A Bit of Catch-Up

Hello all!

Perhaps a few of you have noticed my absence? It’s OK if you haven’t because I realize there are a plethora of other blogs to visit.  Even so, I wanted to let you know I’m still alive and kicking and to share with you the reason for my “non-presence.”

Are you ready?

(Drum Roll)

We sold our house! And we’ll be moving into the one we wanted so badly (that I referenced in a previous post)!

Our buyers requested an extended closing, so we won’t be making the physical move until the first of August (more time to pack. Ugh.) but the process is underway. Yay!

And guess what!??! It all came about without any pleas to some “Big Guy in the Sky.” Just a lot of positive thinking. 🙂


23 thoughts on “A Bit of Catch-Up

    • I’ll do my best! It may be after we’re settled because it’s two hours away … not quite the same as driving across town. 😉

      Perhaps I can pull something off Zillow. I’ll look into it.


  1. How exciting, Nan!! (I mean, not the packing – ick – but new digs in a place you LOVE!!)
    Be sure to send some photos along and will you be surrounded by trees, as in your present abode?
    You’ll be busy all summer, but a purposeful busy! 🙂 Great news!

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    • Some trees, yes, but NOT pine trees. We’ve had more than our fill of them!

      When I first moved here, I loved the trees. It was like living in a mini-forest. But as the years went by, the ongoing clean-up of branches (especially after wind and/or rain storms) and the constant needle showers and the pine sap … well, it got old. Really old.

      The new home has a really nice yard … and plenty of sun to plant a garden. 😀

      Thanks for the good wishes.


    • HA! Probably won’t be any money left over to decorate! Inspection, appraisal, loan costs, etc., etc. are out-of-sight! Way more than when I bought this house 13 years ago. I know things go up, but … sheesh!


  2. Congratu-damn-lations! I am happy for you.

    It is an ordeal going through the process, but very exciting as well once it is said and done and the papers (fifty gazillion of them, 3 times per page) signed.

    Best of luck with your new future!

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