Trump to Obama — Damn You!

Our delightful leader (?) has struck once again in his efforts to destroy all things Obama. The latest, of course, is his “Executive Order” related to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and his decision on the Iran nuclear agreement.

One reporter commented: his efforts to assail Obama’s legacy is “a source of constant exasperation for the property tycoon turned novice politician, who finds himself isolated and lashing out.”

Analysts say these actions reflect his “boiling frustration with the limits of presidential power.” Not surprising. He’s used to running his own company without interference from anyone. He makes the decisions and Tough Shit to anyone who disagrees. Unfortunately (for tRumpsky), it’s been a rude awakening to find that it doesn’t work that way in Government.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not going to give it the old college try.

We who are on the receiving end of his bitterness are not only sick at heart (and body), but we’re also frustrated and disgusted that our namby-pamby Congress isn’t pushing back. tRumpsky is pretty much walking all over them — although there have been a couple of dissenters and more seem to be coming to the forefront. (Thank the gods!)

His frustrations in not being able to “get his way” is becoming more and more apparent. It’s been reported he has expressed his hatred for “everyone in the White House! There are a few exceptions, but I hate them!” (Now he’s experiencing what many on the other side of the aisle feel about him.)

Some say the recent actions and criticisms from certain individuals that he considers friends indicate tRumpsky may finally be getting the message he is unfit and incapable of running the country.

Not likely, but we can hope (and pray, if so inclined).



13 thoughts on “Trump to Obama — Damn You!

      • I have seen it before. It is well worth a few minutes. This one has the set up. On YouTube you can see the shorter one, but it is worth it. I wonder if I can google a written one for you. Hold one please. hugs


          • OK, oh on an other note…Ron wants to move to New Mexico, his sister has a place in Ruidoso New Mexico and Ron wants to move near her. I tried to get him to go to Colorado, but that did not fly as it is too far from her. Hugs


            • Wow … NM is a long ways from Florida! And very different. Less humid summers to be sure … and no hurricanes! 🙂 Appears to be a nice little town (via Google) with mountains nearby … and some snow in the winter. In fact, from the pictures I saw … more like LOTS of snow.

              Is this a “sure thing”? And if so, any idea when you’ll be making the move?

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            • We are moving out of Florida for sure. This last hurricane was too much for Ron. Irma made him face the fact that after 40 years of hurricanes we could lose everything and have nothing to come back to. He needs power to run his C-Pap machine so he can sleep and the power was off due to the storm. We have to get out of the heat because he has M.S. and now he is 62 years old and wants to be near his siblings. Add it all up and it comes up to yes we will move. We plan to move as soon as we get the house renovated. We had to gut the house and are rebuilding the inside. Can not sell until it is rebuilt. Hugs

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  1. Finally tRump is making America what she has done to other countries; destroying democracies, propping up dictators, encouraging sleaze and incompetence. All these have been supported or done with the support of the US government since 1948 or thereabouts


  2. Well I have noticed that he seems to have not got very far with his wall.

    As an aside you have to wonder when he has a public slanging match with his Secretary of State, publicly challenging him to an IQ Test comparison.

    I’m a bit skeptical of IQ tests after I found my IQ went up after I had tried a few tests. I then realised that IQ tests really measure how good you are at completing IQ tests which tends to get better with practice, it does not mean that intelligence has increased, only proficiency which is quite a different matter.

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  3. I suppose what I was really getting at with my comment was that from my far away vantage point (Australia) I conclude that Trump has virtually no accomplishments (good or bad) from his now 9 month tenure. Executive Orders are rarely ever of lasting impact so I tend to downplay those, it is only legislated change through Congress that will really be a lasting legacy.

    He might have undertaken some spoiler moves that they are unlikely to have a permanent impact.

    The staggering reality is how little Legislation he has had passed despite Republicans controlling both Houses.

    What puzzles me most is how much the US stock market has boomed in the 11 months since his election.

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  4. The words that exist in our vocabulary cannot sum up my feelings for this piss poor excuse for a human being. C’mon Mueller! I really really hope Mueller plays this so that if tRumpski squiggles out from under any charges with a self pardon/ family & friends pardon, that the state has ample evidence on other charges to move forward successfully. (please get Pence too!)

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