Some Interesting Swipes at Our “Leader”

Let me start out by saying I have NEVER been a fan of Ann Coulter!

However, I found myself gleefully smirking as I read one of her most recent articles in  our local newspaper. I’m hoping I’m not misinterpreting her remarks, but it sure seems to me she’s actually criticizing our infamous leader. The horror of it!

See what you think …

Ann Coulter says Trump not Putting America First

While I don’t necessarily agree with everything she wrote, I do think she’s taken a pretty solid swipe at tRumpsky and his actions since being elected (from the “supporter’s” view, of course).

P.S. Has anyone read this article related to Michael Moore’s recent Broadway show? I think you will enjoy his “response tweets” to the Twitter-in-Chief.


2 thoughts on “Some Interesting Swipes at Our “Leader”

  1. >>> “Then this week, former Obama administration official Steven Rattner called on Democrats to abandon liberal shibboleths and focus on winning the votes of ‘white working-class men.’ Wage stagnation, he wrote in a New York Times op-ed, is ‘our most pressing economic challenge.'”

    >>> “And of course, several months ago, the Democrats’ meticulous pollster, Stanley Greenberg, produced a report telling Democrats that, to beat Trump, they need to win back ‘the nation’s working class communities, starting in the formerly industrial states and Upper Midwest.'”

    Correct, I’ve been harping about this since before the Dems’ disastrous 2010 midterm elections; and, this is the crux of Coulter’s criticism of Trump in the editorial:

    >>> “We haven’t been able to get our leaders to focus on America’s problems for 30 years. The seduction of foreign policy is too great. War, military strikes, treaties — if you’re president, these are the antidote to whatever ails you! Presidents wear the mantle of national security like an amulet.”

    >>> “Any international conflict means a president can’t be criticized abroad. His short-term poll numbers will go sky-high. Even a dunderhead can feel like a master strategist when threatening to deploy the full force of the U.S. military. (See Nikki Haley.)”

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  2. Am not, never have been, never will be a fan of Coulter. But, she has nailed down what we need to do to rid the country of Trump. Our strength will develop from within when we give up the idea that we are going to police the entire world according to our liking.

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