Another Ann Coulter Surprise

I’m seriously beginning to wonder if Ann Coulter has been “reformed.” I just read another tantalizing commentary by her where she talks about the recent Manhattan incident, the Florida man, and actually calls “extreme vetting” (which our “leader” supports) as racist. I highlighted “Florida” because she points out that domestic terrorists are a bigger threat than Muslim foreigners. She listed the following examples:

  • Fort Hood massacre (11/5/2009) — Virginia Man
  • Boston Marathon Bombing (4/15/2013) — Massachusetts Men
  • San Bernardino slaughter (12/2/2015) — Illinois Man (and wife)
  • Pulse nightclub massacre (6/12/2016) — New York Man
  • Ohio State car and knife attack (11/28/2016) — Ohio Man
  • Charlottesvelle car attack (8/12/2017) — Ohio Man (White Supremacist, Alt-Right Neo-Nazi)
  • Manhattan truck attack (10/31/2017) — Florida Man

With the conservative trend being that all Muslims are bad, I was intrigued by her perspective.

She also wrote this: “Traditional masculinity, whiteness and heteronormativity are the root causes of terrorism” … AND … “Fox News hosts indoctrinate viewers in irrational hatred toward “Islamic extremism.”


20 thoughts on “Another Ann Coulter Surprise

  1. Wow, I don’t know. Some have said she was a troll just saying things that would get her attention and sell her books. I thought that my self because she would go on a show and voice totally wild ideas that seemed designed to provoke outrage in the audience. Another reason I think this maybe true is she and Bill Maher have talked about how great friends they are and he is a real liberal and as vocal as she is. Bill does have a rather hardline about Islam I think could be tempered, but he is not anti-muslim, just the aspects of the religion that are extreme. Still Nan, I would not trust her in a dark room with a knife. My opinion is she is a female Milo Yiannopoulos. Hugs

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    • Yes, I can understand why it might be best to be leery of her … but this is the second time she’s said things that have surprised me. Maybe she’s reformed? Then again …

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  2. I haven’t seen her latest comments, but, as Scottie says above, I don’t trust her. She has been consistently off the rails for so long that if she said something sensible I would assume it’s a mistake until further inquiry.

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  3. My, my. Everything there Coulter states is pretty much true, huh? And now we must add to that growing list of “terrorists”…

    Devin Patrick Kelley massacre, Sutherland Springs, TX (11/5/2017) — New Braunfels, TX man

    If Washington D.C. and all 50 states following suit don’t quickly address this and address it swiftly and exhaustively, then we Americans might as well buy a LOT MORE body-bags because doing very little or nothing is only REinforcing the already setting precedent!!! Enough is f*cking enough!!!

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  4. Coulter ever being ‘reformed’ is about as likely as the same as the orange haired rodent acting like a decent human being or Hi-Larry having ethical behavior. It ain’t gonna happen.
    One thing is true about this post you have up today. Domestic terrorists ARE more dangerous than the imported ones. They live here and already know the territory and the best way to go from place to place and where the easiest targets are. Local knowledge trumps fanatical fervor. Ask any former ground pounders who have been in combat in any war.

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  5. Do you have a link to original “tantalizing comment”?
    I’d like to see the context.

    There is no question that some of the terrorist acts listed were motivated by Islamic beliefs. It doesn’t matter which state the terrorist lived in. If Ann Coulter is listing these folks as “domestic terrorists”, she’s just wrong.


          • I know this because I virtually every statement in the article is untrue. I don’t need to be “a fan” to use critical thinking.

            I’m just pointing it out to ease your mind about Ann Coulter’s reformation. She’s not reforming. You can keep hating her.


        • I’ll take your word for it since I’m sure you would know …

          But I’d like to say this … her attempt at “satire” is terribly weak. If one wants to read TRUE satire, they should visit Jeff’s blog. Now THAT”s how satire is done!

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          • So…

            When Jeff says, “The consistency with which we see white males, for whatever reason, buying assault-type weapons and killing dozens of innocent people is alarming and must be stopped” — it’s, ‘how satire is done!’

            When Ann says, “Traditional masculinity, whiteness and heteronormativity are the root causes of terrorism” — she’s ‘terribly weak’.

            I’d say you nailed it!


        • JB, nearly everything you contribute to this blog is laced with sarcasm. Do you even know how to carry on a normal conversation? Never mind. Don’t answer that. Your comments precede you.

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          • No sarcasm.
            For the record, I’m not an Ann Coulter fan.
            She’s obnoxious.

            A few years ago a Christian friend sent me a scathing article about the evils of Harry Potter. He had researched the sinister intentions of J.K. Rowling to use her books to open the world to Satanism.

            The basis for his article was a blurb from ‘The Onion’. I gently informed him that he was citing satire. It seemed like the ‘decent’ thing to do. Letting him in on the joke saved him some embarrassment.

            That’s all I was trying to do here.


  6. You do realize that she is being completely disingenuous here? This is her attempt at satire. I read the article you referred to. She is clearly trying to point out that the “liberal media” is trying to hide the fact that these were Islamic attacks by just listing the state they are from. Ann Coulter has not reformed at all. This is how she writes. She is mocking liberals…constantly. And every one in awhile she has a point…but most of the time she doesn’t. This is one of those times. All of the examples she listed are mass murders that were committed by Muslims and she is purposely listing the state they came from because she thinks this is what the media does. It’s a strawman to begin with because the media pulls no punches in mentioning that the perp yelled Allu Akhbar or that they are a Muslim. So she’s full of shit, as usual.

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    • Point taken. (You make it so much clearer than certain others who comment on this blog.)

      I guess because I read her stuff so seldom, I miss the satire. But one has to admit, taken at face value she does say some things that ring true for many of us.

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      • She’s a provocateur and an anti-semite. Like I said, she isn’t without some valid criticisms but it’s hard to take anybody seriously who opens their mouth so much that occasionally they get things right! lol


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