Reblog: Angry WhiteMenistan Has a New Oaf Of Office

This is too good not to share …


8 thoughts on “Reblog: Angry WhiteMenistan Has a New Oaf Of Office

  1. We know what we have and will learn how terrible a choice Mr. Trump is. Now we need to make our existence known. I am firmly committed to actually telephoning the members of Congress on every appointee and issue which concerns me. We need all of us to keep the telephones ringing of every single member of Congress. We want humans hearing humans voice our concerns daily all day. We are the majority and we will prevail.

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    • Absolutely! And if each of us will do as you prescribe (which is simply exercising our rights), hopefully we’ll see some results. This whole thing has been/is a fiasco and while it may be democracy in action, it still stinks and we all need to do what we can to turn things around.

      Thank you, Phil.

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    • The women’s march on Saturday (in Washington D.C. and many other cities across the country) was very heartening… the turnout was way, way more than I think anyone expected. I hope that momentum can be sustained.

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  2. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when the greatest hope most of us have for the President is that he will not be a man of his word.

    The evidence on this one aspect is quite hopeful at least.

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  3. I remember the saying “the good of the many outweighs the needs of the few or the one”. Not sure where it comes from but I heard it on Star Trek. The point is that should be how it is, the government doing things to help the many that need help. However that is not what has happened. They have turned the phrase around. Now it reads the good of the few outweigh the needs of the many. Meaning that the wealthy upper incomes need to take the little remaining the poor lower incomes have and give the poor no services or assistance. It use to be government’s job to take care of the people, especially the people who had the least. Now congress is on record saying let the churches feed the poor who have no food and also let the ill who are poor with no insurance go to the emergency rooms to sit and wait until someone gets enough free time to see them regardless of their need. So government gets relieved of providing services of shelter, food, and health care to the poorest among us by saying let someone else do it, or let the poor go without. Remember when people in government felt is was a responsibility and an honor to serve the country? Now they serve their party first and their own incomes second and never worry about what is needed by the country as a whole. I am a bit distressed over this all. I have seen it get worse every election and I keep saying it has to turn around, yet so far it has not. Hugs

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