National Security: Should We Be Worried?

While tRump concerns himself with the number of people that attended his inauguration, he seems to be ignoring some of the (slightly more important) enduring challenges of national security. I think many of us would feel a bit more reassured if he (instead) shared with us his plans related to:

  • The fight against ISIS
  • Continued tensions with No. Korea
  • China’s growing presence in the South China Sea
  • Unrest in the Ukraine
  • Russian threats against our NATO allies
  • Iran’s ongoing tests of ballistic missiles
  • Instability of Egypt
  • Chaos in Syria
  • Israel/Palestine conflict

One source commented that tRump is inheriting the gravest national security landscape since the end of World War II, and navigating a course through this landscape will demand clear and bold thinking. It will be extremely important for him to not only be able to articulate his goals, but also his tactics on how to achieve them. Plus he will need to present a clear and concise view of the desired end result.

I’m increasingly concerned about the lack of experience of a man who, after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, makes no mention of his plans related to national security (except a vacuous promise to “eradicate radical Islamic terrorism”) or how he intends to secure our safety.

Instead, as has been true to his nature, he directed his inauguration message to his supporters — reassuring them of his infamous campaign slogan — while the rest of us heard nothing to allay our fears that this man lacks the intelligence, the ability, even the desire to maintain America’s place of respect in the world.

ADDENDUM: Full Text of tRump’s remarks at CIA Headquarters (Unbelieveable!)


36 thoughts on “National Security: Should We Be Worried?

  1. The new Secretary of Defense, General Mattis, seems well regarded by both sides of politics, but already fears are being expressed that he might be unwell, it seems to be to do with the bags under his eyes:

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  2. You are right to be concerned about any politician. However, he probably can’t be any worse on national security than Obama who was out-negotiated by Iran, cowtowed to China and was generally disrespected by the vast majority of international leaders.


    • But I do think he’s worse than Obama. No doubt, Obama had his faults and failures on the foreign scene, but he kept us out of a war … and he got rid of Osama bin Laden, a nice accomplishment.

      But with tRump … his thin skin and narcissistic ego could very well get us into trouble. Not to mention he doesn’t have a CLUE about national affairs. Did you read the transcript of his speech before the CIA? O.M.G.!! He sounds like a kindergartner! Don’t you think it would have been more appropriate for him to assure them he’s aware of the international situations and will look forward to working with them to keep our country safe?

      John Zande mentioned on another blog the highly likely chance that one (or more) of tRump’s buildings will get bombed. How do you think he would react to that?

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      • but he kept us out of a war

        Bingo! Those nutters in the Mid East want nothing more than to drag the US back in. They want, want, want American boots on the ground. Obama didn’t take the bait, and he should be applauded. He put America First… Something The Orange One won’t be capable of doing.

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        • You have no idea…

          Let’s revisit this statement of yours in a few years and compare and contrast. You conveniently forget that almost every policy put forth by Obama was torpedoed by the Congress of No.

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          • No one knows how Trump will do, although he already has ties with Russia, Israel, and the UK, and Canada and Mexico are willing to renegotiate NAFTA. On the other hand, Obama’s foreign policy was his own creation (like ISIS), his own disaster. The only foreign leaders that he was on good speaking terms with was the Queen of England and the King of Saudi Arabia. Of course, he deferred to the Saudi kingdom by bowing to King Abdullah (because Obama himself is Muslim). Wake up.


        • You’re correct. No one knows because none of us are fortune-tellers. But many of us can see the writing on the wall .. and it disturbs us greatly. Naturally, if we were to discover down the road that things are not as bad as they seem, there is little doubt we would be greatly relieved. But I don’t think this is going to happen.

          It’s readily apparent you did not like Obama. That’s fine. We all have our preferences. But I must say I’m rather shocked that you were sucked into the conspiracy theory related to his heritage. I thought you were smarter than that.

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          • Things in the world are rarely the way that we think that they are. We delude ourselves into believing that we actually understand what is going on. As for your reference about Obama’s heritage, exactly what conspiracy theory are we talking about?


            • You wrote: Of course, he deferred to the Saudi kingdom by bowing to King Abdullah (because Obama himself is Muslim).

              Obama is NOT a Muslim. This has been proven again and again. To think otherwise (as it seems you do from your remark) is to accept the conspiracy theory (started by tRump, BTW) that he is not an American-born citizen.

              Of course, you have full rights to believe whatever you want, but as I said, I would never have thought someone with your (displayed) intelligence would be sucked into such garbage.


          • I never thought of Obama being Muslim as a conspiracy theory. That is, he was born to a Muslim father, had a Muslim step-father, attended a radical Muslim school as a youth, he frequently quoted from the Quran and refers to it as the Holy Quran, whereas he refers to the Holy Bible as the Bible, refuses to acknowledge that there is such a thing as Islamic terrorism, refers to the Muslim call to prayer as one of the sweetest sounds on earth. There are even videos that one can find of Obama saying, directly or indirectly, that he is a Muslim. However, being from Chicago myself and knowing people who personally knew Obama from his days there, I always thought that Obama was a Muslim. It was not even an issue as far as I was concerned. It only seems to be an issue for Christians who may think that they were lied to or for people who supported Obama who may be embarrassed by his background.


  3. Earlier in the post 9/11 world there used to be a segment on a popular show here in Canada called “Talking to Americans” and asking the most outlandish questions by a comedian/correspondent to reveal the depth and scope of ignorance always ready to be displayed by so many well-intentioned Americans. Although it was quite funny at first, it became somewhat painful a reminder of just how easy it is to fool voting Americans into answering ludicrous questions with even more ludicrous answers. Granted, I’m sure many many edits were required to get the priceless ones but I remember specifically a segment done on the campus of Harvard with dozens and dozens of students – supposedly the best of the best and the brightest of the brightest – unable to locate Australia on a provided world map. I despaired that this might be a harbinger… and sometimes I hate being right.

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    • tildeb I live in Australia’s smallest state, Tasmania. We were featured once in an Archie comic, they had a saying that if you got stuck in one’s head until you passed it onto someone else [I know a silly premise], but they decided to pick somewhere on the other side of the word to pass it on, and picked Tasmania. So the people in the comic says, ‘I wonder if they speak english in Tasmania’ to which another character replied ‘don’t worry we will ring the American Embassy’. Now even a little rudimentary research by the writes would have caused them to find that there is no Amercian embassy in tasmania and indeed no American Consulate, given we are only a state not a country.


        • Tasmania is like a scaled down version of the South Island of New Zealand (the scaling applies to most things like the mountains are smaller, the rainfall less etc). The only thing which is bigger are our trees with Tasmania having the second tallest trees in the world, second only to the giant Sequoias.

          A point of trivia was that in the second world war the Japanese and the Germans did a deal whereby if Japan conquered Australia then Germany would be given control of Tasmania and they relocate the people of German descent in other parts of Australia to Tasmania.


    • You think Yanks are lousy at geography!

      John Z’s Australian and once,on a school field trip to Yorkeys Knob, in Queensland, he got on the wrong plane and ended up in Sao Paulo,Brazil. He’s been there ever since.
      He’s tried to return but they won’t let him in any more.They say he speaks funny.
      True story … would I lie to you?

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  4. I read that a few years ago Trump was shown a script for a brand new reality TV show called:
    The President.
    He interviewed 374 people but reckoned none of them came up to scratch. Trump said he was going to scrap the show but NBC threatened to sue and he would have been obliged to fork out $15,2 million.

    So someone suggested that they should film Trump doing a typical Presidential type speech so that all future applicants for the show would have some idea of what Trump was after.
    After reviewing and editing Trump’s speech, one of the production staff was said to have remarked.
    ”You know what … how hard could it be?”

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  5. Well, he seems to be making his plans clear now. He’s using his new-found power to get whatever he wants, regardless of the cost. Many top military officials and experienced Republicans such as John McCain are even telling us that his decisions are putting us at an increased security risk. Scary times. Good post, and I like your use of tRump.

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    • He’s getting rid of informed voices on his inner cabinet (dumping the Chief of Defense) to make room for a brilliant mind (and batshit crazy religious fundamentalist) such as Bannon. I feel we’re in such good hands now… hands that deal only with alternate facts..

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