Following Christ. Or Not.

This is just waaaay too good not to share …

Is Donald Trump the New Face of
American Christianity?


18 thoughts on “Following Christ. Or Not.

  1. I couldn’t understand why the christians supported this man. He violated everything they stood for. The same people that screamed about the sanctity of marriage never said a word of his adultery on his first two wives and his three marriages. They seemed to overlook everything he did that was a rejection of what the religious groups stood for. He clearly did not know the bible nor was he a practicing church goer. Yet here was Hillary, a woman of faith, someone who knew her faith well. She showed her roots in her faith and had a history of going to church. She lived the christian lifestyle far more than the Rump did. Yet the religious people flocked to tRump. When I think of the church kids I knew who would have been severely punished if they did what tRump does I cringe. I remember the rules when I was in church high school and we couldn’t even touch a member of the other sex, far less could we grab them by any body part. So I give up. Why did the Christians that don’t even agree with each other, agree to vote for tRump? Hugs

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  2. This person/blogger is very intriguing. After reading that post you linked to, I read his “Who I Am” page. Wow. I’m not sure there is any simple way to define him — hahaha, he is Christian (I think), but he doesn’t follow mainstream Christianity. I do admire peaceful intelligent rebels. 😉

    Also, he infers that he is very fond of the Beatitudes. I wonder if he knows that the Jesus Beatitudes, as written in the 4th-century CE canonical New Testament, bare REMARKABLE similarities (near identical?) to the 8-Fold Path of Buddhism five centuries earlier. It is also worthy to note that the Beatitudes reflect Essene teachings as known in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which is quite intriguing because various 1st-century CE Jewish sects were hotly divided and contesting each other as to ‘proper Messianism.’ A crucified dead one at that! Most people, including ANY staunch Christians today, have little clue (or none) of Yeshua’s/Jesus’ likely background and subsequent teachings IN LIGHT OF all influencing contexts of the time! It is critical to understand, especially when the very bible they whole-heartedly put their faith in… is actually severely amputated AND heavily Greco-Roman, not Essene-Nazorean!

    Anyway, since he mentions being part Buddhist, perhaps he does. 😛

    By the way, my exposé on the 1st thru 4th-century CE Levant within the Roman Empire was to show, allude, or hint to the extent of ignorance within, not just modern Christianity but, all three Abrahamic religions and by default here, any Evangelical tRump supporters.

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    • Yes, he is most decidedly a study in contrasts. But I do like his outlook on life. I don’t remember how I came across his blog, but I am most definitely a fan. He frequently (almost always, in fact) puts into words exactly what I think about various topics (mostly tRump). I suppose in a sense he is a Christian, but his outlook on Christianity would probably ruffle a few conservative True Christian™ feathers.

      It is quite obvious that the many who call themselves Christians either haven’t read, are unaware of, or simply ignore the Beatitudes as few demonstrate the principles.

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    • Hi Professor T, you sure do stretch my mind. 🙂 I love it. You always give me things to look up and think on. So Buddhism had their doctrines down pat 100 years before the sermon on the mount, or is it 500 years before the sermon on the mount. So I looked it up. Turns out it was the second one, 500 years BCE. I read a nice page until my eyes glassed over. Thanks for the inspiration . Be well. Hugs

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      • Ahh, Scottie… you are most welcome. If anything, I hope I’ve simply caused you to be a bit more curious and inspired for YOUR OWN exploration, examination, and decisions to hedge against conformity for the sake of peer-assimilation. But then again, as I’ve gradually gotten to know you online, you don’t necessarily follow the crowd just for the sake of acceptance! Hahaha! You march to your own drummer and I greatly admire that Scottie. And when you find contention with others you convey it such a humane, caring, respectful way that it makes it very difficult NOT to like you and laugh with you my Friend! 😉 ❤

        When your eyes "glass over" just save the URL and come back to it later at your convenience. And OF COURSE, please feel free to ask questions, always… of several sources!

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    • Robert, my daughter and her mother and my daughter’s maternal grandparents (hardcore fundamental evangelicals themselves) really have a severe distaste for Donald Trump for several biblical exegetical fallacies he promotes explicitely and implicitely, let alone his track-record of misogyny! However, it is also bizarre — to put it mildly — that their Presidential candidate of choice was Ben Carson first, Ted Cruz second. 😮 Hahahaha, figure that one out.

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  3. Good points, Nan. I sincerely hope Trump is not the face of Christianity! Yikes! I’m not at all politically motivated, but there’s a LOT wrong with the guy. He does not represent Jesus’ teachings; of course, we would probably agree that there’s a lot of things that evangelical Christians do and say that are contrary to following Christ.

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    • Hi Mel!

      Thanks for dropping by. Glad to see you agree with the premise of the blog writer’s post. Too bad others don’t see him for what he is … in more ways that one!

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