Dangerous Donald

On September 14th, Bill Moyers conducted an interview with renowned psychiatrist Robert Lifton in regards to a soon-to-be-published (October 3, 2017) book that 27 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts contributed to entitled, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. Lifton, who wrote the Forward, is the author of several books including The Nazi Doctors, which “was the first in-depth study of how medical professionals rationalized their participation in the Holocaust, from the early stages of the Hitler’s euthanasia project to extermination camps.”

I found the interview totally engrossing and wanted to share it with those of you who feel as I do about our “infamous” president. In particular, I wanted to point out one of the questions that Moyers asked … and Lifton answered. This part of the interview stood out to me primarily because I simply cannot understand HOW people can choose to elect a man as President of the United States that supports the principles addressed by Moyers in the following question:

Moyers: You bring up his base. Those true believers aren’t the only ones who voted for him. As we are talking, I keep thinking: Here we have a man who kept asking what’s the point of having thermonuclear weapons if we cannot use them; who advocates using torture or worse against our prisoners of war; who urged that five innocent young people here in New York, black young people, be given the death penalty for a sexual assault, even after it was proven someone else had committed the crime; who boasted about his ability to get away with sexually assaulting women because of his celebrity and power; who urged his followers at political rallies to punch protesters in the face and beat them so badly that they have to be taken out on stretchers; who suggested that maybe some of his followers might want to assassinate his political rival, Hillary Clinton, if she were elected president, or at the very least, throw her in prison; who believes he would not lose voters if he stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot someone. And over 63 million people voted to elect that man president!

Lifton, while admitting this as a “deeply troubling truth,” seemed to feel the people who voted for Trump weren’t thinking about any of these things …

What they were really responding to was a call for change, a sense that he was connecting with them in ways that others never had, that he would express and represent their interests, and that he would indeed make this country one dominated again by white people, in some cases white supremacists. But as you say, these people who embraced that narrative unquestioningly are a lesser minority than the ones who voted for him. And of course, he still didn’t win the popular vote. But it’s true — something has gone wrong with our democratic system in electing a man with all these characteristics that make up Donald Trump. Now we have to struggle to sustain the functional institutions of our democracy against his assault on them. I don’t think he’ll succeed in breaking them down, but he’s doing a lot of harm and it’ll take a lot of effort on the part of a lot of people to sustain them and to keep the democracy going, even in its faltering way.

I urge each of you to read the interview. It’s upsetting because there’s so little we can do. Oh sure. We can write our congresspeople and urge them to see this man for what he is, but as many of us know, none of them want to take the (possibly politically damaging) steps to remove (as one individual so aptly described) a “mentally deranged dotard.”


5 thoughts on “Dangerous Donald

  1. Hi Nan~ You know it doesn’t take much to get me going about Trumplthinskin. But he is what he is. What’s worse than Trump, in my opinion, is the craven agenda by the GOP to give him political cover for all his heinous shit, mainly to preserve their control of the halls of Government. The hypocrisy is mind numbing. Imagine for a moment Hillary in a hot mic moment: “I can’t help myself. I see a handsome man and I try and grab their dick”…. Or “I’m not going to release my tax returns”…..
    I’m sure I don’t need to go on. 😦

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    • Hey Liquid! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve “seen” you on other blogs and noticed we share similar opinions.

      I love your example about Hillary making the “handsome man” remark! Wouldn’t that create a ruckus! Yet tRump gets away with it. *sigh of disgust*

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  2. Outstanding read and share Nan! Thank you, THANK YOU! ❤

    Having worked in the Pych/A&D field for years with the required education and training in the field, without even having read this book (yet), I can unequivocally say that these 27 professionals — like Dr. Bandy X Lee of Yale’s School of Medicine — are most likely if not spot-on correct about the mental state and health of Mr. tRump. His manifested symptoms are quite apparent even in public. I’d imagine INSIDE his own personal rooms at home they’d be utterly glaring! It was all very obvious in 2004 on his laughable sitcom business show “The Apprentice” (American’s FIRST glaring warning!) and then MORE obvious during his 2016 presidential campaign. Did Americans pay attention? Now his unpredictable(?) volatile temperment and political track-record is a monthly weekly cyclical confirmation of his psychological disorders. Political opponents don’t have to keep saying it…his love for the television cameras and public record speaks for itself.

    Who’s the fool now, our POTUS or the American citizens/voters that put him into office?

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    • Unfortunately (for the rest of us), the “American citizen/voters” that put him into office are totally BLIND to his antics. In fact, they cheer him on! And because of their adoration and idolization, he continues to play to them … and they shout their approval … so he ramps it up a bit more … and they cheer him on a little louder … and he … need I go on? Truly, it’s a vicious circle.

      HOPEFULLY, he’ll trip himself up one of these days … or the Russia investigation will do it for him. Won’t that be wonderful? Yes, I know, then we’ll have to deal with Pence — but at least he appears to be sane..

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