Two Words That Will Never Describe Trump

While homes burn and people die due to the devastating and uncontrollable fires in California, and while the death toll continues to rise in Puerto Rico, our illustrious leader is more concerned about such urgent matters as:

  • “Fake news” as he (once again) attacks the news media
  • “Knee bending” (and “disrespect” for the flag, etc.)
  • Signing an executive order to dismantle Obamacare
  • Blaming Obama for the situation in No. Korea
  • The amount of money Puerto Rico “owes” the U.S.
  • Assailing LGBT rights

Aren’t we fortunate to have such a CARING and COMPASSIONATE leader?


17 thoughts on “Two Words That Will Never Describe Trump

  1. I seen where he has suggested pulling Fema out of Puerto Rico in a fit of spite over not getting enough praise. It really makes me angry he plays with peoples lives for his own satisfaction. I watched a news broadcast which described the situation in one village that fema had come to three times to do paperwork but never brought supplies. When the reporter when to the fema people to ask why no supplies were taken to the town the fema person said they have to come get the stuff themselves. Fema does the paper work but wont deliver. How are people who have no fuel or working cars to go get supplies and then return home. Fema told the reporter it is the mayors responsibility to collect the supplies if the towns people can’t. WTF. They did not do this for Florida of Texas. Hugs

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  2. Calling him a “leader” is way, way too generous Nan. 😒

    But regarding our bogus President, I watched an excellent special last night on PBS Frontline, “War on the EPA.” What tRumpsky has done and is doing with all our American power-energy moguls (no surprise, all of which are now in their 70’s and 80’s) and some individual state Attorney Generals across the country is utterly appalling. Here’s the link/preview…

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  3. When I was a Marine, we were taught in boot camp txt we did not have to respect the person wearing the uniform, but we DID have to respect the rank of the person. Well, for decades now, I got back from the vile, useless Vietnam war in early September 1971, I no longer respect the office of POTUS. The last clowns who held that job were not worth my respect in any way. The current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. is the worst in my nearly 70 years.
    tRumpski does care though. You can bet the farm he cares about his bank accounts. Compassion? Not in his vocabulary.

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  4. How about Integrity? Honesty? Empathy?

    Trump is such a puffed of piece of shit, if you took him away from his elitism, his protection by $, and put him in a real world environment, and made him encounter a real live worked hard all of his life manly man who has had enough of his crap and had no qualms about telling him so, tRumpski would piss himself.

    I had a beagle a long time ago, nice little dog except every time you said anything it would squat and piss the floor. That my friends is our president. Everything else you see is hype and bullshit. The man underneath is a little beagle that pisses the floor.

    I wound up giving that dog away, no matter how much I liked the dog, I just couldn’t stomach its nature. tRumpski reminds me of that dog every time he opens his mouth.

    There, I said it. That had been looking for a way out and it happened here…

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    • Oh yes, sd, there are several other words that could be used. Worthless sack of ____ is one that comes to mind.

      Love your beagle analogy. Just wish we could get rid of this pisser like you did your dog.

      One thing about it … everyday is a new crisis/threat/insult/etc. He believes himself to be the star of a real-live reality show and he simply MUST keep himself in the limelight. Arggghhhh!

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  5. Hi Nan. We in Africa are laughing. We are encouraged to know that it is not only Africa that people have the capability of electing a moron.


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