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I apologize to my blog followers that I’m saturating my posts with my dislike and concerns … even my fears … related to this man-child who has “taken over” the nation I call my home. But to maintain my mental (and physical) health, I must occasionally vent my anxieties and this blog is my only source of outlet.

Having said that …

The complete inexperience of tRump (along with his “hand-picked” millionaire/billionaire cabinet) in running this country is becoming more and more clear as each day passes.

A person in a power position such as POTUS dictates that you simply do not nonchalantly place your signature on a piece of paper without giving extensive consideration to the ramifications of your decision. Under normal conditions, you would consult others who are more learned than you before you acted. But as we all know, this particular Leader has relegated those with experience in such matters to lesser positions and is depending on his “friends” to guide him.

Further, the speed in which he’s issuing these “Executive Orders” is just one more sign that he’s so enamored with his new position that he simply can’t wait to show everyone “who’s the boss” (and who won the election).

His hard-nose approach to the so-totally-obvious ramifications of his recent decision related to immigration is a perfect example. His NEED to demonstrate his authority takes precedence over whatever impact this ruling has upon people’s lives.

We can be assured that as long as this man remains in office, he is going to dig in his heels and do exactly what HE wants … the nation be damned!

As a sidenote — something I’ve discerned in discussions with others about this joke of a leader is that unless something he does affects them personally, they have a repertoire of reasons why we should all just “wait and see.” The satisfying part of this is that one day one of his actions will negatively affect them and/or their families. And then what will be their response?

I will try very hard not to say “I told you so.”



86 thoughts on “This Blog and tRump

  1. You may as well say it. This is just the beginning of our “unpresidented” national and world crisis, thanks to this malignant narcissist whose predictably destructive rule was possibly avoidable, if we were less narcissistic as a nation.

    But we aren’t, so here we are, to learn those hard-earned lessons we must learn. Too bad that, as always, too many innocent people will suffer.

    I’m off to watch Herr Spicer’s “press conference,” telling us, no doubt, what tremendous success Trump’s immigration ban has been so far, and how it will only get better. Heil Twitler!

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    • ‘Perhaps we can see now why he’s gone bankrupt five times.’

      John I have a suspicion that the reason why he won’t release his tax returns is that they might show his business interests are less robust than he implies.

      I spent many years in the banking industry and learnt that the riskiest business people to deal with (by an order of magnitude) were property developers. For some reason the industry seemed to attract people who were very skilled in talking big and spending other people’s money, then when it went sour it was always the banks fault.

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      • No doubt he’s a fraud, which is precisely why he won’t release his returns.

        What I think people should know, though, is how much debt he owes to people like the Saudi’s and the Chinese and the Russians.


    • Did I indicate otherwise?

      BTW, Mike … I won’t be commenting anymore on your blog since everything I submit is “going to spam.” What a coincidence it would be if anything you submit on my blog also “goes to spam” …

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        • Which is where legal experts are important and they should be free to challenge the dictats of the elected. Elected officials are there to SERVE not to tell everybody what to do. The legal people are there to make sure that those who serve do so within the law. When the president fires a senior legal counsel because they challenged a decision, you know you’re on the short road to a despot leader.

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          • She didn’t just challenge it, she refused to defend it and then told her employees to do the same. This after the same justice department pre screened it as ‘approved as to form and legality’.
            She could have challenged it and if she still was rebuffed, resigned in good conscience. That’s what professionals and adults do. But she chose a different path.


          • KIA has a blog post up addressing this topic, Limey. Not surprisingly he has closed comments on that post. He doesn’t want to hear anything about resistance to ruthless dictator. I don’t know about anyone else, but it sounds to me like endorsement of same. 😦

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  2. I get it, Nan. I had adopted “wait and see” and on his very first day, I saw. How could I not?

    While I continue to pray for him – because that’s what I do – I also am writing my own representatives in Congress to persuade their Republican cohorts to please let their integrity lead them, to get some stones and stand up for what is right.

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    • Good for you! I recently sent a list of things the Democratic senators that represent my area can do (found it on the web) to counteract the negative results of tRump’s decisions/actions when they come before Congress. I’m also planning to contact the Republican senators as well and encourage them to carefully consider the ramifications of their decisions before acting.

      As you’ve probably surmised, I don’t put any faith in prayer, but I’m willing to give credit where credit is due so go for it! 😉

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  3. I’m with you, my friend. The orange, Russian Puppet won with help from his lover, Vladimir Putin, and an archaic, ineffectual Electoral College, not by receiving more votes than his opponent. Based on our skewed “democracy”, the orange puppet won, but based on what most people who voted wanted, he did not. Either way, please know you’re not the only one needing to vent. It’s good to know we’re not alone. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to teach little boys it’s perfectly awesome to grab ladies by the pussy against their will, just like our Great Orange Russian Puppet does. God bless America/Russia, and God bless tRump.

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  4. Do not worry about us; we are all worried about the same things.

    The really scary things are the indications that many of these disruptions are being made on purpose. History tells us we can get “outrage fatigue” and sink into a “oh what did he do today” kind of lethargy.

    the really unfortunate thing is all of this is acting as a smokescreen covering up what really is happening and that is the whole country is being run by and for the interests of corporations and the rich. They do not mind at all that we are distracted by all of Trump’s hoopla.

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    • … these disruptions are being made on purpose — you may be right, but why do you think so? Do you have evidence or is this based on political history?

      Of course the country is being run by the rich. And it’s never been more obvious than who is currently in the driver’s seat, along with his back-seat ride-alongs.

      I understand where you’re coming from and what you say makes sense. But somehow, it doesn’t allay my concerns and fears.

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  5. We can’t unelect him now, he is the president. I will focus on the 538 leaders who can speak out and act out against his policies, methods and appointees. I along with others call my Congessional legislators, email them and attend any town hall type meetings daily, weekly, whatever. They will know we are watching, we Care and we will vote. Some of us are following the Indivisible Guide to protest Mr. Trump’s action. This is available on line to download.

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    • YES!! This is what each of us MUST do! We may not all be able to attend meetings, but phone calls and emails are readily available to pretty much all of us.

      Quite frankly, I’ve never been this politically involved in my lifetime, but this guy has affected me to the very core of my being. He simply MUST be thwarted at every opportunity.

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    • That guide is quite useful. I downloaded it and have used it already. I’ve been politically aware and concerned before, but not like this. I call congressional members daily and have written numerous letters to them. I’ve also gone to protest marches, and, as an introvert, I must say that’s not an easy thing for me to do. tRump has lit a fire that I do not believe will do anything more than continue to grow. I get angrier every day.

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  6. Trump is asking his friend in the sky how to run your country. Sorry did not know how to post just the picture so I have copied the site address.

    I think if a leader of Australia or most European nations was snapped asking God for guidance their own political party would quickly dispose of them and they would be laughed out of office.

    The comments are unbelievable. Good luck America and the world.


  7. Nan, be assured that almost all of your readers commiserate with you — I have the feeling that most of us share your concerns and have for some time. We are with you!

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    • Thank you, Carmen. I know most people that read my postings are sympathetic, but I do have a few that may be visiting because of my more “Christian-oriented” postings so I wanted to explain myself.

      BTW, I think it’s awesome that so many from other countries (like Canada 🙂 )are offering their support and sympathies. It lets us know we’re not alone in this horrid turn of events.

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  8. Vent. It is good for the soul.

    I have been watching quietly, well not so quietly at home, the wife and I have had several incidents of yelling at the tv set because of our new administration. It is a daily thing now. Each new day brings a new outrage at our elected insane idiot.

    I honestly have been trying to keep a low profile and adopt the creationist mindset when they are confronted with facts they don’t care for.

    Fingers in ears, begin! “La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la…”

    The thing is I believe we are getting “Gish Galloped.” That is spammed with so much crap that we can’t keep up with it, or realistically respond to it all. A mountain of shit piled up so high we can’t possibly sort through it all.

    Quite possible by design. When you are forced to react to a new insane policy one day after the next, you soon lose track of what happened last week.

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    • You may be on to something, SD. Overwhelm being the key word. (Of course the shit piled up so high also works.)

      One has to admit. The last few days have not been boring.

      I sometimes wonder what he’s going to do with his time once he gets all his “promises” transferred over to “Executive Orders.” I mean, think about it. He doesn’t have a clue how to run a country … and neither do the cronies he’s surrounded himself with.

      I do like your “creationist mindset” suggestion. It may very well come to that in order to maintain sanity.

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  9. After such a busy, busy week of signing Executive Orders (his hand must be sooooo tired) and chatting on the phone with his buddy, Vladimir, tRump is apparently in need of some much-needed relaxation time and has scheduled his first vacation starting this coming Friday (Feb 6). He will be taking a trip to his Palm Beach club at the Mar-a-Lago resort and stay there for the entire weekend.

    Oh. My. Gawd.

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  10. Hello Nan. I heard this evening that his administration totally blew off the orders of the three judges that ruled against the executive order. It is not just the horrible order itself, but other things that have happened because of it. Democratic congressmen were denied the right to speak to the detainees. They were denied their legal right to talk to the leaders of the CBP. In some places they were told they could only take to the CBP by phone and then were given a runaround. One congressman was forwarded to the washington office who knew less than he did as he was at the airport. Cory Booker was made to pass notes to the onsite CBP officials as they simply refused to talk to him. Congress is in charge of these people and this department as the pass the laws and assign the money. So the tRump administration not only is trying to make laws by executive orders, which they took Pres. Obama to court over and won, cutting out congress who does make laws. THen they make the minority party totally powerless by simply refusing to honor their position in the government. Lastly they just ignore the legal rulings of three judges, and then took the justice branch off the white house web site on branches of government. To me it looks like tRump is trying to set up his own little kingdom like Putin in Russia. HE makes laws as he feels like by order, he wants it so he orders it. It doesn’t matter if it is legal as he simply ignores and refuses to acknowledge the justice department. He ignores the wishes of congress and their power of the purse. There was more and there is a better way to set this all out, but I am struggling to think with all this. I have whiplash with my head spinning so fast with all that has happened. If anyone can think of things I missed please let me know. Hugs


  11. Perhaps President Trump has a cunning strategy to wear down his detractors by the sheer magnitude of controversial actions. Does not make sense to me, but well who knows.

    I don’t think the world could cope with four more years of this. Interesting three countries where Trump is popular:
    – Russia;
    – Philippines;
    – Turkey.
    Common denominator is leaders who ride roughshod over internal opposition and have little regard for the rule of law.

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  12. Nan, I deeply appreciate your openness to freely express your thoughts and feelings here… as it should be for anyone. This is the beauty and the curse of the world-wide-web. No? 😉

    tRump is a megalomaniac and has the arrogant track-record and background to verify this diagnosis several times over. He also can be diagnosed with a few other psychological ailments/disorders. Everyone in the clinical psych field knows this. What I find disturbing is that even if something utterly horrible happens to common Americans, even to this nation, tRump believes (knows?) that he and his immediate family will not completely bear the consequences, if any at all. It will be the common Americans, our military, and worse the poor who will bear the brunt of his and his staff’s conceited, imprudent, somatic, verbal, and ancillary bullying. Civilian and/or GI “cannon fodder” is the appropriate term for leaders or commanders who exhibit this public (and private?) behavior.

    I just hope that when he DOES f*ck up bad, costing too too many lives or cannon fodder, that the GOP everywhere have the balls and vaginas to do what is necessary.

    P.S. Did you see where the EIU (Economist Intelligence Unit – 1946) downgraded the U.S. from a full democracy to a flawed democracy? If not, here’s one link…

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    • Professor I enjoy your comments. I learn new words because I stop to look up the ones I don’t know. Today I learned another one. Somatic which means “relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind”. I love learning and while I understand emotional things slightly better I do love to think. Thanks 🙂 Hugs

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      • Hahaha! A good word, eh!?

        Here’s another one for ya… Agnotology. Look it up, or read Wikipedia’s definition; very VERY apropos for Americans over the last 4 decades who try to balance reasoning with… umm, “intense passion“(?). 😉

        A few days ago I ordered Robert Proctor’s book: Agnotology: The Making and Unmaking of Ignorance. I cannot wait to get it and read it… 3-4 times! The summary of the book/subject speaks to me resoundingly. Why? In our current age of fast, faster, fastest, with OVERkill of information (some good, much of it lacking; e.g. Facebook), it has become apparent that too many Americans are simply too busy to invest the necessary time required to apply critical-thinking skills to key sociopolitical and economic issues. Perhaps everyone is working too hard, too many hours to DIG DEEP and do the legwork/homework into the monumental events which consist of several/many subtle dynamics and causes. Emotions, pep-rallies or mob-mentalities in various forms replace sound reasoning and humility. If this “ignorance” infiltrates the nation’s education system, especially the public education system, critical-thinking skills becomes exponentially poor. And so consequently over 10, 20, 40 years a transgenerational perpetuation of ignorance, accompanied with falsifying by the powers-that-be who want to protect and bully to keep their position and status… fosters and grows. Modern racism — from before the time of our 1860s Civil War — is a prime example!

        tRump and hundreds like him (all over the world) will use whatever tactic necessary to maintain that. This affect and behavior is best exhibited by a severe lack of human empathy or its complete non-existence. :/ So… (takes a long deep breath!) all of that to say, the more high-quality education amongst a general populace, that goes BEYOND (familial?) superstitions and intense emotions, the safer the nation/populace against tyranny and egocentric falsifying — much like the function of hedging your bets, if that makes sense. 🙂

        Apologies for my long-windedness Scottie and Nan. ❤

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        • Professor, you wrote: Perhaps everyone is working too hard, too many hours . This may very well be true, but if you think about it, it’s the ones who aren’t working that were so supportive of tRUmp and put him in office. What does that tell you?

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          • You put a MASSIVELY HUGE smile on my face there Nan! 😀

            What does it tell me? If I may draw a quick metaphor…

            That for probably a few reasons/causes (or a lot) we have a political-social-economic system that is more an oligarchy than a true democracy of equality. In other words, don’t rock the assembly-line production; just work, and work, and work. There’s not time for you/us to think! Do NOT dare look up to the exquisitely dressed man in the office window overlooking the floor, or his colleagues. 😉

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        • I love it. First I looked up the word, Agnotology, the study of what I agree has been happening and is being actively pushed especially by religions. Then I had to look up this word as it was in the definition of the first word, neologism, which means coining a new word. One other thing I think that may have an effect on critical thinking is that many of us are taught to accept things on a face value. Unless it is a topic personal to you which you would know enough about to weigh the information given to you, most people simply accept it. Like listening to everyone and thinking they are all correct even if they differ. I have been helped greatly in the critical thinking field by the discussions on these blogs. You have to think about what a person says and if you agree with them. Even if you don’t have time to look up stuff or study it, you get a sense of words meant to be general used as specifics, thing said that have other meanings, and to look carefully at blanket statements that seem to cover the subject completely and leave no room for alternative discussion. I have been surprised at positions I have held or ideas I haven’t fully fleshed out that reading comments where people talk about it, I see I need a deeper understanding and have altered my opinion based on my new perspective. It takes time as you say, and unless you have a higher education degree or have been in the subject field a long time you are not taught generally to do this deep thinking on things. Easier to watch TV and more fun to go walking. So I suggest we move teaching this from the upper degrees and science fields into high school and lower college degree programs so more people can learn the skill. It is important. It would stop so many fox viewers. Then maybe we wouldn’t have people championing the repeal of Obamacare while proudly bragging of their ACA health coverage. Hugs

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          • Scottie! As a public educator myself, I applaud LOUDLY your cognitive processing there, listening, reading, chewing, digesting, then reframing what you are understanding!!! Well done Sir! 😀

            And never stop doing that. When I am told by students that they were “super stoked” about the day’s lesson or a class project and they compliment me as their teacher, I quickly tell them “there’s really no such thing as a “teacher” — good/great teachers are ALWAYS a student.

            Never stop being a student! Hugs to you too Scottie. ❤

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    • Sometimes when I see Paul Ryan standing in the background as tRump is spouting off and he has this huge smile on his face, I almost gag. When one remembers that he was less than gung-ho for tRump during the campaign, it most definitely shows what a wishy-washy mess we have in congress.

      Having said this, I cannot in good faith put much hope the GOP has the bodily parts to make a course correction. And the Democrats aren’t much better. Regrettably, I think we’re stuck for the next four years. HOWEVER, having said that, I’m not giving up hope and I’m staying in contact with my state representatives.

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  13. @ Professor Taboo, at 9.44 a.m.: That attitude of “cognitive processing” as you call it, always reminds me of an anecdote.

    In an (Oriental ?) philosophy class, a student said:
    – “Maestro, allow me to say that what you told us to-day, differs much from what you taught us at the beginning of this semester.
    The teacher replied:
    – You are right, my son. I have learned much during these past three months.
    ….. .-

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    • Wonderful antedote koppieop. 🙂 Thank you.

      I heard another antedote along these lines. It goes something like this… One should think of their opinions, their life-experiences as pieces of papers you put in your ‘Knowledge-Experience’ box. When you come upon another opinion/experience which is better or serves your specific life better, you should switch it out with an older antequated “opinion/experience” paper from your box. In doing so you (as any other human being) are NOT your box of papers, opinions, experience. Your papers are just stuff you carry with you. Thus, your box should be flexible, fluid enough to evolve WITH your environment.

      Though this simple ingenious metaphor sounds easy enough and actually quite realistic for our human existence with Nature, and in the Universe/Multiverse and all of its forces, and with each other… it is by no means enjoyable for many (most?). Humans often do not like change. Yet, everything around them, even themselves are changing (evolving?) every decade, every year, every month, every day, every hour. Hahahaha. I find that mental struggle with reality and one’s ego QUITE entertaining!!! 😛

      Thanks again koppieop for your additional antedote! ❤

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      • I meant to add to my above response to you koppieop that within a person’s or a GROUP of persons who share an ideology — whether based in solid data, evidence, and truth… or not — can completely exist (for a period of time) in their bubble of shared opinions, thoughts, rituals, etc, when the overall facts say otherwise! The “facts” don’t matter to them. Period. And this is seen and demonstrated world-wide by any number of human organizations, ideologies, religions, nations, or institutions. Hahahaha! 😮

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      • Professor, you wrote Humans often do not like change. Such a simple statement with such a resounding truth behind it. Yet I must ask … when faced with the current situation, are we to “accept the changes” that are occurring?

        What my basic nature interprets as justice, security, goodwill, empathy … all seem non-existent in the events taking place. Am I … or any of us … required to “change” in order to accept the upheaval of all that we consider true and just? Or rather, are we called upon in these particular circumstances to be the change?

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        • Good question Nan!

          As you have likely deduced from all my eager participation on your blog, I am a participator, not shy but extroverted, ENJOY getting my hands dirty with ALL types of human beings, and I am a LOVER of novel, challenging, thought provoking concepts! This is deeply genetic from at least six generations back! Hahaha!

          Therefore, it is your latter question that I embrace and support. Everything about tRump and his political, economic, and social alliances nauseates me and represents a old dying breed and antequated paradigms based in artificially created illusions and notions of “truth.” It is WAY PAST TIME to evolve and progress!

          Yes! We need to not only BE the change, but staunchly RESIST the flawed human urge to stagnate in a false sense of security and comfort! Does that help? 😉 😛

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  14. I like the image of subsequent substitution of ideas in my Knowledge-Experience box (not too often!), but I’m confused about which changes I should agree to.
    True, we need to be the change but does that necessarily mean that we are to accept the transformation(s) tRump & Associates require us to follow. I’m confused, what am I missing?


  15. If someone doesn’t stop this man, he’ll cause the destruction of the USA. I detest his Hitler Like regime and wish all the ill in the world he’s directing at us, be directed back at him.

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  16. Has anyone else noticed that all those scary clown sightings happening before the election have completely stopped since they won the presidency. Maybe the have all moved into the white house? -MD


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