Reblog: Fear of the unknown

If you are ANTI-TRUMP … you need to read this as well as the referenced Guide.

Ends and Beginnings

November 22, 1963 – John F. Kennedy is assassinated.

February 21, 1965 – Malcolm X is assassinated.

April 4, 1968 – Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated.

June 5, 1968 – Robert Kennedy is assassinated.

In the span of five years the citizens of the United States lived through four very traumatic assassinations. I was two years old when JFK was assassinated and seven when his brother Robert was killed by Sirhan Sirhan.

I remember nothing about this period of time but I imagine for my parents and other adults it was a period of great concern for this country. How couldn’t it be? A President, two African-American leaders and the second coming of Camelot all killed in five years.

On this day that we honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. I thought about all the fear of the unknown that must have taken place during…

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14 thoughts on “Reblog: Fear of the unknown

  1. Wow! That post was INCREDIBLE Nan! Thank you. About to read the referenced Guide.

    Isn’t it scary weird how history can constantly repeat itself? To me personally, as I look back over periods, epochs, eras of history… on a local, regional, or continental spectrum, it appears to me that it isn’t until several generations — over 1 or 2 centuries minimum? — when certain parts of the said population REALLY learn from history. It seems it could be done so much quicker, but alas… 😦

    Here in Texas and throughout the bible-belt it STILL seems like we are struggling with social issues that were going on back in the 1850s and 60s, then once again in the 1960s! That’s a century right there. Hah!

    I totally concur with the blog-writer about Obama’s calm stoic stability, even under unrelenting pressure and hateful microscopic barbs waiting to be thrown at him at a moments notice if he messed up slightly.

    Great read Nan. Thanks again.

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  2. Nan- I would like to add- Kent State May 4th 1970. The assassination of students by the military… and if I remember right they used fellow students in the ROTC program on campus to do the killing. It was horrifying to watch everything “we” were ever taught in school go up in smoke on that day. _MD

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  3. Hello Nan. I thank you for this post. I went to the original site and reblogged the post. I also added a comment to it. Thanks again. It is grand to know we have supporters out there that are willing to stand with the disadvantaged and the vulnerable. I feel it is only that support that will keep the worst from happening. It is easy to attack the ones who have little ability to defend themselves, it is a totally different story to try to attack those the public at large is protecting. Hugs

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