33 thoughts on “What We Knew All Along

  1. Just makes ya feel warm ‘n tingly all over, doesn’t it? Never cared for Reagan, but I’m bettin’ right now he’s flippin’ over in his grave. Russia has gone from being our great enemy to now being the puppet master in charge of ‘Lil Donnie and his Republican yes men. Great Just great.

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  2. Did you hear the news reports how Trump attacked the CIA and says he doesn’t believe them. He says these are the same people who claimed Saddam Hussein had WMD’s so he refuses to accept their advice. It is like he wants to sell our country to the Russians. He is turned against the agency that is to keep us from having another 9/11 in favor of a nation that we are at odds with all over the world. Scary. Hugs

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    • 1 month into this orange buffoon being President-elect and A.) China’s pissed at us. B.) Putin and Trump have become lovers. C.) A climate change denier was named head of the EPA. D.) Trump has disavowed the CIA and antagonized them. E.) Trump has become more concerned with Alec Baldwin’s spot on impersonation of him than with receiving intelligence briefings. Yeah, America’s becoming great again my fat while ass. We’re screwed. I mean truly screwed.

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    • Scottie,

      It must have escaped your notice that it was Obama and Hillary who sold our uranium supply to the Russians.

      And get a brain, Scottie!

      The CIA is a covert organization.

      That means whatever you hear them say in public is big fat lie meant to fool the dummies.

      Real intelligence information is kept secret.


  3. Don’t tell Ron.

    He honestly thinks these are the same people who told us about WMDs in Iraq, who just so happen to be the same people at the Department of Defense in their cyber unit, Interpol, CSIS, the anti-hacker unit at the University of Toronto, the NSA, the diplomatic corp and private business people who heard bragging by their Russian counterparts, who all tell the same story but are all quite wrong.

    Untrustworthy, the lot of them. So says The Ron; he knows better. He’s siding with the Clueless Clucking Clan Crew led by The Donald. That’s the loop he trusts, where reality is so firmly entrenched… you know, led by intellectual stalwarts as other creationists, other global warming denialists, other conspiracy theorists. They’re the one to trust, Ron assures us, and not a bunch of professional security experts leading the world’s foremost intelligence units.

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  4. What puzzles me is that some folk seem to demonise the Russian involvement whilst at the same time lauding Wikileaks. To me they seem the two sides of the same coin.

    The irony is that the US now seems to be getting back sme of what was its standard operating procedure in South America for decades.

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  5. I think the worst part for Americans and the rest of the world is the unknown. He backed away from pursuing Clinton into jail, but was it because he may also end up in the same jail cell for rape or tax fraud or has he become a back flipper on his extremist promises.

    This is truly a great risk and maybe America is on the brink of no return economically, socially and militarily.

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    • Sky,

      THE Donald hasn’t even taken office yet.

      That means that if the America is on the brink of no return it’s because of President Obama who has been in power for the last 8 years.

      And the reason THE Donald is not going to pursue Hillary is because in America the presidential winners don’t criminalize the presidential losers.

      That’s why President Obama didn’t go after George W. Bush who you folks thought was a real, live criminal.


      • Maybe you are right and maybe America is on the brink of no return already and I guess you are saying Trump just lied about jailing Hilary.

        Whatever, I am so glad you are optimistic.

        Fortunately, I do not live in the States, but some of the decisions your so called Christian friend makes will impact on us.


  6. Good grief!

    First you blamed all the white racist, Christian, bigot, xenophobic, homophobes out there.

    Now it’s the Russians.

    What’s wrong with you people?!

    It’s just the Obama Regime up to another one of its lies.

    And sense when did any of you people ever believe anything the CIA ever said?


  7. I see the corruption and nefarious dealings seems to go both ways. I was interested to note that in Detroit Michigan when they went to recount votes they found in one precinct that 308 votes had been recorded almost all for Clinton and the sealed ballot box only contained 50 votes.

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