I really don’t have time to be writing posts as our move is approaching very fast — but I simply CANNOT understand how anyone can support the current Tweeter Of The United States!

Instead of tweeting personal attacks on his phone, accusing the news media of “Fake News,” golfing every weekend, and/or holding ego-boosting rallies, he should be running this country! And this goes much further than signing documents, meeting with various dignitaries (at his golf courses, no less), and having phone conversations with individuals from other countries. OR … sitting at a table while his lackeys go around the room feeding his ego.

I am totally and completely amazed that people allow this clown to continue his circus. I know our ruling party has its drawbacks, but this is beyond comprehension!

Yes, I’ve heard there could be skullduggery below the surface, i.e., “promoting” Pence (which in itself is a disaster), but if this is the case, I have to ask … how much longer must we put up with this whining, self-absorbed, lying “leader”?


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    • I suppose … but I find it difficult to give him credit for ANYTHING … except that he’s a phony fake (I know, double whatever, but it fits!), among many, many other evil, ugly things!

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      • I understand and relate to your disgust and frustrations, but he shouldn’t be underestimated. From linguistics and cognitive scientist, George Lakoff (this was back in March, but there’s always another (diversion), as is clear with the latest tweet which has been dominating social media, and the press.

        Trump’s tweets are strategic.
        . . .
        Trump’s tweet is a doozy. It is an example of all four of Trump’s strategies.

        Pre-emptive Framing: He frames first. He creates a new presidential scandal – Obama’s wiretapping — an accusation without evidence, and with all evidence against it.

        Deflection: He puts the onus on his squeaky-clean predecessor.

        Diversion: The press bit and the diversion worked. It generated headlines questioning whether Obama, rather than Trump, had committed wrongdoing.
        The diversion worked, at least temporarily.

        Trial Balloon: Will the public accept it, or listen to a discussion of it long enough to distract the press and the public from the treason issue?

        The media is still focused on the false accusation, not on the investigation of Trump’s Russian connections and the treason issue.
        . . .
        The wiretap tweet was not crazy or manic – it was strategic. And when the press treats tweets as “breaking news” it just plays out the Trump strategy.

        You wrote: “I am totally and completely amazed that people allow this clown to continue his circus.”

        I’m not. White evangelicals, racist nationalists, and neoliberals (conservative-minded billionaires and multi-millionaires) are sucking up to him because they want to get legislation passed.

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        • Yes, Ms. Logical. 🙂

          Seriously, I’ve seen others who have put forth this proposition … that’s it’s all diversion from the real issues. And it very well may be.

          But the point I’m making is whatever the reason, he’s an embarrassment to our nation. More than one leader has expressed their amazement that this man leads a country of several million people and acts like this!

          So do you sincerely believe someone else is pulling the strings? And if so, do you think tRump is aware of what’s happening?

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          • So do you sincerely believe someone else is pulling the strings? And if so, do you think tRump is aware of what’s happening?

            Yes, and yes. Trump only cares about making money which is why the swamp got a lot bigger. I think there are many people pulling the strings. For example:

            “The Trump administration has recruited officials to fill its top energy and environmental staff positions from fossil fuel lobbying groups, Koch brothers-funded think tanks, and climate-denying lawmakers’ offices, according to a new database from the Center for American Progress Action Fund.



        • OK. So are we destined to put up with this guy simply because he’s in bed with these greedy, gluttonous billionaires who care nothing about the air we breathe and the water we drink and the land we live on?

          You know, of course, if you answer in the positive, I think I’m going to bury my head in the sand simply because my innate sense of fairness, my concern for this planet, and my utter distaste for those who only care about adding to their already bloated bank account will not allow me to face the utter destruction of this country.

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          • Nan, to put it bluntly, I haven’t been the same since the election. All of this reminds me of my past as a Christian — coming to terms with the oppression, inequality, manipulations, authoritarianism, and incessant lust for money and power.

            Even if Trump gets booted before his term is up, there’s radical Pence. We’re stuck with them for at least 4 years, and who knows the damage they’ll do in the meantime.

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        • I’m inclined to the simpler explanation that Trump has the temperament of a spoilt child combined with that of a narcissist and sociopath and is unable to be controlled by his advisors.

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          • What does a spoiled child, a narcissist and a sociopath have in common? They use manipulation tactics. Also, as Dr. Lakoff states, any unscrupulous, effective salesman knows how to use you brain against you.

            “How can someone “use your brain against you?” What does it mean?

            All thought uses neural circuitry. Every idea is constituted by neural circuitry. But we have no conscious access to that circuitry. As a result, most of thought — an estimated 98 percent of thought is unconscious. Conscious thought is the tip of the iceberg.

            Unconscious thought works by certain basic mechanisms. Trump uses them instinctively to turn people’s brains toward what he wants: Absolute authority, money, power, celebrity.”


      • *deep sigh* I can identify. And I can add nothing further except to say I truly dread the next four (hopefully no more than that!) years. In the meantime, I guess all we can do is hang together and commiserate.

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  1. The whining is the worst part. I can live with the fact that a prominent politician is a worthless sack of shit. I am familiar with that concept, even if this one is particularly contemptible.
    But can’t he just stop with the crying for a minute? I guess it appeals to his base, though, since it legitimizes their own sniveling punkdom.

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  2. Sadly the republicans in power will keep him in power as long as they can get their programs pushed through and signed by him. They will prevent any investigations and defeat any attempts to get to the truth until they have slashed all the programs they hate, killed any safety net , smashed education, and redistributed as much wealth as possible from the lower incomes to their wealthy donors. They are not even pretending to hide it these days. Their goal is to move as much money as possible to the ones who give them donations. The wealthy ones want an uneducated slave like worker class with no power, no idea the history of unions, no ability to vote for things not beneficial to the wealthy, and a working class satisfied with whatever little they can get of the “luxuries” in life. Such as bigger TV’s, sub standard shared housing, cheap intoxicant like beer, unhealthy food supplies. They do not care that the workforce dies early or is unhealthy as they are just numbers to be replaced . They want the workers to produce a stream of easy to manipulate future workers to serve the upper class. It has happened in other countries and it is the real battle we are facing in this country. It is not a left vrs right issue, it is a top wealthy class against the lower incomes. Fight, resist, stay strong. Be progressive and be willing to use the same tactics the right uses against the left. Progressives need to run for office, local, state , and federal and talk to the people, give the people what they need and want. The people will then back them and we might be able to save the country. Hugs

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    • Excellent analysis, Scottie! Clearly they want to develop the Master Race. I truly feel sorry for the generations to come if we can’t somehow gain back more progressive leaders.

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  3. I share your pain. My wife shares your pain. A bass player I know shares your pain.

    I know everyone here shares our pain. But where in the hell are the rest of us?

    Where are the R’s who are so disgusted, so outraged that they are willing to stand up and say “enough!” Oh wait, that would require integrity and honor, no R has those traits.

    The multiple investigations. Are they really ongoing? From where I am sitting it looks like they are mired in the quagmire of politics and the results may never see the light of day. I really hope the lid blows off of this whole thing, and sooner the better.

    I want to know just how shady, dishonest, and contemptible our R leaders really are.

    Scottie gets my vote for best reply, and JZ the Meme King strikes again!

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  4. The latest from TOTUS

    Further — a quote from a speech at an evangelical event honoring veterans: “The fake media is trying to silence us, but we will not let them. The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House. But I’m president, and they’re not.” (emphasis mine)

    Nyah-Nyah! Ha-Ha! Too bad, too bad. (The cry of the playground bully.)


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