Reblog: Four Days of Fire

Graphic images that demonstrate not only beauty, but what can happen to that beauty when someone decides to “have a little fun.” They are also a vivid example of how climate change is affecting our surroundings.

Lucy Audrin

A friend of mine from the Seattle area came to visit the morning of September 2nd, 2017. We’d never met in person, but both enjoy hiking and traveling and Porsches, so when the smoke from nearby wildfires cleared out of the gorge, we made plans and hoped for clear sky.

Against all odds, we got it. The mountains were faded a little by the haze, but at least the sky was blue and the air smelled fresh. All the grass in town was brown for weeks, as we only got 0.05 inches of rain since June 17th. But there was still a lot of green around, especially in the shaded crevices on the Oregon side full of moss, ferns, and flowers.

Another friend from Washougal drove out and the three of us met one of my brothers at Oneonta Gorge, near Multnomah Falls. With the water so low, it was…

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5 thoughts on “Reblog: Four Days of Fire

  1. Thank you for posting this. It is something we all need to think on. I am sorry for this destruction, and I hope for more attention to the needs brought about by climate change. I wish we had more firefighting tools for fires like this. Hugs

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  2. We’ve had unhealthy to hazardous air conditions from the Eagle Creek (Gorge) fire here in Longview, WA for 3 days now. It’s so bad that the sun and moon have an angry orange color. Apparently, a 15 year old kid and his companions from Vancouver started the blaze with fireworks and tried to flee the scene before an eyewitness alerted the authorities. Subsequently, the kids admitted to the crime and will be prosecuted as adults according a report I read yesterday.

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