14 thoughts on “It’s True … I Know It’s True

  1. Interesting. Some people believe what every they have everyone should want. They believe that whatever they have is the best. I think it has to do with ego, with the idea some have that they are superior so decisions they make are better than anyone else’s. I don’t understand it, but I have seen it so often I know it is true. Hugs

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    • Scottie we see in our discussions with religious folk that emotion overrules logic in more cases than not. This is precisely why someone’s ‘experience’ is such poor evidence. If there was one true religion then we would expect the experiences in that religion to be qualitatively different from the false religions, the fact that experiences are so similar is a very profound piece of evidence for there being no real differences.

      Some claim there are multiple paths to truth, but that is a difficult case to make given the contradictory teachings of religions and also that most claim that only their version has truth.

      The thing is that so many people who have an experience assume it is religious when in fact it is most likely psychological, it is akin to worrying about an event and then deciding to no longer care about the outcome this immediately produces a sense of peace, that is the type of experience most are referring to in this video.

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  2. When I could stop laughing at some of the comments, I realised even more than I originally thought just how emotional and real their beliefs are. It is a vice like grip of emotional disorder that is choking the hell out of logic and common sense. I sort of felt sorry for them.

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  3. If only religious people realised that what they assume to be unique to their religion is common across other religions then it would hopefully cause them to reconsider, but sadly probably not.

    I still remember the shock of reading that speaking in tongues was common in Greek Mystery religions, it made me realise that it was not a sign of ‘god’.

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