Finally! A Win!

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Ordinarily, I would just reblog the following post, but it’s so relevant, so timely, so “right-on,” that I decided to copy it word-for-word to ensure every visitor to my blog reads the whole kit and kaboodle.  If you want to comment on the direct post, you can click here.

“How am I doing? Am I doing OK? I’m president. Hey, I’m president.” – Donald Trump in the Rose Garden after the health care vote

Finally, Donald Trump got a win! That’s right Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable your President finally fulfilled a campaign promise in Congress yesterday, he repealed and replaced (cue the sinister music) OBAMACARE! Then he took his new friends, the Republican congress men and women that represent you Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable to the Rose Garden so they could all high-five, sing Kumbaya, and have their picture taken which will become a 5 x 7 they put in cheap frame from Walgreen’s and place prominently on their desks at the capital and at their home. They will probably send one to their mothers too.

So what did you get Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable? What is so great about Trumpcare? What will Trumpcare do that (cue the sinister music) OBAMACARE couldn’t? Here is something fun you can do, call your Republican Congressman or Congresswoman and ask them that question. Better yet, start with these questions, “Congressman ______________, did you read the Trumpcare bill before you voted for it?” The next thing you need to ask them, “Congresswoman ______________, what was the CBO score of the Trumpcare bill you just voted for?” 

Let’s be very clear, Obamacare wasn’t perfect but it filled a very important hole in the marketplace. And rather than fix the broken parts your President convinced you, Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable, that it was a flawed planned because of one reason and one reason only, the name, (cue the sinister music) OBAMACARE!

So who will Trumcare benefit the most?

  1. High-income earners
  2. Upper-middle-class people without pre-existing health conditions
  3. Young, middle-class people without pre-existing health conditions
  4. People who wish to go without insurance
  5. People who want less comprehensive health coverage
  6. Large employers

Where do you fit into this list Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable? Will you remember how your representative voted when they are running for reelection in 2018? You will if you have a pre-existing health condition or are on Medicaid or Medicare.

Let’s hope the Senate can stop this reckless bill. I am not happy with the President you elected Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable but I don’t want you to pay for your boneheaded vote with your health either.


20 thoughts on “Finally! A Win!

  1. Right. And if you look at the photo, who’s there? White guys. Middle-aged white guys. Millionaire, middle-aged white guys. And they’re making the decisions and writing law for the rest of us. Oh – and for the insurance industry.

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  2. As an Australian with cradle to grave healthcare (which costs, per capita, a 7th of US “healthcare”) I can only scratch my head.

    And yes, to see them cheering, literally cheering passing a bill that is going to hurt millions was utterly, utterly digusting.

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      • I read tRump has such a hatred for Obama he will do anything possible to dismantle or delete anything Obama did or liked. HE doesn’t care who it hurts as long as in his mind he is hurting the man who was president before him and had such a clearly bigger inauguration crowd. Hugs

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        • Scottie, I totally agree. I think this is the underlying cause/reason that tRump is going after anything that has Obama’s name/action tied to it.

          I also think he’s so caught up on being “President” that he’s making decisions and carrying out actions to bring fame and glory to his ego. He could care less who it hurts so long as it makes him look good in the eyes of his supporters.

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  3. I wish these knuckleheads would stop using phrases like “your President finally fulfilled a campaign promise in Congress yesterday, he repealed and replaced (cue the sinister music) OBAMACARE!” No such thing was done. The House passed a bill that could potentially transform Obamacare into something else, but that same House passed over 50 bills reforming Obamacare with a net effect of exactly …. (drum roll, please) … nothing!

    People read these things and think that Obamacare has been repealed already. During the election many people were puzzled by the promise of repealing Obamacare because they thought it had been repealed already, because of headlines like “House Repeals Obamacare,” etc.

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    • Technically, you’re correct, Steve. But this is not what the am I doing OK President wants his base to believe. He wants them to think and be persuaded that he fulfilled his campaign promise. That’s what more important to him than anything else. You should know by now he doesn’t care a smidgen about the reality of or consequences of any of his actions/comments.

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      • But, at least in the article, Trump isn’t the one saying that “Obamacare” (already) has been repealed and replaced; the article author did. The same author who is (rightly) criticizing the bill and the House passing it, is scaremongering via the misleading phrasing.

        The truth is bad enough on its own. It can motivate people to take action while there’s still hope to defeat the bill. There’s no good reason to lie about it.

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        • Yes, both you and Steve have a point. But the phrase “repeal and replace” has been the rallying cry for the Republicans for so long that it just seems natural to use it. Further, I think most tRump supporters aren’t interested in the semantics. They just want to hear how their “golden-haired” boy is fulfilling his campaign promises.


          • Of course, use the phrase. But in context.

            They’ve achieved an important / prerequisite win on the way to “repeal and replace”. But they haven’t done it, nor are they guaranteed to succeed. He has not yet fulfilled this campaign promise.

            Besides, this author isn’t preaching to Trump followers, so why should he overstate Trump’s achievements?


  4. My only hope is that more people will truly see the light. You know, the one where all Rethugs are despicable little people out to better themselves and their rich buddies.

    They have not one iota of concern for the little guy, except as to how to trick them into thinking they are actually working FOR them, when in fact they are NOT! Boggles my mind that people are so stupid they cannot see this.

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  5. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Until the tRump supporters personally feel the negative effects from the actions of their elected “Savior of America”, they will continue to think we’re the bad guys. And even then, there will be those who will make excuses for him and his cohorts.


  6. I and I think many Aussies are a bit concerned that our nonperforming Prime Minister Turnbull is becoming a puppet of Trump. After watching their meeting on TV and the enthusiastic face of an overwhelmed hand shaking Turnbull it is frightening when you consider the North Korean standoff at the moment.

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  7. From my observations as an outsider not knowing much about your medical system and sorry for going off topic a bit here but it appears as you said Nan, Trump has his ego stroked every time he claims he has achieved a great moment in history such as this medical system.

    We all saw him in what was a 3rd rate TV show exceling at taking command as the almighty boss. It would not surprise me if he if he thought of himself with full agreement from his religious nut staff members that he is only second to God in wisdom and power. This would go to his head where he will claim to be talking to God to make decisions just like Bush did.

    For the sake of the world I hope there is a normal person buried in that government who will take command physically if Trump goes off the rails. Do they have a Presidential shrink who assesses his mental state daily?

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