Avoiding Trump Depression

One of my favorite bloggers (I’ve quoted him before) just posted another humdinger.  Because I so totally agree — and because I know many of you do as well — I’m sharing a portion of what he wrote …

Here are the truths that I perceive about Donald Trump;

  • He doesn’t love this country as much as he loves himself. He has never been nor will he ever be a patriot. If waving the flag pushes his agenda, whatever that agenda may be, he will wave the flag.
  • He is not a Christian. He doesn’t believe in nor does he worship a spiritual God. He considers himself a deity and his success, possessions and wealth are proofs of his incredible god-like powers.
  • He is a racist. He may not wear the hood and the robes of the Klan but he backs the basic premise of the KKK, that whites are superior over all other races.
  • He adheres to a system of social stratification (a caste system). He groups people in societal clusters based on social economics; race, occupation, income, wealth, social status, and derived power (social and political). Obviously, in his mind, he and his family are at the top of the food chain.
  • He is an egocentric, thin-skinned, narcissist.

If you’re so inclined, you can read the rest of the post here.

I know I’ve expressed this before … MANY times … but I must say it again:

There is absolutely NOTHING about this man that is good for our country.

I’m well aware his supporters disagree, but IMO this is because so few of them are willing to look beyond the rhetoric he spews on Twitter and in his rallies. But then, why should they? For all intents and purposes, they see him as their savior. He is going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! (But as many have postulated, what was wrong with it in the first place?)

Sorry if you’re sick and tired of reading the (many) complaints I have related to “our” egocentric, thin-skinned, narcissistic leader but unfortunately, like many of you reading this, I live in an area where most of the people think tRump is the cat’s meow.  If not for this blog, I think I might go into a deep depressive state!

So I say Thank You! I appreciate your support.


39 thoughts on “Avoiding Trump Depression

  1. You have fallen into the Trump Trap(TM). His purpose in this administration is the same as the magician’s other hand. It waves and distracts, while the magic is done by the first hand. Don’t focus on the great and terrible Oz!!! Look behind the curtain and see what his minions are doing (the bald white ones, not the bald yellow ones in the movies). There is where the real destruction is happening.

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    • I hope you’re right. I mean, I know there are things going on behind the scenes, but DAMN! It’s hard to keep this in mind when the Dotard continues to reveal what a Class-A Jerk (and I’m being nice) he is … again and again and again. I mean … he does make it pretty hard to avoid!

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  2. I do think some people who voted for Trump are having buyer’s remorse. But his die-hard base doesn’t care that he’s a thin-skinned narcissist. They don’t care if he’s racist or if he isn’t a Christian. I’ve seen so many people posting that their God can use all kinds of people for his purposes and that they believe he’s a tool of God.

    He’s a tool alright.

    For some people money and power are the ultimate arbiters of greatness. Unfortunately this false prophet has convinced his followers that he can bring them prosperity. They’ll be no better off when he leaves office than when he got there and they will blame Congress and welfare recipients rather than the President.

    It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? I mean, when Obama was in office everything was his fault. Nothing will ever be Trump’s fault. The buck doesn’t stop there.

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    • And, yes, I live in an area where there’s yuuuge support for Trump. His supporters are just like him. They don’t back down, they double down.

      I’m so tired of hearing about how disrespectful the players who kneel for The National Anthem are. About how they’re showing disdain for the Unites States of America. All the while their flying their Confederate flags. In my opinion that’s more of a disrespect to the unity of this country than kneeling during the Anthem. It’s subversive.

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      • Oh, Ruth, agreed! People around me can’t see that this incredibly peaceful protest isn’t about veterans or Trump, it’s about equality. Sometimes I think anything and everything a non white person does is offensive to some white people! Seriously, people bitch when civil rights activists shout, march, and boycott. And after all of these decades since King, they still lose it when people say nothing and sit quietly.

        And as a former theologian, I am beyond disgusted that Trump is being compared to Nehemiah! Rebuilding the broken places, huh! It makes me want to vomit Coke and Pop Rocks. 🤢

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        • Hahahaha! I had forgotten all about Coke and Pop Rocks.

          I don’t know. I’ve asked a few people what would be an appropriate protest. Those folks who are feigning outrage make me ill. They couldn’t care less about the context, only that they find it offensive. They want their football to provide an escape, a couple of hours of entertainment. But this is just ruining it for them (because it’s all about them). To the point that they’re boycotting football. They need their safe space.

          Protests are meant to shock. They’re meant to be uncomfortable. Otherwise what would be the point of a protest?

          But those gun-toting, confederate flag flying, Bible thumpers love them some Constitution. Well, the second amendment. That first one is just a suggestion.

          How can they not see that the President of the United States calling for people to be fired and pressuring owners to comply is tantamount to government interference of free speech. Peacefully assemble for a redress of our grievances my ass.

          But, I will say that the far left might have helped set up this fiasco by deplatforming speakers they disagree with and by determining what speech should be free speech.

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          • It’s just a sad state of affairs. (I still can’t believe that people are blaming racism on Obama.) Being that I live where I do, I try my best not to start political, social or religious debate with others. However, I can’t sit quietly when they start talking about that stuff around me. I feel the silence is acceptance for their behavior. Free speech is a difficult one to figure out. I don’t want anyone inciting violence.

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            • I thought I was replying to you but it appears my comment went to the bottom.

              I really try not to get involved in political or religious conversations with people around here, either. Sometimes, though, that’s easier said than done. It’s hard to hear bull $#*+ and not call it what it is.

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  3. According to the flag code of etiquette, you are NOT required to stand when the flag passes by you. I served honorably as a US Marine and even did a tour in the nasty, vile war in Vietnam. We swore an oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. One of the freedoms guaranteed by that Constitution is freedom of speech. Not standing during the playing of the national anthem is a form of free speech in my opinion. The flag, any flag, is just a piece of colored cloth. Yes, some see it as representing the country, so be it. It is a symbol and we do not all see the same symbol as being representative of the same thing. Many see the US flag as representing racism, genocide, and various others crimes against humanity. Ask a veteran who has been in combat. Oh, and please do NOT thank me for my service. I don’t mean that to be offensive to anybody, but I also do not want or need any thanks.

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    • Hi David! I believe I saw this (or a similar) comment by you on another post … and “liked” it. You make some good points. Too bad “certain” others don’t see it the same way. However, that doesn’t make it any less true!

      Thanks for stopping by. Look forward to more input from you.

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    • David,
      I’m so sorry that you experienced what you did at Vietnam. I’ve talked to other vets who were in combat there and it’s heartbreaking. I’m truly sorry for the pain that war caused you. Thanks for your comment and insight.

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  4. Hello Nan. Please keep posting these types of posts. Post your thoughts on tRump and it’s slime. Let everyone know what is happening and never doubt it is important for people to read. It also is important for to know that not everyone does support tRump. When you and Ruth write about how his supports act you are correct. They will do anything they feel like to stifle and stop dissent they don’t want to hear. They will take actions that normal people reject. They will try to silence other views. So we need to see them. I think you say what most of us wish we could write as well as you do it. In a way you are speaking for those of us who agree but do not have such fluency as yourself. Thanks and hugs

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    • Thank you, as always, Scottie. ❤

      Fortunately (I guess), writing is second-nature for me. Loved it from as far back as I can remember. Used to write notes to everybody … even the dogs and cats! 😀

      As far as tRump goes, I just get soooo frustrated at him and his antics, I need the release that reading and writing posts about him offers. It helps keep me sane.


  5. No matter who’s President, I live in Trump’s America here in western Tennessee. I’m hoping that those in the US who were shocked by the election results can now begin to understand what we deal with in the Midwest and the South. I’m in the process of working out all of the kinks in using an online system to home school my kids. If not this school year, at least by the next one. For seven years now my family has put up with nationalism, Christianity, Bible distribution, prayer, programs loaded with Jesus music, Christian clubs and regular school activities at churches. Did I mention that this has all been apart of my children’s education in the public school system? Now add mean, control freakish teachers and bullying from other students and I’m done. Really Christians, are you so incredibly insecure about your faith that you must have your Jesus stuff everywhere? Why are you so abusive that you shove your faith down the throats of underage minors? We all know you do it because they’re vulnerable at school without their parents and guardians present. Do you know how sick that is? I abhor the fact that you do this to your own children at home and in Church. However, you reach a whole ‘nother realm of disturbed when you do this at governmental buildings and during governmental activities, particularly towards other people’s children. Do you realize that this behavior encourages children to bully other kids who don’t go to church, won’t recite the pledge or refuse to participate in moments of silence and other prayers? Shame on you Christian adults who do these things to unsuspecting children.


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    • Thank the gods (if any exist) that my circumstances are nowhere as bad as yours. Even so, I can relate. And I’m sure Victoria does/can.

      I feel so bad for you, Charity. I hope it’s helped a little for you to be able to share your circumstances on my blog. I’m pretty confident most of my followers are sympathetic to your situation.

      Is there any way you can move?

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      • Nan, we’ve looked into it multiple times in the past and nothing came through for us. We actually LOVE our house and yard. Everything at our residence is really nice. When hubs and I looked at this place we felt as though it was perfect for us. We did hubs’ last few years in the military here and decided we’d settle here. Both of my kids started kindergarten at this location and it’s always nice to come home to our house. Our rowdiest/meanest neighbors moved away this past spring and it made our environment even more pleasant. Hubs finally has a job that he really likes with the most amazing benefits, I’ve got a great therapist and the kids have great music instructors, nice medical care and a few good friends. It has taken us years to get to this point. I can’t imagine how many more it might take if we started all over again somewhere else.

        As far as Trump’s concerned, I couldn’t stand him when I was a kid in the 80s. He was someone I occasionally saw on TV that just annoyed me. He has always had a rep for constantly running his mouth on issues that were irrelevant to him. I’d hear him, roll my eyes and forget him. He knows who the most gullible in this country are. Whether they’ll admit it or not, he’s completely using them. Last summer we drove down country roads here and were amazed to see how impoverished Trump supporters lived. A house barely standing with a modest car in thick woods, but a Trump sign proudly displaced. We have a neighbor a few doors down who still has his campaign sign up! I think about these people who are middle class and lower and think “boy, he’s got you duped!”

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        • It’s really sad. People in these conditions (and there are thousands of them) want so much to believe this shyster is going to work miracles for them. And what’s even sadder is they simply cannot see him for what he is. They remind me of the drowning person who is reaching for the life preserver that’s just out of reach.

          I can understand what you’re saying about your situation. Being “settled” is a very important part of living. Even when surrounding circumstances are, shall we say, challenging, there’s a certain comfort in the familiar. I guess that’s what you have to cling to whenever the “shit hits the fan.” 🙂

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          • So true, Nan. That’s why I’m working on an alternative to the biggest pain in our lives. My kids will each have their own teacher. He or she will also be the same teacher for all of their subjects. It’s accredited and everything seems attainable for everything a parent might need. I figured I’ve given the public education system here plenty of chances and it’s at the point where it’s consistently taking a toll on my kids. There’s just too much shit and not enough shovels. I’ve honestly been eyeballing the k12 program for years. It’s consistent, free and well planned. Most importantly, it’s not religious and the kids will report to an accredited teacher, not someone unqualified like me. I’m glad it’s out there!

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        • And I thought Louisiana was totally screwed up. I had no idea Tennessee was that bad.
          I don’t know many middle class people personally, I’m just an old working class guy. I do know more than a few working class people here in Louisiana who still ‘think’ Trump will be the hero. I lost count of the number of times I tried to tell them when they cry about Medicaid not paying for some procedure how lil’ Booby Jindal screwed up that system in this state. Finally, I just stopped listening to them. The old saying about leading a horse to water, but not being able to make said hopes drink comes to mind now days when they complain to me. At my advanced age, I have begun to realize that I cannot help those who refuse to help themselves.
          Hope you can work out some way to give your children a good education Ms. Burke.

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          • So true, David. I guess I’ve gotten to the point where I know I can’t change anyone. However, when people say stupid things in front of me I have to say something. The schooling will work out for my kids. At some point you gotta look at things honestly and go for something different. It’s hard enough for hubs and me to deal with the religious stuff. It’s gotta be really difficult for them.
            Thanks for your kindness.

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  6. People who spew misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic nonsense make me want to knock some heads together I don’t think it constitutes encitement to violence. I abhor that ideology but I’d rather not drive them back underground to fester. I’d rather know who the ass hats are.

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  7. @nan

    Just wondering how you determine just who is and who is not a Christian. Put Trump aside, and take one like myself. How do you know, since you have no desire to reconcile Christianity with reality?

    By the way, simple statements like this are racking up the points in atheistic blogs that have banned me………..I’m laughing myself silly. The level of blogging absurdity where people cannot tolerate dissent is truly amusing. Or maybe I am just a mere threat to godlessness…………. yeah that’s it, truth is a killer to pseudo intellect. Just sayin.


    • “Truth” seems to be in the eye of the beholder. You see it one way (and use your religious beliefs for validation) while others see it another way (and support their POV with Science).

      As for tRump being a Christian, please provide the qualities you feel he displays that would indicate he “follows Christ.”

      As for YOU being a Christian … the only evidence I have is your “say-so” through various blog comments. Since I don’t know you personally and thus am unable to observe your actions towards others, I’m unable to make a firm determination.


      • Tkx nan, but you assume truth and science are at odds here?

        Uh, nnno, they are not. The song of arithmetic matches the sweet whistle of the songbird which is confirmed through the truth of ‘in the beginning God.’

        Truth is consistent, whereas godlessness is the poorest excuse for intellect. This is hardly a matter for opinion.

        If you only had to choose the blogsites such as mine and compare the content against the lewd, vulgar, and perverted sites of a few know atheists………..your decision should be easy as to who holds the edge in the fair-minded bank accounts of the intellect.

        As a matter of fact, the atheist has indicted himself with such stupidity cloaked as smarts. A no brainer as it were.

        And do show where I have inferred the spiritual condition of Trump.


        • Sorry … reading again I see you “put Trump aside” in your comment. (Smart move.)

          As for the rest of your remarks … “Whatever.” We’ve gone over this topic far too many times already.


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