Herr Trump’s First Major TV Interview

“Millions of people agree with me. They’re very smart people.”

A Washington Post writer discusses the recent self-aggrandizing interview between tRump and ABC’s David Muir. Once again we are made aware of the narcissistic, self-absorbed, deluded person we have leading the United States of America.

In his first major TV interview as president,
Trump is endlessly obsessed with his popularity

You are free to comment, but I have a hunch I already know what most of you are going to say. ❤


29 thoughts on “Herr Trump’s First Major TV Interview

  1. And the fact that he admits to using hyperbole – and actually think it’s ok and cannot be separated from truthtelling – tells you how he intends to communicate to us and to the world throughout his presidency.

    It’s how he’s communicated all along. He’s a used car salesman of the highest form. And those who continue to believe in him are the folks of whom the famous statement attributed to P.T. Barnum are about.

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  2. When you are the POTUS you have no safe place or impunity from domestic or global criticism. This man STILL has no idea what he signed up for, obviously.

    He has talked like this in public and on TV since at least the early 90’s. This is no different and once again clearly shows what is truly more important to him: rail anyone who disagrees with him and stonewall anyone who tries to prove him wrong on anything. Discussing data, evidence, or facts means nothing to him. So… HOW do even talk with someone like that? HOW can you even ask revealing questions with someone like that?

    Those are rhetorical questions by the way.

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      • Cross every single phalanges on our bodies, throw salt over our shoulders, do every possible PEACE and WISDOM dance around bonfires, and scream to the highest decibal levels to the entire world that THIS deluded man simply DOES NOT REPRESENT the majority of Americans!!! And then hope that foreign dignitaries and their military commanders believe all of us.

        I watched the first 5-7 minutes of that interview Nan and I couldn’t stomach anymore! He is the FURTHEREST THING from even a middle school class President! 😮 It is really so sad.

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  3. I actually watched (for a VERY brief time) the Faux News channel last night (something I NEVER do). Sean Hannity was on and was interviewing Reince Priebus.

    I thought I had suddenly been transported to an alternate universe. Such gloooowwwwing reports! Such assurance that the new POTUS was going to put America first! And oh yes … an “in-depth” discussion on how Obamacare is going to be replaced with something sooooo much better and sooooo much less expensive. (No details, of course.)

    Let me be the first to tell you … I won’t do that again!

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  4. A mea culpa here, I had felt many critics should at least give Donald Trump a chance at governing to see if he might like perhaps Reagan turn out to be a better President than expected beforehand. Well in less than a week I have been forced to reevaluate my position. He is already proving worse than I had feared.

    The one thing that puzzles me is why the share market is booming. Proposals like a 20% tariff on Mexican imports would have huge consequneces, it would destroy Mexico and lead to very large price rises for American consumers, the ultimate lose/lose scenario. Perhaps the markets assume it will never get through congress.

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  5. My efforts are going to be directed toward the 538 people who can stop much of his misdirected actions. Mr. Trump is beyond belief and isn’t capable of rational thought processes. 2018 will be here soon and my intention is to remind the House and the Senate we will correct this terrible, stupid mistake.

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  6. I was stunned at his statement that no one tried to delegitimize President Obama. He even wanted Pres. Obama to stand up and tell people that. He can’t seem to remember the whole birther thing he pushed. He can’t seem to remember the complete obstruction of the republican congress. HE even has forgotten the stole supreme court seat when the republicans refused to give President Obama’s nominee hearings and a vote. Ron says he has some type of metal issue like dementia or alzheimer’s. I think he is simply so self absorbed and has been so spoiled all his life as to condition him to think he is always correct and his view of everything is the right one. He has been wealthy and bailed out of any responsibility all his life, so that has made him think he is above everything and he only has to feed his wants and make himself happy. Well I could be wrong, but that is how I see him. I see a spoiled rich kid who thinks the entire world is for him and he is better than all the “little” people, having no restrictions and no need to care about others as they don’t matter. Hugs

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    • ‘I think he is simply so self absorbed and has been so spoiled all his life as to condition him to think he is always correct and his view of everything is the right one’

      I agree. Everything points to him being totally self absorbed. Because this seems to have always been the case I doubt it is dementia.

      Really I suppose what did we expect:

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  7. I wonder how the British feel, their Prime Minister met with President Trump today, but it did not warrant a tweet from the twitter in chief [I was toying with saying the chief twit].

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    • HA! “Chief Twit” — love it!

      Also notice that the “press conference” held between him and the PM focused (again) on HIM and HIS actions/decisions, rather than their meeting. Most likely because she disagreed with him about the sanctions. He can’t stand it when people don’t kowtow to him.

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