A Few Meandering Thoughts

Just a few things that floated through my mind over the past several days:

  • tRump refuses to hold press conferences because, as Jennifer Epstein (in defense?) tweeted, “The man works 18 hours a day, meeting with people, taking calls from across the world.” I can’t help but wonder, how is this  different from his work schedule before he became President-Elect? I mean, all those deals he had to make to get his name plastered all over the world!More likely, it’s because he knows the press will (continue) to reveal him for the fraud he is. Far easier to “tweet” his thoughts and not have to put up with direct questions. Or better yet, go before crowds of people and hold “Thank You” rallies where he can receive adulation and praise … but no questions.
  • Many are concerned/upset about some of tRump’s cabinet member choices. But think about it. Since he knows nothing about running a country, he needs these “experts” to tell him what to do. I can see him sitting in the oval office surrounded by these individuals giving him step-by-step directions on how to be POTUS. Why do you think it’s taken him so long to choose a Secretary of State? Since this individual will truly be his “right-hand man,” no one thus far has demonstrated the depth of knowledge tRump knows he needs to run the country.
  • My mouth dropped open when I read that tRump had been named by Time Magazine as Man of the Year … until I saw they had, in the past, also selected Hitler, Stalin (twice), Ayatollah Khomeini, Andropov and Putin. Maybe there’s more than meets the eye here.

And on an unrelated topic …

  • In a recent “Dear Abby” letter, a woman (Christian, of course) was concerned that her daughter might be an atheist … and it deeply upset her. In fact, to the point that she wrote, “If she were a stranger, I would absolutely not be around her.” I couldn’t help but wonder what she will do if she does, indeed, discover her daughter is an atheist.

Feel free to add your own meandering thoughts. 🙂


At the suggestion of a blog visitor, I’m correcting the above reference to the “Dear Abby” letter. I had corrected it in a comment, but as the visitor pointed out, not everyone reads all the comments.

Well, I did a bit of research and discovered I was in error. The letter was related to abortion, not atheism. (Sorry about that.)

Apparently, the daughter had had one and never told her mother. When the mother found out, she wrote (to Abby) and commented, She’s not the person I thought she was.

She went on to say, My feelings on this issue aren’t a judgment call. This is a belief system for me, something ingrained in me. If she were a stranger, I would absolutely not be around her.

To me, this was just another example of the “belief system” that so many follow … one that would cause a mother to totally reject her daughter.