to minimize exposure to the cluelessness that is the DuhDonald. Also the guy has the attention span of a toddler. Cue scene in Japan of feeding the Coi.

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