The View from the Trump Supporter Box

Excerpt from an article in The Guardian:

They [Trump supporters] think the president is off to a fine start, with understandable hiccups given the extent to which he and his people are honest-to-God government outsiders. They echo White House strategist Steve Bannon’s labeling of the media as “the opposition party” and blame the press for trying to tear Trump down. They see the protesters as petulant malcontents and repeat Trump’s accusation that some of them are surely getting paid to demonstrate.

— “Hiccups”? … More like stumble and fall down flat on your face.

— “Government outsiders”? … Well, yes — because they’re his billionaire friends who don’t have a clue about how government works.

— “The media as ‘the opposition party'”? … More like the truth-telling party.

— “Blame the press”?  … Bwwaaaahhaaaa! tRump is doing it all by himself.

— “Protesters as petulant malcontents”? … More like sane-thinking individuals who are trying to get the rest of the world to do the same.

— “Paid to demonstrate”? … Nope! They’re doing it for free and out of the concern for this country! In fact, most would probably turn down any financial perks.

The individual the article spotlighted rated Trump’s first three weeks in office as pretty near perfect. She added, “I haven’t seen anyone back away from Trump. I haven’t seen anyone doubt. I haven’t seen any retreat.” (Has she been living in a cave?)

looking-very-sick Image

“Trump is medicine for the American people [and] in two years they’re going to feel so much better.”



23 thoughts on “The View from the Trump Supporter Box

      • Like many of Trump supporters and the man himself, he seems to have a highly distorted view of reality. But praying to Trump’s cardboard cutout takes it to a new level, so maybe he is insane. Certainly not mentally healthy.

        What’s remarkable is that the right-wing folks on TV and social media praise and adore him for his enthusiasm for Our Leader. I guess praying to a cutout of Trump seems natural to them.

        We live in frightening times. I’m serious.

        BTW, it appears that Huber’s appearance with Trump was not as “spontaneous” as we were meant to believe. There are reports, with evidence, that he was contacted by Trump or his people days before the rally.

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  1. I am not sure if you have noted the President’s latest alternative fact about Sweden.

    Turns out he based his comment on the Fox News report the night before. A news report that he clearly did not properly understand.

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  2. Seems he has created a bunch of fanatics among US Border Protection:

    Your border protection folk detained and humiliated a cherished Australian author of Childrens books:

    These little Hitlers accused her of having the wrong Visa, but she had the correct Visa! Given how they treated her I wonder how folk who are closer to the terrorist stereotype might fare?

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    • Unfortunately, these incidents are most likely just the beginning …

      It’s been shown time and again that when humans are given even just a smidgen of authority, they will use it to its full extent. And more if they think they can get away with it.


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