Rah! Rah!

Rah! Rah! Sis-Boom-Bah!
Come See How Bigly I Are!



52 thoughts on “Rah! Rah!

  1. I’ve heard others suggest this, but I have a hunch he uses the number of requested tickets as a source to brag about his YUGE crowds. Even when the “eye” disputes this, it will provide him with “proof” (like the picture of his inauguration crowd). 😉

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  2. I’d be very curious to know what charities tRump has volunteered for — NOT donated to if that’s worth examining too — and actually worked himself, given of his time to the needy… the TRULY needy in this nation since the early 90’s.

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    • Hard not to conclude that he has totally lost it.

      Surely Republicans in Congress must be making their plans for a transition to President Pence. To avoid damaging their party even more they really need to somehow make the President decide to leave of his own accord. And with this PResident, who knows, I would not rule out any possibility.

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    • There are all the signs of paranoia. Unfortunately it seems that Robert Harward has turned down the offer to be National Security Advisor. Harward would have been a rare sane voice among the delusional, so it is a big blow.

      Who is next as Flynn’s replacement, David Petraeus? A person of undoubted ability, but with a fair bit of baggage.


      • Harward turned it down because he wanted autonomy and the ability to hire only the people HE wanted to work under him. Of course, tRump would not agree to this. To be on tRump’s cabinet, one must kneel before Putin’s Orange Puppet and feed on whatever excretes from his genitals and anus. We’re in very deep shit in America. We’ve a paranoid lunatic as President and a group of pussy-whipped Republicans worshiping at his alter.


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