Reblog: Tough Talk from our President?

More than once, this guy has put my thoughts into words … and he does it extremely well.

Ends and Beginnings

“North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them! U.S.A.” – Donald Trump tweet 4-11-17

According to Donald Trump’s son Eric, the President ordered the launch of 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian government air base in large part because his daughter Ivanka was “heartbroken and outraged” by the images of children being “sprayed down by hoses to keep their skin from burning.” Certainly I agree, as a father nothing is more difficult to view than pictures of children that have been harmed in any way.

But how about the pictures of thousands upon thousands of children behind fences in refugee camps. Or the video of children trudging through a wasteland of sand trying to find a home beyond the range of bullets and bombs. Why don’t those images tug at Ivanka’s heartstrings? Trump’s 59 cruise missiles were…

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8 thoughts on “Reblog: Tough Talk from our President?

  1. War is inevitable. The question’s with whom (NK, Iran, China, Russia, Syria obviously — maybe all) and how devastating. No one will stop him, counting on his power-and-glory-hungry generals is foolish. He should have been removed when there was still time.

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  2. My initial thoughts — reserving the right to later modify/change them… 😉

    President Rump states/screams whatever the prevailing crowd-winds might dictate for attention-seeking and his political-economic motives OR whatever is in direct opposition to former President Obama’s past actions/inactions. For example in 2013 he explicit Tweeted NOT to attack Syria at all, that it would be another Middle Eastern quaqmire, no-win American waste like Iraq. Now what does he say and do today bowing up and beating his chest? HAH! You cannot trust hardly anything out of this man’s mouth. Period.

    No matter what, a couple of degrees of UNcertainty must be maintained by the American public. One MUST KEEP IN MIND that we are never going to be privy to ALL military details, facts, evidence, speculation, and accurate dissemination of operations. This is also true for the Russians, the Iranians, and CERTAINLY Assad and his Syrian military. Doesn’t Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s literal trip into Syria to President Assad deserve an equal ear broad(er?) intelligence gathering? Furthermore, American news sources will most definitely have their biases of what to report to the American public — ESPECIALLY if you only watch, listen, or read just one or two news sources and their anchors/reporters! And even MORE frustrating for critical-thinking Americans is that President Rump will do anything to misrepresent actions and events that may appear bad or opposed to his own administration’s tough-guy saber-banging agenda. Self-image is and has always been Rump’s biggest priority. The blog-author writes:

    …the President appears to be flying by the seat of his pants in regards to the official US position on Syria.

    This is exactly part and parcel for Rump’s megalomaniac personality and whatever the prevailing winds for his self-image might dictate.

    My bottom-line? Unless I am a member of the Joint-Chief-of-Staff, or a member of the CIA’s upper-echelon, I am NOT going to be privy to all the facts and information, ESPECIALLY if much of them come out of the White House! Nor will the news media, particularly given how Rump feels about them… well, except Twitter. Remember what happened even to former Secretary of State Colin Powell in 2003 when he went to the U.N. Security Council to reveal Iraq’s (bogus) WMD’s that his OWN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES fabricated in order (for Dick Cheney and his saber-bangers) to justify invading Iraq.

    Knee-jerk hyper-testosteroned chest-beating is a HORRIBLE character flaw to have as a Commander-and-Chief in international hotspots, affairs and policies!!!! Your foreign enemies figure this out and use it to their advantage. Then lots of people die… too often unnecessarily!

    Regarding what to do about Syria and Assad? Whatever the best, wisest course of action might be, IT MUST BE BY A LARGE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY all in sync and in total agreement. Going “alone” is moronic.

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  3. Also, pretty much every major news outlet was worshiping the genius that is tRump over the weekend for launching those missiles. Great. Now tRump, who LOVES being loved, knows that all he need do to gain universal praise from the American press is launch bombs at someone. Lovely. Perhaps he’ll launch nukes at North Korea. Media should LOVE him for that. Hopefully, after North Korea retaliates in kind, we’ll all be here to enjoy reading and listening to what the media says about that. Hopefully. On the bright side, I hear that Assad was on TV this morning shaking in terror and begging tRump for forgiveness after last week’s missile strike. Also, there is now total peace in the Mideast and ISIS has surrendered to tRump because of that strike. America is, indeed, great once more, and it’s all do to tRump and his manly bombs. Now, hopefully he will soon annihilate Social Security so his greatness will be complete. Thank Jesus for tRump. Where, oh where, would we ever be without him.

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  4. I am just worried about the old “eyes of five” group we have been unofficially kicked out of. Several governments have said they are restricting intelligence to the US now that in the past they would have forwarded to us. I think we will get blindsided by this. Hugs

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