Protection or Hypocrisy?

I doubt I’m the only one who noticed the report about weapons being banned at tRump’s recent speech to the NRA. Although it’s reported this was a condition of the Secret Service, not directly attributed to the NRA, it does raise an important question.

From a CNN article:

The Secret Service works closely with our local law enforcement partners in each state to ensure a safe environment for our protectees and the public,” the agency said in a statement.

Hmmm. Does anyone else get the connection? A safe environment = no weapons?

From Gizmodo:

The NRA is fond of saying that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. But when it comes to important people, I guess the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a total ban on guns. Go figure.

Go figure, indeed.


18 thoughts on “Protection or Hypocrisy?

  1. Way too many Americans forget WHEN and within what context that the 2nd Amendment was written…

    I suspect that the majority of modern gun-advocates today are the individuals or groups with a psychological need or urge for violence as the (or one of the best) actions/reactions to psycho- or socio-paths. To that, there is plenty of mental-health and mental-illness studies, research, and therapies to the contrary. Period!

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  2. Further to your point Nan, it is a historical fact or high-probability that if way too many weapons — of all sorts of various calibers and rates-of-fire — are in the hands of 90% to 98% of normal citizens within a closed area, it is no different than thousands or millions of ordinary citizens walking into a powder-keg warehouse with lit matches. Accidents, or lethal actions disguised as “accidents,” will happen. There are just way too many extenuating factors and influences for them NOT to happen.

    I really don’t think this is rocket-science or genius forethought!

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    • I recently read a news account of a situation where a gun toting woman decided to help when a crime was committed. She was shocked when she was arrested, but you might not be as you read what was said to transpire.

      The gunslinging bystander who drew national attention when she opened fire at fleeing shoplifters in a Home Depot parking lot vowed Wednesday that she will never help anyone again.

      In October, the 46-year old Michigan woman, Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez, fired several shots with her licensed 9-millimeter handgun at the sport-utility vehicle of two suspected shoplifters in a store parking lot in Auburn Hills, Mich. The men drove away but were later arrested.

      Ms. Duva-Rodriguez, who had been a passer-by when she noticed the commotion, found herself on the opposite side of the law too. She was charged with one count of reckless use, handling or discharge of a firearm.

      There are plenty of stories like these. The fact is even trained officers still make mistakes with a weapon and a civilian , under stress, full of excitement, hyped on adrenaline, who doesn’t know either the rules of engagement nor the laws concerning force, and who lacks the civil authority to act, is more of a danger than a help.

      Even trained security people can be a hindrance to professional federal agents. During the campaign tRump insisted on keeping his personal security while he had Secret Service protection. Both groups thought that they were in charge and had priority. During an event while tRump was speaking someone rushed the stage he was on. The Secret Service rushed into action as they were trained, they got to the candidate, and began to rush him off stage when they were blocked by tRumps hired guards. Needless to say the agents were furious.

      I hope the web and the news keeps screaming about this, as this is not the first time guns were banned at a tRump event. Thanks. Hugs

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      • This is practically the same basic situation that Officer Ramiro Martinez (I believe it was) argues AGAINST concealed or open-carry laws for ordinary (untrained?) citizens… the fact that 2-4 Austinites at the UT Tower shooting Aug. 1, 1966, trying to take-out gunman/sniper Charles Whitman with their own guns, he says vehemently could have been mistaken as gunmen/snipers as well and Martinez might have shot them carrying their guns! It’s also why in the foreign wars on terrorism against the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, etc, when they are all wearing the same similar clothes as ordinary citizens carrying AK-47’s or RPG’s, our military are constantly caught in a lethal conundrum!

        Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez just doesn’t get it. When you are acting seemingly no different than a wild shooter, how in the hell are our law-enforcement supposed to suddenly become psychic in a matter of milli-seconds!? (face palm & shaking head)

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    • Great analogy, Professor!

      Thing is, there is absolutely NO discussion/argument/debate that will sway those who believe in their heart of hearts that GUNS are the ultimate “protection.” I know because I’ve tried.

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      • I know Nan. Sad, when NOBODY knows who exactly is a/the threat — Friend or Foe — and who are normal peaceful law-abiding citizens. I just see a whole bunch of human mistakes and errors that can never be reversed when it’s all over. 😦

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  3. The crying shame of this whole issue is the children who have been involved and killed from stupidity, unsafe practices and the mentally unwell adults who should never be in control of any weapons.

    The statistics can never present the full story, as many incidences are not reported and news sites do not always receive information and are unable to report all the firearm related homicidal deaths, as well as the many non-fatal firearm accidents, close misses, negligent discharges, unreported threats to life and robberies with firearms.

    The lack of clearly required gun laws and the high rate of religious activity are both equally common reasons as to why Americans are often labelled as stupid.

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