Just For Fun

If you could ask for ANYTHING for your holiday (Christmas) gift this year, what would it be?

I’m talking material things … none of the “peace on earth, goodwill towards men” stuff. We all want those things. (And no political “presents” either.)

Instead, tell us about the expensive Mercedes, the 3-carat diamond necklace, the multi-million-dollar house on the beach …

Just for FUN!

52 thoughts on “Just For Fun

  1. A big fat retirement account so I can quit working.


    A Jacuzzi. A house with space to put a Jacuzzi.

    And since I’m dreaming, do you remember “The Jetsons” and their robot maid, Rosie? I want her.

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    • Huh! I had to look that up … and I consider myself somewhat of a wine connoisseur. However, I admit I mostly drink American and Australian wines. Very seldom French wines … mostly because I’m not familiar with them.

      What makes this wine unique (except, perhaps, the price)?

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      • It’s impossible to describe unless you’ve drunk it, Nan. I had the privilege of doing so along with several first rate clarets from ’61, ’66, ’70, and ’75 when I used to have a cellar. Unfortunately, I sold the lot at auction years ago.

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  2. Extend the deer hunting season 3 more months with no limit!

    Stupid deer.

    I guess realistically I’d wish for 100 hours of recording time at a pro studio. I could have fun with that.

    Or a new car. Being my other car…well, DEER!

    Umm, a long vacation on the beach with unlimited margaritas.

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    • Oh dear. That deer really hit you hard. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Why not a vacation house on the beach? Then you can visit “whenever” and drink those unlimited margaritas. Yum!


  3. I would like $10 million USD in a bank account in either Switzerland or the Caymans. Tax free.

    And a cool Santa hat.

    Since your stipulation is a material present, would photos of Trump and Pence in flagrante delicto with each other count? I promise I’d only use them to instigate their departure from public service.

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  4. Before my 40th birthday I had the extreme fortune of having spent significant time on 3 different continents around the world — S. America, Africa, and Europe — and seen much of N. America… none of which were “touristy” stays. I lived there… playing soccer/futebol. If I could have any Xmas wish/gift I wanted, it would be to give my two kids the same (or better) opportunity to live and fully EXPERIENCE most of the world outside of the Texas and the U.S. I am certain it would “open their eyes,” hearts, understanding, and empathy bigger than they would otherwise open having never left their state or country. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I’d love an enormous box of various lego sets and pieces, and a matching one of playmobil and a small photo studio so I can spend hours making humorous stop-go animations.

    Oh, and a powerful computer with lots of storage so I can efficiently process the results.

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  7. Current top 3 in no particular order.

    The white, Fender Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix played at Berkeley.

    At least one of my books currently up for consideration to be a million seller.

    A (future) return ticket on the first civilian craft to Mars (including a weeks’ holiday in the surface)

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    • You and me both on the second wish. But alas. Mine has been out for 4 years now and no one has been banging on my virtual door. *sigh*

      Unless the current administration takes a second look at space exploration, I’m afraid you may not be around to have the third wish granted. But it is a worthy wish. ๐Ÿ™‚


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