Heaven and Hell: What Can We Expect?

I just read a post about heaven and couldn’t resist sharing a portion of it.

What is Heaven like?  Asking this question to roomful of Christians will most likely get a different answer from each one.  The one question that will really baffle them is this:  What form will you take in Heaven?  By asking that I ask will you be a child? Will you be reborn? Or will you enter your new life as you left your old one? Say you get decapitated in a 24 car pileup with a door handle in your stomach.  Will you arrive in Heaven with your head in your hand?  Perhaps Heaven has kiosks akin to what we see at Sheetz, with St. Peter handing out those tickets you get a deli.  And on these kiosks maybe you can choose what you’d want to look like.  Could you imagine that with our materialistic society?  You’d have every guy walking around as either Brad Pitt or Idris Elba with no penis being under 10 inches.

The writer also speculates about “Hell” in the same post and asks, is it really that bad?  🙂


16 thoughts on “Heaven and Hell: What Can We Expect?

  1. Mark Twain wrote a number of pieces about what it would be like in Heaven (e.g. Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven) and one does have to wonder. I suspect that Heaven is not characterized well at all be design. In this manner everyone gets to define his or her “best place.”

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  2. Hahahaha! THIS, RIGHT HERE, is what I try to dialogue about with radical or Fundy Xians and they just utterly refuse to “share the Good News!” 😛 The exact same questions can be used about the “Holy Spirit”… the one “out” many use, pseudo-Apologists included, that is JUST AS numerous (random?) as heaven, hell, the nature of God, Satan or the Debal, and any number of other theological concepts. A reasonable, logical person will eventually hear/see all the circular rabbit-trails going everywhere!

    Fantastic share Nan! Thank you. ❤

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  3. The whole heaven / hell concept makes so little sense it’s amazing that alone doesn’t drive people away from Christianity in droves.

    There is so much disagreement between Christians on what constitutes hell. Is it eternal punishment? Is it just separation from god? will anyone actually be there? Is it annihilation?

    My personal favourite question about heaven, is what happens to the dead baby of Christian parents? Will that baby have any knowledge of who its parents are in heaven?

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    • Hi limey!

      You’re totally correct. Christians simply can’t seem to agree on what “hell” is … except, of course, it’s blazing fires. But those that threaten others by saying it’s “separation from god” are the ones that cause me to just shake my head. Non-believers are already “separated from god” — and like it!

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  4. It’s all friggin make believe anyway, so heaven is exactly what they want it to be 🙂 Just like the religion is exactly what they want it to be, reality be damned.

    I wonder if there are monsters under the bed in heaven?

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    • Victoria, thank you stopping by. However, what is included in this post is taken from someone else’s blog. I personally do not believe in heaven or hell but because I found the writer’s perspective, shall I say, “interesting,” I decided to share it.

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        • So since you do believe in heaven, Victoria, how would you answer the questions the writer posed in the above excerpt?

          — What form will you take in Heaven?
          — Will you be reborn?
          — Will you enter your new life as you left your old one (using the writer’s example of being decapitated at death)?
          — Will you get to choose what you want to look like?.

          Another question that’s often asked is what will you be doing in heaven? The bible talks about worshiping god at the throne but after living this life, can you imagine doing this forever and ever? And if you believe in the “streets of gold,” will you spend your entire time walking up and down these streets?

          I know you believe the experience will be wonderful, but I’d really be interested in your answers to my questions..


          • Its too broad a topic to be answertd in a few sentences. so wat i think we should do is, we take it bit by bit.
            so in regards to the first qst, you will take the form of a man but it will be a spiritual body n not the physical one. for example, when Jesus appeared to John in the book of revelations 1 vs 13, he appeared in the form of a human being bt it ws a physical encounter not a spiritual one.
            also you cant be reborn when you get to heaven.the rebirth must happen here on earth before you can qualify to get to heaven. Your rebirth comes after you accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour. read john 3:3-5.
            will answer another 2 tomorrow http://valsministries.com/sweeter-than-candy/ also talks about heaven and how to get there. pls read it for another enlighten


  5. Anytime someone ropes off an area and tells me everything I have or could ever want is inside that area I sense a trap and usually go the other way, but then I have learned from experience. I am so glad christians have their own heaven. -MD

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