Trump’s Theme Song


Over the period since the Orange Monster (“affectionately” known as tRump) has been actively strutting his stuff as PEOTUS, how many have noticed how often he sings his “I know something you don’t know” ditty?

He sang it all during the selection of his cabinet members. He chants it regularly related to his tax returns. He hums it whenever he’s asked about his business empire. He croons it when questioned about his relationship with Vladimir Putin. He sings it (loudly) whenever anyone questions him about his actual plans for the country.

And most recently, he really belts it out when questions arise about his indiscretions with a select group of Russian women.

I do hope he picks a new theme song after his inauguration … but somehow, I don’t think he has any others in his repertoire.


23 thoughts on “Trump’s Theme Song

  1. Oh, and the chorus of his theme song is, “Overrated, overrated.”

    Of course, as a narcissist, he always knows better, and it’s always about him. He never has the need to ask questions or seek to know further information.

    So far on his list of “overrateds”:
    All the generals he doesn’t like
    The Tony award-winning play, Hamilton
    The U.S. Intelligence community
    The new host of Celebrity Apprentice, “Hillary Supporter”, Arnold S
    Oscar winning actress Meryl Street
    Golden Globe and NAACP award winning TV show Black-ish

    I wonder who’s next on his list.

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  2. I noticed that all of Trump’s nominees for cabinet posts seemed wary of Russia in their confirmation hearings. My initial reaction was that they were deliberately expressing concern to grease the wheels of the confirmation process. I suppose time will tell.

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    • Unfortunately, I think you’re right, Peter. I’ve thought the same thing myself. I’m hoping this isn’t the case, but if tRump picked them, I would imagine they were most likely in step with him … or he wouldn’t have chosen them. As you said, time will tell.

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