Reblog: The Russians win round one

Another great post from one of my favorite bloggers.

I’m re-blogging it because I think it needs as much exposure as possible.

Ends and Beginnings

A President that lost the popular vote. White supremacist and Nazis marching in the streets. A transition of power beset by anti-Trump and pro-Trump demonstrations. Confederate flag supporters and the KKK speaking freely for the first time in decades. Muslim bans, transgender bans and white Evangelicals bitch slapping us with their Bibles. It doesn’t matter if Trump, his campaign, or his administration colluded with the Russians to win the election, the Russians have accomplished what they set out to do, divide, weaken and ultimately conquer the United States.

All this discord and division is exactly what the Russians were banking on and they helped pick the “winner” to lead us forward, and deeper into the mire of conflict, strife and friction, Donald J. Trump.

You see there are three super powers in this world, the United States, China, and Russia. Once upon a time the USA would have been considered…

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6 thoughts on “Reblog: The Russians win round one

  1. >>> “All this discord and division is exactly what the Russians were banking on…”

    True. I’ve been saying all along that without the internal dissent growing in America over the last two decades or so, the Russians could achieve nothing tangible domestically in the U.S. As Lincoln warned, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

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    • I realize at the risk of some oversimplification, in some infrequent cases severe oversimplification…

      And Robert, in a general sense what has perhaps changed in the U.S. the past century or so is that Americans (for the most part) had this good habit and behavior of respecting a family’s and one’s privacy.

      In other words, IMHO, for good or bad, most(?) Americans throughout the 19th and first-half of the 20th centuries to some varying degrees (but within reason and moderation) practiced Live and Let Live — perhaps because most families had no free-time on their hands to meddle in the private affairs of their neighbors because they had to work so hard and long! I know both sides of my ancestors damn sure did! Unless some sort of behavior or activity was blatantly illegal and/or hurting someone, there was less interest in interfering. You may not like what was going on or taking place, but that was the manifested meaning of “responsible freedom, liberty, and democracy”… as best as could be practiced, protected, and enforced by those well educated in public service, i.e. lawyers, judges, law-enforcement, political officials, doctors, university professors, etc, that deeply understood the essense & spirit of our Constitution, how it is applied and protected, and did not/would not ABUSE their position for the people.

      I feel that earlier spirit of commonality with recognized affirmed common ground, tolerance for differences, and above all common decency for all no matter the minor or major differences… is no longer the case. Granted, I am CERTAINLY painting the picture of the GOOD parts of our nation’s history in numerous spots and regions in the country. I do not need to list the many horrible times and events in our nation’s history. That said, I have noticed one particular theme in contrasting and comparing those historical good times vs. the bad times: broad, quality, well-traveled education and unflinching support for human rights for every human being. Where those people and culture have existed are starkly different — particularly in violence or non-violence — when compared to those people and cultures with otherwise opposite records.

      Anyway, those are my thoughts & opinions. I could be wrong of course. 😉

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      • I think that’s correct, Professor; although, only a part of what’s happened to America over that period of time. More recently, profound socioeconomic changes – related to globalization, the rise of corporate dominance, and even the impacts of climate change – have decimated the middle classes in the U.S. and Europe. As a result, these disaffected people rebelled against “the system.” Cultural polarization and political radicalization intensified as did xenophobia and nationalistic sentiments. This worsening internal dissent and social unrest is primarily responsible for Brexit in the U.K., the rise of extremist movements across Europe, and the election of Trump in America (in my opinion).

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