One More Before the Inauguration


Excerpt from“The Empty Trump Administration”:

If I had to guess, however, I’d say that the failure to get his administration up and running on time isn’t a deliberate choice by Trump; he just has no idea what he’s doing, and hasn’t surrounded himself with people well-equipped to translate his impulses and his campaign commitments into a full-fledged government. This isn’t exactly a surprise. Recall that the Trump Organization has never had a large bureaucracy and that his campaign didn’t staff up the way campaigns normally do, so he doesn’t really have any relevant management experience. And, of course, he’s never demonstrated any significant knowledge in how the government actually works. The results are likely to be damaging to his presidency, and to the nation. (Emphasis mine)

From the article referenced in the excerpt:

What the Trump Organization isn’t is a complex bureaucracy with a huge budget, public accountability and legions of employees with a global footprint and a multi-faceted mission. In other words, it’s nothing like the federal government — and nothing during Trump’s tenure there or elsewhere has prepared him to take the managerial reins in Washington.

I’m hoping I’ve been wrong all along and this guy is actually going to be what the country needs … but somehow, even when I dig really, really deep, I just can’t summon up any confidence or certainty that I’m mistaken.


24 thoughts on “One More Before the Inauguration

  1. I’m with you on this topic. He won the election and he is the president for the next four years. I hope I just couldn’t see that he was a good choice. I hope he does more good then bad. I think he was just as surprised that he won as most of us. I hope he rises to the challenge.

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  2. The only way I can see him being what the country needs is if he crashes and burns, and takes all the power of the far-right down with him.

    The only bright side I can see to this is that he can’t possibly disappoint me, because I am expecting nothing but awfulness. So if he were to actually do anything good, that would be a pleasant surprise. I’m not holding my breath. And I’ll be marching in DC on Saturday, that’s for sure.

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  3. I agree that he was surprised by his win, and that he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. He is who he is, and that is certainly not presidential. He will find someone to blame for things going wrong, will live by his own truth, and his presidency will be all about him; that is what a narcissist does.

    If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck…

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  4. Perhaps we can have a glass half approach and hope that this lack of organisation reduces the likelihood that Trump can take any decisive action.

    But sadly it probably just means that the wheels of government will become even more clogged up and those who are so against government will learn to their cost that governments actually do useful things for society.

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      • Yes Nan human history shows that incompetence is far more likely explanation for most outcomes han machiavellian scheming. This is the big mistake conspiracy theorist make they assume greater competence than is displayed in reality.

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    • Of course he nailed it.

      In his “call” at the end when he wrote:

      Every decent American – regardless of political party, or wealth, or race – must now commit herself or himself to combating Trump’s authoritarianism, calling out his lies, protecting the weak and vulnerable among us, keeping hope alive, and preserving what we can of what is best about America.

      I said to myself … Well, Self, I guess your posts on the tRump aren’t ending quite yet.

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  5. Are you watching the protests in DC now? They are livestreamed on Facebook (ugh, but). Quite something.
    I don’t know how to link it, but I may figure it out.


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