Superb Book! “Love Over Religion”

I just finished reading an outstanding book called, “Love Over Religion: Why I Left Christianity”.

Now I know there are tons of books, articles, blogs, etc. that revolve around this topic but in my humble opinion, this book stands head and shoulders above pretty much all of them.

The author, Danica Allen, describes herself as a lifelong student of religion and an active churchgoer for 10 years. She journeyed out of Christianity in favor of, as she puts it, “loving others, myself, and the earth without the confines of religion”.

I wish I could convey the impact her book had on me. There was so much I agreed with! In fact, I feared I might get a headache from vigorously nodding my head as I read. 😉

Just to give you an idea of the contents, here are a couple of chapter titles:

  • God Murders Children … and he thinks you should too
  • God Encourages Slavery and Rape … but don’t go to church without a hat
  • The Negative Impact of Prayer … try this at home
  • My Journey into Christianity … why?

Throughout the book, she offers numerous scriptures, examples, and personal experiences so readers will harbor no doubt as to why she left Christianity behind.

The book is very easy reading and I urge every reader/follower of my blog to visit Amazon and click on “Add to Cart.” It’s published in hardcopy and ebook format.


13 thoughts on “Superb Book! “Love Over Religion”

  1. Like I said … it’s very easy reading. Plus, for me, there was so much I identified with I could scarcely put it down. Really, really an outstanding book. I especially enjoyed how she “typecasted” Yahwah through various scripture references.

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      • Right. I don’t get a cigar.
        But at least we’re close!!!

        The Relevant article could be titled “Love Over Christianity”. When the church finally catches up with the times and dumps Jesus, we’ll all be able to join hands!


        • @ Branyan

          One of the things that immediately struck me was the verse, and most notably, the title: Come ye sinners.
          Straight away we have condemnation. And the irony is the article calls for Christians not to condemn!
          I nearly laughed outloud.
          There is no margin but the absolute certainly that everyone is a sinner.And sin is regarded as transgression against your god.The capricious, meglomaniacal, genocidal maniac Yahweh/Jesus the Nazarene.
          And of course there is the assumption that the only path to redemption is through belief and worship of the human blood sacrifice, the character Yahweh/Jesus the Nazarene.

          Danica realised how vile and corrupt this belief truly is and had the guts to stand up to it and kick it into touch.
          Now that is a tale of courage. Maybe you might display have as much guts and go read her story.

          You are not a well individual Branyan, you truly aren’t.
          Take a leaf out of Danica’s book. Better still, do yourself a favour and buy it!

          And consider seeking professional (secular) help.

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  2. Hello! I’ve been working long hours this week and can barely pop together a cohesive sentence, haha! But I did want to stop by and thank you for the lovely review, and for introducing me to your readers. I am very excited to engage in conversation with members of my human family: the religious, the realists, the scientists, the humanists, the hopeful, and the seekers of truth from every walk. I look forward to personally welcoming my new readers in a blog post this weekend. I also finished your book a couple nights ago. Once I started it, I could barely stop reading to go to bed at night. There are so many things that I didn’t know about the Apocrypha, and I was truly surprised how many Christian beliefs are not based on verses found in the standard Bible. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and kindness. I’m truly thankful to have crossed virtual paths with you!

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