“Our” Caring and Concerned President

As the hurricane bore down, Trump tweeted his excitement



18 thoughts on ““Our” Caring and Concerned President

    • Been looking at some of my “news” links and came across this:

      North Korea’s foreign minister called U.S. President Donald Trump “a mentally deranged person full of megalomania” and promised a strike on the American mainland was “inevitable” in a blistering speech to the United Nations General Assembly Saturday,

      This orange monster is going to be the death of us … LITERALLY!

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      • Ms. Nan, the POTUS is incapable of compassion or empathy. His ego cannot deal with disapproval. He has a hair-trigger temperament. He has proven that. We can only hope for a sudden and final end to his Presidency. Otherwise, life as we know it on earth could be over. Have you ever read THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy? It was a very dark and difficult read and when I finished I felt assured that the apocalyptic portrayal could not happen…..but now it could be around the corner. McCarthy wrote the book in 2006.

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        • Hi Larry … no, haven’t read or even heard of the book. From your description, not sure I’d want to read it. Besides, the way things are going, I don’t think I need an author to confirm that we’re on the edge of an apocalypse. *shiver*

          I totally agree with your assessment of tRump. What really blows my mind is there are people in this nation who totally support everything he says or does. It blows my mind.

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          • Yes, I thought that I knew my fellow Americans fairly well and I was proud of them….no longer the case because we have to accept that they are the reason Trump is in the WH. My partner suggests that should things not turn around by 2020, we ought to migrate. I’ll be 73 in 2020, not eager for a big move like that.

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    • Scottie, what I have noticed through various sources (Facebook, personal conversations, etc.) is that those who support him essentially think the same way he does. They totally support what he puts forth related to race, gender, military action, etc. And it seems more than obvious that he knows this, which is why he continues to cater to them. As many have said before, his goal isn’t MAGA … it’s to make Donald Trump the “word of the day” … and by gum, he’s doing a really good job of that.

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      • yes I agree. The slogan “make America Great Again” bother’s me. When was it not great and why? “Take our country back”? from who , who did we give it to, and take it back to when? I like living in a modern progressive times. That there is about 39 % of the country that thinks the way tRump ( white supremacists and white nationals ) does is very upsetting. How did those people get left behind while the rest moved forward in understanding and time. Hugs

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      • I would say Nan that most of Trumps supporters have no idea what a military action involving a hydrogen weapon of mass destruction would look like. Many are unaware or incapable of looking at history to learn what the consequences are.
        Of course, there are those people who also think that Trump is a hero and going to “make America great again” but over how many dead bodies?

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  1. tRump’s level of vocabulary and oratory skills is that of a middle school student. Nothing in his CV would dispute that intelligence level and the level is certainly corroborated when he opens his mouth. Regarding hands-on charity work/get your knees dirty philanthropy… are there ANY (authentic) photos, videos, of him doing things that demonstrate civil compassion, duty, and simple humane acts??? I’ve NEVER seen any — just him showing off his ego and bullying arrogance. Anyone? Something? Just one or two?

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    • True … all of that. But what most got to me about this article was how he deflected attention away from the real tragedies that were taking place by his incessant need to defend himself and/or his actions and/or to promote himself. Then, when he finally does recognize what’s taking place, he makes the inane remark about Hurricane Irma being of “epic proportion, perhaps bigger than we have ever seen.”

      I sometimes think that even more than my complete disgust for his total ignorance and lack of sensibilities is the number of people who support everything he says or does!

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      • BTW, I know I’ve expressed that last thought numerous times, but if it weren’t for him constantly catering to these people, we might actually have a president that focuses on real-world issues!

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      • Totally agree Nan. Followers of Caligula, Alexander the Great(?), Stalin, Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Kim John II, to minor ones with a hyped religious twist like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, or John Osteen, all have almost identical pathologies with mesmorized, hypnotized followers/minions. History is REPLEAT with fools who give up (out of fear? intelligence?) their individual empowerment and critical-thinking skills for any one single god-like person. :/

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  2. The man is incapable of empathy. It is just another word of many he has no understanding of. When the entire world revolves around you, there is no room for empathy.

    Can’t stand the man on sight. I keep telling the wife, “just give me 10 mintues alone with that S.O.B. He will be screaming Yes! I colluded with Russia, Yes! I am a tax cheat. Yes I am a crook! Please take me to jail!” All of that with a firm handshake and a look in the eye. That is how shallow and pathetic this little man is.

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