Distant Planets, Distant Gods

In a recent conversation with a neighbor, we were discussing the possibility of intelligent, human-like life on other habitable worlds in the universe and he posed these questions:

If people did live on these distant planets, do you think they would have a god? And if so, would it be the same god as the “earthly” Christian god?

I told him I supposed it could be possible but I thought it highly unlikely since they too would have to have a “history” book on their god that was identical to the one “earth people” claimed.

What do you think?


Reblog: On Biblical Standards and Natural Understanding

A superb outline of bible teachings and their place in today’s society.

A Humanist's perspective

The Bible is a volume of writings which were hand selected (and in some cases hand edited) by the early Roman Church in the 4th CE, and subsequently deemed as the exclusive and sacred word of God. About a thousand years later, these same writings were divided and organized into chapters, verses, and into a two fold division of an “Old” and a “New” Testament. The earlier major section of these writings reflects the personal, social, and religious values of a relatively isolated, desert people of an era of some two millenniums past; whereas the latter section reflects the ethical values of the Greco-Roman era of a slightly later time. The latter section likewise seems to serve as the subtext for a 2nd CE struggle between two general factions of the then recently conceived religious movement known as Christianity.

Each of the two major sections of the Bible center upon…

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With or Without: Does It Make a Difference?

Following is a comment related to this posting by the Closet Atheist:

I’ve believed in God for years and not believed in God for years. It doesn’t seem to make any difference in how my life flows or how I perceive this world. Life is with or without this belief.

I drove by a church on my way to the bike path. I saw people walking into church. I had a thought that it’s weird that people need a man made structure and a man made day of the week to praise their creator. I was driving back from the bike path and watched the same people filing out of the same church. A thought came to me, ‘well, I hope you guys feel better.’ I felt better after rollerblading down the bike path..alive…blood pumping…sound of wind and birds and others smiling and walking. Their little respite from the world is to sit and listen to a preacher talk about God. Mine is different. I hope the way they filled that hour gave them the same joy as the way I chose to spend my hour. People can chose what they want until it becomes an obsession and they affect how others live.

How many of you can identify with this person’s comments?